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18 Best Truecaller Alternatives 2023

Truecaller Alternatives

Consider switching to an alternate caller ID software if you’re fed up with the Truecaller app’s bloated advertisements, pop-ups, and excessive background energy drain. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent choices available. The best 18 Truecaller alternatives for Android and iPhone smartphones are described in this post.

What Is Truecaller?

Unknown cellphone numbers can be found using the smartphone software Truecaller. Additionally, it contains an extended range of helpful features, including contact banning, spam detection, call recording, messaging, and more.

The most widely used app for caller id is undoubtedly Truecaller. It is also one of the must-have apps in this category because of these additional features.

Is Truecaller Free?

Yes, This app is free. This app creators collaborate with numerous phone directory providers on social media and worldwide. Additionally, the Truecaller community makes name suggestions on their website and mobile apps. All the obtained data is run through several algorithms to select the correct name. This app does not support uploading phonebooks from Google Play or the Apple Store for public or searchable use.

How Do I Find My Truecaller Real Name?

You might wonder how this can access your mobile number without installing the program. Your contact information will be uploaded to the global Truecaller database if someone using this software has your number in their contact list. Similar information is gathered by other alternative apps as well. This is how programs like Truecaller obtain information.

Is There Any Better App Than Truecaller?

Yes, there is much better pp than Truecller. We have gathered the best Alternatives. You can detect strangers and make new contacts with the aid of these apps. Searching for them on Google or other social networks wastes time.

Best Truecaller Alternatives

1: Whoscall

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Whoscall offers superior communication security and makes identifying suspicious numbers and annoying spam simple. A dialer is already included in the application. It offers an exclusive call interface to distinguish between incoming and outgoing calls in addition to basic capabilities.

Many people are a comparison between whoscall vs truecaller. You can talk with anyone on its SMS conversation page. You can also recognize crucial communications and steer clear of undesirable ones. It blocks all spam numbers to prevent unpleasant messages from being sent to users. With the help of Whoscall’s Premium function, you can manage calls even when there is no internet connection, thanks to an offline database. Also updated automatically is the offline database.

2: Hiya

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Hiya helps you choose which calls to answer and which numbers and texts to block. It filters out undesirable phone calls, SMS texts, and phone numbers by adding them to a blacklist.

Hiya offers a good security mechanism that notifies you when a phone number is unknown. Additionally, there are an undetermined amount of messages in your Messages. Additionally, it allows businesses to communicate with and enlighten their customers.

3: Call Control

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An app called Call Control automatically stops spam calls from unidentified numbers. Additionally, it switches spam calls to DND mode. If the app silently blocks the call, you won’t even know that a spam call has occurred. With improved caller ID and an intelligent dialer, it has call-blocking technology that is at the cutting edge.

Additionally, it features a reverse phone lookup option that enables you to research an unknown number to determine whether the caller is a bother, a fraud, or a legal one.

4: Showcaller

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The Showcaller app is simple and takes up little room on your device. When you are offline, you can still use the Caller ID feature. Additionally, Android users have the option to HD-record all incoming and outgoing calls. The software offers several features, including filtering spam calls and displaying caller information.

It also contains an easy-to-use call recorder. Any incoming and outgoing calls from both parties can be automatically recorded. Additionally, you may listen to, share, and manage your recorded files.

5: Mr. Number

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A well-known dialer program called Mr. Number has a call-blocking feature. Unknown and spam calls can all be easily identified. Users have the option of accepting or rejecting calls from anyone. A specific individual, area, or country code call might be blocked.

This app’s ability to block calls from particular people, area codes, and even entire countries is one of its major features, making it a great choice for preventing international spam calls.

6: Eyecon

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The robust caller ID app Eyecon is accessible globally on iOS and Android devices. With this, you may view real-time caller information on the screen. With this app, you may converse on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The contact list can be synced with it. This implies that a profile image will appear on the screen when a saved contact calls you.

7: CallApp

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A caller ID and call recording app is called CallApp. It also includes a lot of characteristics in addition to the crucial necessity of identifying unknown numbers. These options include call recording, reverse phone search, adding numbers to a blacklist, and customizing call numbers. Call recording is simplified with the automatic call recorder. ACR allows you to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. The program itself allows you to share the call recordings with anyone, anywhere.

CallApp recognizes unknown numbers, and spam calls and messages are blocked. It contains a dialer for phone numbers and a capability for looking up phone numbers in reverse. It also includes a T9 dialer that enables you to call the phone numbers of your contacts from your address book.

8: Sync.ME

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An app with more than 20 million users is called Sync.ME. This program includes a contact management tool and the ability to view the contact details of unknown phones. It is among the greatest Truecaller alternatives because it allows you to search among more than 1 billion numbers worldwide.

Additionally, it views the images that are automatically updated from Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All Android users can record calls, build contact lists, and combine duplicated references.

9: TrapCall

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One of the top Truecaller alternatives in 2023 is Trapcall, which is accessible on both the iOS and Android app stores. It is the greatest alternative for Apple customers even though its Android rating is not great.

The same caller ID capabilities that other applications provide, such as preventing spam calls and identifying callers, are also available in Trapcall. It includes a special “No Caller ID” feature that uses TrapCall’s patented technology to identify the person calling from an unidentified number.

10: Caller ID

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A top-notch application called Caller ID can help you recognize and stop telemarketers and other undesirable callers. This program functions as a caller ID, phone contact, call blocker, and more. Caller ID will promptly display the real caller’s name when you receive an unfamiliar call.

This application has already had over 10 million downloads and has access to data from a global community totaling over 20 billion numbers. Caller ID is the ideal app for you, whether you want to protect your conversation or make it more effective.

11: Simpler Caller ID

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One of the best Truecaller substitutes is Simple Caller ID. Users can identify unknown callers thanks to this call identification. Additionally, this caller id lookup tool replies to incoming calls and SMS messages before you do. In Simpler Caller ID, you may quickly and permanently block undesirable callers.

You must turn it up to see private or unknown numbers on the caller ID. Some of the capabilities offered by Simpler Caller ID include identifying private numbers, monitoring your number, immediate blocking of calls, and spam detection. Installing Simpler caller-ID for iOS and Android on a mobile device is simple.

12: Callersmart

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Are you tired of answering calls from telemarketers, pranksters, scammers, and ex-lovers that call constantly? Try the Callersmart app on your phone instead. The entire headache brought on by unknown numbers will go. When you receive a questionable SMS, Callersmart looks into it. To find out more about a phone number, enter the number in the search bar for reverse phone lookup.

You can track the use of your phone number to find out who has been looking for it. It also contains records. Installing this software on your phone is quite simple. Callersmart is exclusively available for iOS smartphones, even though the true caller works with both iOS and Android gadgets. The Callersmart app has thousands of positive customer reviews.

13: Me

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Me app is one of the free apps for iOS and Android that can identify unknown numbers, similar to Truecaller. It’s the greatest caller id app for iOS and Android, so downloading it is simple. While phoning, it displays the owner of the app’s phone number. As a result, you can use it as a private call-tracking tool to aid in your everyday tasks. Additionally, the software is incredibly user-friendly and comes with built-in spam protection. It is a private number identifier app in general.

14: Numler

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Another well-liked blocker software is Numler. It enables us to recognize unexpected calls and stop spam and unwanted calls. This caller id identifier is free to install. In the app store, it gets positive ratings and reviews. This app consumes a lot of battery life. So there is a good chance that Numler will run out of battery. Anyone can tag a number not flagged as spam, which is one of the app’s most significant drawbacks. Too much information about your calls and contacts is gathered by the Numler app. It immediately affects people’s right to privacy.

15: Viewcaller

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The all-in-one contact, dialer, and call recorder application is called Viewcaller. This software offers intelligent search, history viewing, and number identification just like the others.

It cleans up your disorganized call logs and swiftly searches numbers with names and numbers using a speed dialer. With Viewcaller’s robust call features, you can quickly identify the person calling from an unknown number and stop unwanted calls. A T9 dialer is also available in Viewcaller for rapid searches by names and numbers. It can be a great alternative to Truecaller.

16: Drupe

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A dialer, caller ID, and spam blocker program is called Drupe. Spam phone numbers are recognized and blocked. To manage the calls, it lets us know who is calling. It has all the essential functions and has WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Duo, and many other integrations. You can phone, text, record calls, or contact anyone in your contact list using the Drupe dialer. For both incoming and outgoing calls, automatic call recording is present.

You can track and block spam calls using the call identifier. It displays information on telemarketers or private, unlisted mobile numbers that call you.

17: Call Blocker

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For Android and iPhone users, there is a straightforward but user-friendly call-blocking program that can stop spam calls. One of the most compelling features to detect unknown numbers is one that is seldom ever found in any program. Employees of telemarketing companies boast of blocking more than 90% of telemarketing calls, which bothers most clients during business hours.

Install a call blocker app if clients receive unwanted calls to enjoy spam-free calls.

18: WhoWho

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It is one of the real caller options that provide a number for selecting caller identification and functions as both a call blocker and caller ID.

Try blocking and answering spam calls first to distinguish between bogus and real numbers. You are aware of spam calls because to its caller ID features.

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