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Write for us Business:  Do you have any tips for running a business that you think every owner should know?  Keep up with the latest business trends, and want to share your thoughts. As a small business owner, have you done something interesting that you want to share for submitting a guest post business?

What We’d Like

We want a wide range of business people to write articles for our website that are informative, insightful, and interesting.

You can share your thoughts and ideas with the entrepreneurial community, whether you’re just starting or an expert in your field.

Please note that our website was made to help and inspire the people of BC, so we only accept content from people who live in Canada.

What You’ll Get

Our Guidelines

Your post should tell a story based on your business experience and give entrepreneurs and business owners helpful information they can use in their businesses. They should include personal information, but the main point should be to teach the reader something. For example, you could write for us a business problem you faced and how you solved it. You could then tell the readers how they can do the same thing.

Remember that even though your article is supposed to be based on real life, it should still be useful and informative for a business audience since Unthinkable is a business resource center.

What is willing to do?

Regarding guest posts on, we are picky about who we let post. We only publish things that will help small businesses do well.

Here are the rules you must follow to get your submission accepted:

After your article has been posted on, it can’t be posted anywhere else. If we find the article on another site, we will take it down.

What We Can’t Stand

Even if we accept your pitch, we may still not use the article you send us if it is poorly written.

How to find Guest Post ?

You can search via the below mentioned keyword.

How to Write Your Guest Article: Things to Think About won’t publish your post just because they accepted your pitch. Your guest post should teach small business owners something to make decisions based on their knowledge.

Here are a few tips to help you write a guest post business or submit a post business.


Our Publishing Methodology

All submitted articles require a quality assurance procedure. The publisher will be notified if the submitted article is approved or refused. We expect content to be relevant, high-quality, and compatible with our editorial guidelines. In such a case, our editorial staff will do a final assessment to see whether any changes are necessary.

Send proposals to the publisher: Contact Us 


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