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YouTube Music to Start Audio-Only for Free Users

YouTube Music intends to make all free users audio-only, which implies there will be no video for those who have not subscribed. When you upgrade to Premium, the app will start playing videos. The modification will be implemented in Canada first, followed by other countries. YouTube Premium users, on the other hand, will not receive any updates because they may watch videos on the app.

No Videos Without Premium Plan on YouTube Music

YouTube revealed on the Community forums that the videos on YouTube Music will be limited to YouTube Premium users. Until they paid for a subscription, all free listeners were unable to view the video. Unsubscribed users will be unable to access features such as unlimited skips and on-demand music.

The dedicated mood mixes for exercises or other activities are available to all free YouTube Music users. They may listen to millions of music and playlists while watching advertising. On-demand listening is available to free users who have uploaded music to the YouTube Music app.

This modification will take effect on November 3rd, once the free background play has been released. The “global expansion ambitions” are bringing the change to Canada first. Google has confirmed this change is coming to YouTube Music videos in a support post.

According to Google,

“We announced last week (in a blog post) to our YouTube Music subscribers that free background play will be available in Canada starting November 3, 2021.
Some features will be available only to YouTube Music Premium subscribers in conjunction with this release.”

Music can be played in the background for users who do not pay for YouTube Music.
They can shuffle play customised mixes and locate the best mood mixes for different hobbies. Users can listen to millions of music for free.

YouTube Premium customers can also listen to songs and watch videos on demand. They can skip tracks as many times as they want and listen to Youtube Music without advertising.

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