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What is Rooting on Android? Will It void my warranty

What is Rooting on Android

Rooting an Android phone entails gaining privileged control (also known as root access) over the operating system. Rooting gives you complete access to the operating system, and the permissions you gain allow you to change anything.

You get the ability to load custom software (ROMs), install custom themes, improve performance, extend battery life, and install the Rooting programme using these higher user capabilities.

Android smartphones have the largest market share, and the term “rooting” is often used among Android fans. The fact that Android is an open-source operating system is one of its strongest characteristics. However, this does not mean that the whole thing is now open.

Why is it called Rooting?

The term “root” comes from the Unix/Linux world, and it refers to a user who has “superuser” access or permissions to all of the software OS’s files and programmes (Operating System). When you buy a phone, the manufacturer/carrier only offers you “guest” privileges.

They do this for a reason: they don’t want you to go into particular portions of your phone’s software and break it beyond repair. If they lock everything down, it’ll be lot easier for them to administer and upgrade the gadgets.

Will rootings void my warranty?

Yes Rooting or otherwise changing your phone will void its manufacturer’s warranty and may cause it to “brick.” However, if your phone needs warranty service for a hardware problem, you can sometimes unroot it and take it in for service without anybody knowing.

However, some phones contain a digital “switch” that flips when you unlock your phone that is extremely difficult or impossible to reverse, so do your homework before unlocking if you want to keep your warranty.

Advantages of Rooting?

If you know how to use them properly, rooting your phone has a lot of advantages. These advantages are also the primary reasons for rooting your phone. All features of the operating system can be changed because a superuser has access to the device’s system files; the only true constraint is the level of coding expertise.

Following are the advantages of Rooting  

Disadvantages of Rooting?

There are essentially potential cons to rooting your Android:

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