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Top 11 Best Writing Apps For Android in 2022

Writing Apps For Android

What are Writing Apps For Android?

If you’re a creative or professional writer, you’ll want easy tools to produce and edit documents. Even if you don’t work with documents like PDFs or Words, having better creative writing apps software on Android is a good idea.

There are hundreds of writing apps for Android smartphones on the Google Play Store. However, not all of them were practical or worthwhile to install.

The present pandemic has compelled us to rethink our approach. People are exploring work possibilities that allow them to earn money from the comfort of their own homes, as working from home has become the new standard.

Creative writing is one of those fields that both provides job happiness and allows you to earn money. There are various writing tools that you can utilize whether you want to pursue writing as a career or a hobby.

“Writing apps free increases your productivity. Jot down any brilliant ideas you have and build them into a whole story later. Incorporate these apps into your writing apps for windows regimen to improve your writing ability.” Making Best writing Apps is a habit that will aid you in both learning a language and maintaining consistency. But what if we could write anything, anywhere? It will have a greater impact. As a result, we looked for the Best Writing Apps to let you write wherever on your device.

Everyone likely does writing labor, although for different reasons, such as note-taking and content authoring. Writing apps for iPhones is a pure human art form, not merely a hobby. Writing involves feeling, which comes from an honest heart. Thus it improves your language and personality. While we’d want to tell you that there is a single “best” writing app that can do everything, that isn’t the case. The greatest app will assist you in overcoming the unique problems of whatever you’re writing. Do you need a screenwriting program with scene cards, or do you want one that eliminates distractions and helps you focus on getting words on the page? The finest software also accommodates your writing style. Do you prefer to write in little chunks that you may shift around as you revise? Do you have a lot of footnotes to keep track of? Do you have any experience with publishing directly to a website?

The Best Writing Apps’ Benefits:

• Grammatical Corrections:

The best writing software for Android minimizes grammatical errors, which is one of the most notable benefits. Because mistakes are often made when writing, it’s easier to overlook them when you suffer from creative mental exhaustion. The best writing software for Android comes in helpful in this situation. Grammar, spelling, sentence patterns, and other difficulties can all be improved using these programs. Overall, the software ensures that your work is ready for publication.

• Confirms proper order:

The finest writing app for Android also confirms proper order, saving time that would otherwise be spent correcting and evaluating your work. You can establish goals and targets in the finest writing software for Android, and it will keep your work in order. With this software, you can adjust the grammar, punctuation, adjective, and verb usage.

• Enhance your language skills:

While the greatest writing software for Android can help you create the best content, improving your language skills is also critical. It’s also proven to be a fantastic learning experience for authors looking to improve their English skills.

List of Top 11 Best Writing Apps For Android:

So, if you’re a writer looking for apps to help you better your writing, you’ve come to the correct place. This article will review some of the greatest writing applications for Android.

1. Celtx Cards:

The user can choose any hue to represent all of the novel’s plots, organized chapter by chapter and lighted by lines of light that crept between the slits of the slats, trembling every time the train passed by the window. There’s no better way to make someone think you’re a psychopath than a wall covered in the stuff.

Celtx Cards is all about having a lot of choices. Designers created it, but writers can also use it. The user can slide the color cards on the screen to get a visual understanding of the layout of the novel’s information and chapters, then tweak it until they find a unique scheme or theme that suits their writing style.

2. Google Docs:

Google Docs makes it simple to create a document in any word processor. You can also include attachments in the document, such as movies, photographs, audio, links, and documents, to make it more useful when sharing with others. You may also access your work from any computer using the writing software. Because these programs are free, you can use them to create as many documents as you like.

With this free personal document management software, you can also modify and change your text as many times as you wish. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to organize your documents or share them with others, Google Docs is a terrific option.

3. Grammarly:

Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the most popular writing programs for both Mac and Windows. It can check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as provide feedback on the tone of your text. The “Tone” tool in Grammarly lets you define personalized goals for the text’s intent, audience, style, and emotion. It then assigns a score based on how effectively the text achieves the defined objectives.

Grammarly is not only a great way to rapidly edit your work, but it’s also a great instructional tool for students, and using it daily will help you improve your grammar and writing skills.

It’s a fantastic tool for speeding up a copywriter’s productivity, and if utilized properly, it can almost completely replace the requirement for a professional staff editor.

4. Reedsy Book Editors:

Authors looking for a simple, distraction-free writing environment that typesets their work into a professional-quality book

The Reedsy Book Editor is an excellent alternative for current authors, thanks to its clean interface and simple formatting options. You can drag and drop chapters, insert photographs, and track changes to see previous versions of your work, a feature that most commercial creative writing programs lack. If you are slipping behind on your writing schedule, turn on the built-in goal reminder system, which will help you get back on track.

When formatting your book for publishing, the powerful typesetting features of the Reedsy Book Editor will save you hours of labor. You may construct complex front and back matter and output it as a clean, professional file that can be published to any ebook store or print-on-demand provider in seconds. Look no further than the Reedsy Book Editor if you’re seeking an all-in-one writing, formatting, and typesetting solution. It’s completely free to use right now.

5. Ginger:

Ginger, a writing tool based on natural language understanding algorithms, is one of the most visually appealing apps available today. Ginger’s algorithms enable it to recognize context and detect faults in even the most difficult portions of a text, making its text recognition efficiency higher than most other editing writing programs. The service is also available as a cross-platform mobile application, elevating it to the top of the list of writing apps for Android and iOS.

Ginger’s ability to connect with your social media sites and Gmail inbox is a big plus. This eliminates the need to copy and paste content while writing social media posts and emails, as you can check everything in real-time with the help of handy embedded service.

6. Evernote:

You can use this program to generate draughts of your texts, story ideas, and a novel outline, as well as keep your notes in notebooks. Multimedia notes, which allow you to save photos, video, voice, or audiobook recordings, may be one of your favorite features. This program for Windows and Android is one of the best writing apps available.

Evernote has long been one of the most popular apps for capturing ideas, thanks to its ability to sync across many devices. There is a free basic version, a premium version with more features and storage, and a third version targeted at businesses.

7. Scrivener:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a list of book-writing software that doesn’t include Scrivener, and with good reason: it manages to be both simple and complex simultaneously. You can pick a template for your project (novel, essay, screenplay, etc.) and start organizing straight away with Scrivener. Every element you can conceive of has its section and virtual notecard in the left-hand sidebar, which you can organize whatever you want.

Advanced capabilities enable you to keep track of your study, produce specific materials such as front/back matter, and even analyze the text’s substance. Scrivener is, without a doubt, a fantastic book writing program for authors, and it’s also ideal for any writer who appreciates the attention to detail. You can read the whole of our Scrivener 3 review here.

8. IA Writer:

This software was created with the authors in mind. Its goal is to allow you to focus on what you’re writing, giving it shape, polishing it, and developing the material. It’s a wonderful choice if you need assistance with idea organizing, motivation, or concentration.

IA Writer features a feature called Focus Mode that highlights what you’re writing in color and leaves what you’ve already written in the default color. This allows you to concentrate just on the new sections of your writing. You can also use colors to draw attention to different types of words (verbs, adjectives, nouns so on).

It is one of the greatest writing tools available, and it can be used to improve style and spot text problems in a simple method. It’s also one of the best Android blogging apps for beginners. The nicest part is that you can export everything you write in PDF and Word. This makes reviewing, correcting, examining, and creating your content simple. IA Writer is a Windows and Android application.

9. Mindjet Maps:

The mind is chaotic, and the stacks of papers with schemes you devised to organize your thoughts weren’t very useful, especially when you couldn’t find the one you needed. Mindjet Maps allows you to construct mental maps to help you visualize your thoughts. The user can make maps and outlines for their book using this digital humanities software.

The user can also write a novel outline, which will serve as the foundation for further notes, in a much easier and more graphic way than if they did it in a Word document or a notepad.

With four-screen presses and a powerful outline, you may adjust the form and colors while an old Stevie Nicks song is playing on the radio. This app is compatible with both Windows and Android.

10. The Best App for Screenwriting:

Screenwriting has its own set of needs. Action, scene descriptions, spoken conversation, and so on must all be differentiated in scripts for movies, television, and the theatre. Formatting is how scripts accomplish this. For example, conversation lines are always centered on the page, but the character’s name is always centered in all caps directly above the lines. The formatting requirements are established so everyone engaged in the final product—actors, film crew, editors, and directors, for example—understands the screenplay and can do their tasks.

Because screenwriting requires extremely accurate formatting, it is extremely beneficial when a writing program does so automatically. Final Draft is the industry standard and is used by the majority of professional screenwriters. Final Draft offers a beat board where you may plan out the beats of your tale and view them on a timeline above your script as you write, in addition to advising proper formatting.

11. Writer Tools:

Writer Tools is the greatest writing app for Android, with a simple user interface and excellent performance that will make your life easier and help you achieve your writing goals more quickly. The option to keep a writing log is one of the program’s most beneficial features. You can keep track of your writing and productivity with this tool. Notes regarding the creative process and what helped you along the way could be included. Additionally, taking notes ensures you are aware of any crucial details while writing.

You can also keep track of your progress statistics, so you’ll know how many words you’ve written and when you’re finished. If more than one person wants to use the software, you can create numerous character profiles and track who is writing and how much they have written.

Writer Tools is an excellent option if you need to write a lot of chapters. It allows you to arrange the chapters chronologically and write a summary of each chapter’s contents. It will help you catch all your errors and keep on track while writing. You can also compose the chapter ahead of time to increase productivity.


It’s much easier to focus on writing with the above modern writing software tools instead of bothering about formatting, editing, and proofreading. At the very least, try out one of the writing applications we’ve discussed to see what you’re missing out on that could help you get more done.

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