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How to Recover Data From a Dead USB Flash Drive In 2023

Dead USB Flash Drive

Dead USB Flash Drive

We describe how to resurrect the dead in this article. Rest assured that we are not discussing the creation of another Frankenstein monster. We’re discussing dead flash drive recovery, a technique that enables the recovery of files that had been presumed permanently gone. Does it seem too fantastic to be true? It’s not! All you need to do is follow our straightforward, detailed instructions.

How Can Data Be Recovered From a Dead USB Flash Drive?

You must ensure that the best software is utilized to recover the data from the USB device. One such tool is Recover it Data Recovery, which will guarantee that the best and most cutting-edge methods are used to recover data from a dead USB flash drive. The best software to recover a dead USB disc is this one.

Below are the steps for recovering data from a dead USB hard drive:

Step 1: Launch the program

Launch the program after installation is complete to get to the main screen and begin the data recovery process from a dead USB stick.

Step 2: Pick a location

The application will all capture a dead USB flash drive’s partitions, and you can then choose which one to examine and recover data from.

 Step 3: Scan the partition.

A dead USB flash drive will be considered once the program attempts to recover its data.

Step 4: Examine the files.

Upon data recovery from a broken USB flash drive, carefully review it. Keep the desired ones and toss the unwanted ones. To finish the procedure, click Recover.

You should consider the possibility that physical damage caused your dead USB flash drive if your computer refuses to detect it, no matter what applications or settings you try. This post details fixing USB drives to learn how to recover data from a physically dead USB stick.

How to Resurrect a “Dead” USB Drive:

Your USB drive is likely damaged or suddenly disconnected if it displays “Missing” in Disk Management for your USB drive. Connect your USB flash drive or USB hard disc in this situation, then turn it back on (right-click the USB in Disk Management and choose “Reactivated Disk”). Use EaseUS data recovery software to recover as much of your data as possible if the advice above doesn’t work.

Does a USB drive display “Not Initialized”? Refer to the article for further details on resolving “disc not initialized” in Windows 10.

Hardware problems or I/O device faults can also result in “Unreadable” or “No Media.” Read the articles on how to fix unreadable USBs and “USB drive showing no media” to learn how to fix the issue USB. Perform data recovery after ensuring your computer can adequately recognize your USB drive.

Method 1: Launch Command Prompt (CHKDSK)

Another alternative is to repair your flash drive using Command Prompt if you can’t use File Explorer or Control Panel to launch the Error Checking Tool. Windows will check your drive using the chkdsk command and will immediately correct any issues it discovers. After using chkdsk to repair a broken pen drive, it is normally safe to retrieve files from it.

Launch Command Prompt as an administrator by pressing Windows + X and selecting Command Prompt (Admin).

After that, enter the command that follows:

Method 2: Launch the error-checking program.

Windows has an error-checking program that can automatically scan, identify, and fix disc issues but cannot access data that can be retrieved from a dead USB flash device. In some circumstances, as soon as your disc is connected, Windows will prompt you to launch the utility. Select System and Security in Control Panel after opening it > Security and Maintenance if it doesn’t.

The Maintenance tab is expanded. If your drives are healthy, it will say so in the Drive status section; if not, a scan option will be available.

Method 3: Format your flash drive

If none of the solutions mentioned above don’t work, the final option is to format your USB flash drive. This is also how to fix a USB drive that uses a format incompatible with Windows, such as HFS+. Everything on your USB will be deleted during this operation, including any malware, viruses, and incorrect data.

1. Select Disk Management from the context menu when right-clicking the Start button.

2. Click your drive and select Format.

3. Give your USB a name and choose a file system (ExFAT). If you plan to undertake recovery after, you can also choose to enable the rapid format setting.

How much does a flash drive repair cost?

Data recovery can cost as much as $3000 and as little as $20 to repair a USB drive. However, they will be able to give you an estimate once they have examined your drive.

What Are the Symptoms of a Failing USB Flash Drive?

A pen drive typically functions correctly right away. There are a few warning signals that the thumb drive is ready to malfunction. As soon as you become aware of any of these signs, you should ideally remove data from the USB drive:

Computer Not Recognizing the USB Drive: If your computer displays messages like “USB drive not recognized” when you connect the USB drive, it may indicate that the flash drive is corrupted. Cheap USBs are more likely to corrupt themselves randomly.

Physically Damaged USB Drive: A bent or cracked USB drive won’t usually work. Furthermore, overheating and heavy usage can harm the NAND chips on your thumb drive. It’s unsafe to keep using USB drives that have sustained water damage, which is also somewhat prevalent.

Randomly Disappearing Files: One of the primary indicators of a damaged USB storage device is the occurrence of mysteriously disappearing files. Take it carefully if you find that one or two files disappear at random because the disc might be about to fail.

Slow Read and Write Speeds: Although this could be a problem with your computer or USB connection, unexpected sluggishness in the read and write speeds of the USB drive may be a sign of impending failure. Back up your data right now if you want to be secure.

How can a USB flash drive be fixed if it is not recognized?

Try the following remedies to fix a USB flash drive that isn’t being detected:

Read our tutorial on how to fix the “Error message “USB Device Not Recognized” in Windows 10/11 for additional ways to fix your USB and detailed instructions.

In What Cases Should I Contact the Flash Drive Repair Service?

But, if the USB is physically damaged to the point where your computer cannot read, you should employ a broken flash drive repair service. Many data recovery companies provide USB data recovery and restoration services.

What to anticipate while using a data recovery service to retrieve data from a USB drive or jump drive is summarized below:

Can you fix a broken flash drive?

Yes, as long as there are no significant physical flaws. Pen drives can be repaired if they are bent. Logical harm can be repaired by using Device Manager to reinstall the drivers and Windows’ built-in troubleshooter.


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