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Ways to Expose Your Restaurant to New Clients in 2022

Expose Your Restaurant

You’ll be up against those other nearby restaurants, franchise operations, and major food chains. It’s time to raise your performance with the best restaurant promotional campaigns for 2022, and there’s no better method than via restaurant website design.

Promotions bring pleasure to your clients by helping them look valued. At the same time, you would be offering people an extra chance to order anything from the company. And there isn’t a better approach to advertise your business than through its website. They have an impact on your restaurant’s clients’ buying decisions. Coca-Cola provided the first coupon for a free glass of Coke in 1887. Within the next three decades, 8.5 million people are taking advantage of Coke’s promotion, and in the digital world, people demand discounts.

We’ll go through the perks of providing restaurant discounts and some suggestions and ideas to help you decide which offers are suitable for the company.

What Can Customers Expect from Discounts?

Consumers are looking for reductions now than ever before buying a product. According to a study done in 2021, 73% of Americans think discovering deals and discounts are the most significant account when deciding on a restaurant.

This pattern is anticipated to remain as today’s youth gain purchasing power – 74% of millennials and Generation Z use websites to seek restaurant discounts and offers. When picking amongst various restaurants they prefer, research showed that two-thirds of all participants and 60 % of frequent customers would favor the one which gives a discount.

How to Produce Discount Plans for Your Restaurant’s Website?

Establish your sales target: discounts have different results, so be sure you already know what issue you’re attempting to solve. Are you striving to build revenue? How can you increase your restaurant’s profitability? Settle across one or a minor vital objective and seek deals that assist these. A rewards program may not be your first focus if you have a dedicated customer base. Instead, a high bounce rate that promotes regular diners to introduce their pals would help you gain fresh customers simultaneously appreciating your loyal consumers.

Calculate your restaurant profitability: the profitability of your restaurant indicates which part of your purchases is income. Be sure the discount system allows you to grow, or at the very minimum preserve, your profitability.

Recognize your clientele: depending on the type of restaurant you run, your discount plan will vary. Examine your clients’ motivations for making purchases. What types of people do you attract? Which days are the peak season for you? What are the most common foods, and what are the most commonly requested goods? According to a poll, 72 % utilize discounts when testing new fine restaurants serving for the first time. A seasonal deal can bring in new clients who want to treat themselves on a special occasion if you’re a fine dining business.


Consider several forms of discounts: don’t restrict yourself to something like a simple $5 discount coupon while running a promotion. Clients can be attracted to discounts in various techniques, like taking a cut-off, having a limited-time special, giving away a free item with a sale, providing a discount once a certain amount is bought, etc. Consider different offers, but make sure the deal is following your business mission.

Ideas for Restaurant’s Website Discounts and Promotions

First-time customer discount: surprise guests with a voucher during their first order on your website, even if it’s a percentage or a dollar value.

Create a loyalty program with awards for every sale to encourage visitations. You can develop your app or start giving an old-fashioned card reader to your website.

Offers for the holidays: to enhance seasonal sales and attract clients to honor special occasions at your restaurant, consider limited-time promo codes or festive dishes. Use major sporting events, social networking holidays (e.g., National Vodka Day), and community festivals that correspond with your brand to promote your deal, and don’t miss publishing it on your website.

Free delivery is among the most important factors for 68 % of people when selecting a restaurant. This type of marketing enables the customer to purchase directly from your website and take your meals at home at a low price.

Buy one, get one gratis: customers who buy a particular menu option should be recognized with a free item. There are numerous ways to apply this deal to raise ticketing sizes on your website, whether it’s two from the same product or a discount on a third element.

Tag a friend on social media: boost your core audience by giving a deal to diners who connect with you on social sites. You can run a promotion to inspire guests to mention a friend in the comments or post a picture from your restaurant, which can help you boost your audience and generate loyalty.

Increase gift vouchers sales: restaurant gift cards are an effective strategy to attract and promote return visits. Think about running an offer whereby anyone who buys a $50 gift voucher through your website receives a free $10 gift card.

Final Thoughts

To enhance your restaurant’s ordering and delivery profitability, you’ll need to have an effective promotional campaign that begins with your website.

Use the recommendations above to promote your restaurant’s website to as many people as possible, online and offline. Your profit will testify for itself.

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