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The Benefits of Building Your Website on WordPress

Benefits of Building Your Website on WordPress

Benefits of Building Your Website on WordPress

Benefits of Building Your Website on WordPress:

The top 10 reasons WordPress is so well-liked and why you might want to consider converting your business’s website to a WordPress platform.

WordPress has developed from its humble beginnings as a blogging platform in 2003 to become one of the most capable content management systems (CMS). You may create and maintain a website using the WordPress CMS without having extensive coding experience. New website to suit your company’s particular requirements.

Because of these features, WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide. WordPress is used to create about 32% of all websites. Comparatively, only about 3% of websites utilize Joomla, the second-most popular platform.

All of the websites we create at Webolutions are built using WordPress. After thoroughly evaluating all of the top CMS options available, we’ve concluded that WordPress offers far better functionality, allowing us to produce the excellent outcomes that our clients demand and deserve. When you use WordPress to design your website, you’ll gain a lot of advantages. The key arguments for why we think you should select this CMS are listed below.

Themes and Plugins Make WordPress Highly Customizable:

Create a stunning custom website with this CMS platform, yet working with a seasoned digital marketing firm or custom website development expert will help you make the most of WordPress’ customizable features. Many WordPress website developers possess only the most elementary web design knowledge.

WordPress offers a vast selection of free website themes, making it the perfect choice for people with no prior expertise in creating websites. Finding a piece that suits your company’s requirements is simple, thanks to the broad selection of themes available. Additionally, you may alter the colors and backgrounds of these themes, upload logos, and add many other features without writing any code. Adding plugins will also enable you to take advantage of contact forms, on-page SEO, analytics data, and other features.

Although these options are simple for new web designers, they become practical tools when a skilled web design team designs your website. Your WordPress website can be built by a digital marketing company, and once it is online, you can easily maintain it by adding new material and photos. By doing this, you can control what gets added to your website over time while maximizing the functionality and design that custom website construction allows.

What is WordPress?

Let’s start by answering the question, “Is WordPress only for blogs?” No longer wonder. WordPress has expanded well beyond its original role as a blogging platform. It’s more than a website because it has a complete content management system. Unfortunately, many small business websites are just online brochures that tell visitors who you are, how to contact you, and a few pages about what you sell. Still, that’s it. They don’t take any additional action.

A blog is more than a collection of articles and stories on various subjects arranged in reverse chronological order. It functions as a kind of public diary and covers an infinite number of issues.

But with a content management system, you can create those web pages and write those articles without needing to hire a professional web admin each time you want to make a slight adjustment.

7 Benefits of Building Your Website on WordPress:

Robust Community Support Is Always Available:

Participants in the WordPress community from the internet. Since WordPress software is open source and widely used, a thriving community of professionals reaches out to other WordPress users. There is a tonne of tutorials, guides, forums, and other online resources that can assist you in making the most of this CMS. Additionally, many WordPress camps are available worldwide that allow you to develop your abilities even more.

You will profit from thorough help offered directly by the WordPress team and the community’s robust support. Access to live chat assistance is provided as part of paid WordPress plans from Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. You can use this live chat support on the weekends if you have a business or e-commerce plan.

Assist you in using the WordPress content management system, making it incredibly simple to retrieve the data you require at any time.

Simple and easy to use:

Using WordPress without understanding HTML, CSS, PHP, or other complex technologies helped it triumph over rivals like Drupal or Joomla and become the platform of choice for web developers worldwide.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to deal with coding. If you want a more personalized and distinctive web design or certain functionality, you can choose from WordPress website templates or work with a professional web developer.

By doing this, you can save the time you would have spent on website design and possibly use that time to expand other aspects of your company.

Open source:

Open source software is software that allows for the modification or improvement of its source code by anybody. WordPress is being enhanced daily by thousands of developers worldwide since it is open-source software.

This has inspired programmers to add fresh features to the platform. These programmers often release new plugins that enhance WordPress’ usability and convenience.

There is probably a plugin in the WordPress directory that can do whatever task you require for your website.

Developers and graphic designers collaborate to produce visually appealing themes, many of which are offered for free or at reasonable prices.

Thanks to the large community of creative developers, wordPress websites can be as distinctive as the businesses that utilize them.

Websites Are Easily Scalable as Your Business Grows:

Having a versatile website that can change according to your needs is crucial because your business will inevitably expand and change over time. WordPress offers the scalability required to guarantee that your website keeps up with your company’s evolving needs.

You can tweak your logo, color scheme, and overall brand messaging by changing the design components on your WordPress theme. Adding blog posts and pages that benefit your audience more is also relatively simple.

Thanks to the abundance of plugins, you may also give your website new features as needed. Do you want to build a more robust online community? A membership area for your website is simple to add. Are you looking to add more interactive elements, such as periodic tests? Additionally, some plugins support this. Do you currently have an online store where you sell your goods? Ecommerce capability is simple to add, allowing clients to place orders from your website.

It’s also simple to alter your website’s navigational layout. You can modify your navigation to support changes to your services if you start providing a new good or service. Whatever changes in your needs may arise, WordPress is designed to expand along with your company.

Speed and efficiency:

Even though it may be difficult to imagine, WordPress enables you to create your website in as little as one day using simple images and content.

There are other proprietary software solutions, some of which provide most of the advantages above. Still, none of them will give all of them simultaneously or compare to the value, versatility, and effectiveness of WordPress.

Contact Thrive for more details about WordPress or their website design services. Information about the features and advantages of WordPress.

Hosting doesn’t have to be a hassle:

The fundamental idea behind hosting is relatively straightforward: You need a place to store your actual website. You require a location to keep all your documents, including brochures, white papers, audio clips, and photographs. You need another person’s computer, commonly known as a web server because you don’t want to store all that information on your personal computer. GoDaddy offers this as a service.

If you receive fewer than 25,000 visits per month, a tiny WordPress account can be hosted with a basic GoDaddy hosting package for as little as $5 per month. Once you’ve done that, WordPress can be installed with just one click. (Read this post if you’re unsure of the type of WordPress hosting you require.)

As previously noted, if you use Linux as opposed to Windows as the operating system for your server, you can also communicate with your web host by downloading WordPress from to your computer and then uploading it through cPanel from GoDaddy. (And if any of that was unclear to you, please get in touch with the GoDaddy Support staff, and they’ll assist you.)

Updates are easy:

Okay, I could get in trouble for saying this, but updating and maintaining a blog is a piece of cake if you do it correctly. You need to call your web designer when you want to update many websites. You will have to agree on an hourly rate, wait a few weeks for the work to be completed, and make multiple trips back and forth while fearing the impact on your budget.

In contrast, WordPress. with WordPress. When you first access your WordPress website, click the Updates button in the left sidebar (under the Dashboard link). WordPress will inform you of the necessary updates there. (Note: Managed WordPress sites handle this for you; this solely applies to self-hosted WordPress.)

Theme, plugins, and even WordPress. You won’t lose a single image or blog post when you install security upgrades or change your tune. And it didn’t take your web designer an hour of their time to do.

Bonus: You don’t have to do this with Managed WordPress hosting plans from GoDaddy and Pagely; they take care of core software, security updates, and daily backups for you. Update any plugin when necessary. (This should still be done once every week.)

Before you start randomly clicking update buttons, I’ll give you two warnings. First warning: Although it’s usually possible to update your WordPress site this quickly and easily, there are a few situations where it’s not a good idea. Then, to prevent ruining your entire website, you must either take steps like hiring a WordPress expert to handle it or follow some of the recommendations in this post.

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