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What is Primerica Shareholder Services

Primerica Shareholder Services

Primerica shareholder services will be described in this article. A financial services company with headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, is called Primerica (PRI). Citigroup was once the parent company of Primerica. The company was separated on April 1, 2010, through an initial public offering (IPO).

More than five million people can get insurance through Primerica, which oversees more than 2.5 million customer investment accounts. The company’s revenue increased by 8% to $2.05 billion, while earnings also increased. Lead Group, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Financial Investment Management, BlackRock, BAMCO, and Fidelity Investments are the top 5 investors in Primerica.

Best Shareholder In 2021

You may learn more about Primerica shareholder services in this post. The information is listed below;

The company touts itself as a top provider of financial products to families with middle-class incomes. In addition to term life insurance, Primerica also distributes mutual funds, annuities, handled accounts, segregated funds, long-term care insurance, pre-paid legal services, auto and home insurance, credit monitoring, and debt management programs.

Model for Multilevel Marketing

By encouraging new insurance agents to sell products to family, friends, and coworkers before hiring them to join the company, Primerica finds people to sell its policies. Primerica agents make money by selling insurance, and depends on the variety of agents they hire. Primerica is regarded as a multilevel marketing service as a result.

Primerica’s past

In 1977, Arthur L. Williams Jr. founded Primerica as A.L. Williams & Associates (A.L. Williams). The organization’s initial sales message to its customer base, which was predominantly middle-class, was to “purchase term and invest the difference.”

This suggestion was made to show how its clientele might save and buy independent investment vehicles, like mutual funds and individual retirement accounts, while still getting ample protection through term life insurance (Individual retirement accounts).

About five million people can get life insurance through Primerica, which manages more than 2.5 million customer financial investment accounts. In 2019 the United States and Canada’s second-ranked term life insurance provider was Primerica.

The company reported $2.05 billion in profits in 2019, an 8% increase from 2018.
In 2019, earnings increased 13% to $366.4 million. Lead Group, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Financial Investment Management, BlackRock, BAMCO, and Fidelity Investments Inc. are the top five shareholders of Primerica stock as of June 2021.

Top Shareholders of Primerica

Vanguard Group 4,625,788 11.34% $550.47 million
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investments 4,356,014 10.68% $518.37 million
BlackRock 3,734,953 9.16% $444.46 million
BAMCO 2,341,642 5.74% $278.66 million
Fidelity Management 2,248,395 5.51% $267.56 million

Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group has around 4.62 million shares and is Primerica’s largest shareholder. This stick in the company is worth about $550.47 million, or 11.34% of the total. Based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, The Lead Group is a recognized business for financial investment consulting. As of January 31, 2020, the company’s assets under management (AUM) were around $6.2 trillion.

Investments by Kanye Anderson Rudnick

With over 4.35 million doses, Kanye Anderson Rudnick Investments is the second-largest Primerica stakeholder. This 10.68% stake in the company is worth roughly $518.37 million. Kanye Anderson Rudnick Investments makes investments in stock portfolios of companies with robust and consistent growth and minimal business and financial risk.

The company primarily serves high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients, such as endowments, institutions, corporations, public funds, and pensions, using actively handled stock and fixed-income approaches.


With roughly 3.73 million shares, BlackRock is Primerica’s third-largest stakeholder.
With a market value of about $444.46 million, this position represents 9.16% of the company.

BlackRock is an American global financial investment management company with its headquarters in New York City. At the end of the fourth semester of 2019, BlackRock had $7.4 trillion in AUM, making it the largest asset manager in the world.


With almost 2.34 million allowances, BAMCO ranks as Primerica’s fourth-largest partial owner. This is a 5.74% pale in the company, worth around $278.66 million. BAMCO is an investment advisory company that offers financial planning and investment management services to private and institutional investors.

Investment firm Fidelity Inc

With almost 2.24 million shares, Fidelity Investments Inc. is Primerica’s fifth-largest stakeholder. The estimated value of this 5.51%-owned position in the business is $267.56 million.

Fidelity is a Boston, Massachusetts-based multinational American financial services company. With $3.3 trillion in assets under management since June 2021, Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world.

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