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13 Best Alternative Site For TorrentHound In 2022

What is TorrentHound?

TorrentHounds is a tool for sniffing out the tremendous torrents available. There are many torrenthound unblocked providers to choose from, but finding the best and most reliable one is crucial.

The torrenting scenario has been left with a large hole due to this absence. As a result, torrent consumers seek other ways to meet their streaming needs. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a better alternative to TorrentHound. Let’s take a quick look at some of these websites.

For decades, the site’s offerings have provided access to the most recent TELEVISION SHOWS, MOVIES, MUSIC, GAMES, SOFTWARE, ANIMATION, BOOKS, etc. The site’s content is quite extensive, and you’ll obtain brand-new film and application releases in seconds. Even though the number of the top torrent websites is reducing by the day, countless individuals use this site regularly to get goods for free.

Finding a dependable new torrenting hub may be more complicated than it appears, with some of the greatest P2P services experiencing the same fate as Torrenthound safe, That is why we have compiled a list of the finest Torrent9 options for 2022. We tested all of the sites listed below for this post and generated a unique report to assist you in selecting the best alternative for your needs.

A torrenthound downloads search engine provides search results, but only from BitTorrent websites. They’re utilized to cover a variety of torrent websites so that users can download torrent files and magnet links.

If you’ve been around the torrent scene for a while, you’re probably aware that there are many torrent sites where you can search for torrent files. There are hundreds of torrent download options available on the Internet.

Visiting torrent sites to look for torrents takes a long time. When the government shut down The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents, the torrent industry coined “torrent search engines.”

Top 13 Best Torrenthound Alternatives You Can Use In 2022:

You may learn about TorrentDownloads alternatives in this article; here are the details:

Gush Downloads proxy websites will be clones of, their first website. The layout gushes and upgrades are all identical to the first domain. As a result, if you’re having trouble getting Torrenthound co  Downloads, you can utilize one of the Proxy sites listed below to solve the problem.

1. The Pirate Bay:


Before the rise of Kickass Torrents, most internet users had been using The Pirate Bay since its inception in 2003. The site has been subjected to several domain seizures and numerous DMCA notices. Its founders have also been imprisoned several times, yet the website has managed to endure, leading us to believe that it is here to stay. The site used to show X-rated adverts to drive views, but that is no longer the case.

As its name implies, the Pirate Bay is a refuge for all your torrenting requirements. The Pirate Bay is your one-stop-shop for everything that has to do with torrents, with a massive assortment of well-indexed torrents of movies, TV shows, and everything in between.

TPB eventually lost its allure and became infamous due to popup adverts from adult websites, which became an annoyance for torrents. However, the site has since removed all such advertisements and redesigned its appearance. TPB becomes the best Kickass alternative now that KAT is out of the way!


RARBG also provides an extensive database of the most recent torrenthound safe files and magnet connections. It was formed in 2008 and shut down for a week the following year due to legal pressure from BREIN. Many nations, including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal, and others, have blocked it.

It currently has a large user base and provides video material in various areas. It’s simple to search your favorite torrenting files and magnet links, and you may use a Torrent VPN to access this website even if it’s blocked in your country.

You may rest assured that the site will provide you with well-categorized torrents. Furthermore, RARBG will attempt to deliver certified torrents, ensuring that your experience is malware-free.

The following information is probably irrelevant to you, but it’s worth knowing that RARBG has been the target of several Internet service providers in the past. As a result, if your ISP has prohibited the site, you may be unable to view it. On the other hand, a VPN can access the website.

3. Xerox:

The Xtorx torrenthound review  search engine is a little unknown in the torrenting realm. And we have no idea why that is the case because it is adequate.

According to our findings, the Torrent Search Engine website offers a very user-friendly interface. Not only that, but the site thankfully avoids using intrusive adverts. You will not be bothered by adverts on any website page.

All you have to put up with is an xtorx logo. On the front page of this Torrent Search Engine, there is a search bar and two or three sharing buttons. That is, after all, how it should be. However, just because the Torrent Search Engine website has a simple and basic user interface doesn’t imply it doesn’t have good torrents or other advanced features that other torrent search engines do.

4. LimeTorrent:

LimeTorrent is a popular option for individuals who miss KAT because of its community focus. It ensures that many people have reviewed and approved the only torrents available.

It offers a clean, easy-to-navigate design and better speeds than some torrenting services. However, we found its libraries to be somewhat limited. It also has downtimes from time to time. Thus we could only give it a 7 out of 10 rating after our testing.

We recommend utilizing a VPN to protect yourself from cyberattacks, malware, and trackers when torrenting. There are strict limits and regulations regarding torrenting, so check your country’s legal rules before downloading anything.

5. Torrentz2:

Is it not possible for you to access You’re not on your own. The top-rated torrent meta-search engines. EU domain is no longer available to consumers around the world. EURid, the computer registry manager for the.EU domain has notified the site’s operator of a public issue.

The wwwTorrenthound domains have been suspended due to a Public Prosecutor’s order. While the details of the decision are still unknown, predictions are rife that a protracted court battle is on the way. was the go-to place for video games, movies, books, music, and many other things for a lot of people on the Internet. It was a torrent search engine that offered results from well-known torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and RARBG, among others.

6. YTS — Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies:

With over 75 million users worldwide, YTS (also known as YIFY) is perhaps the best torrent service for high-quality movies. Nearly 30,000 titles are accessible on the site, many of which include subtitles and are available in 1080p. Its files are tiny and high-quality, making them suitable for all bandwidth levels.

It also features a straightforward and straightforward user interface that reminds me of Netflix. When I looked up the film Carnival of Souls, it gave me the technical specs, synopsis, IMBD ratings, and a list of similar films and film images. However, the site has recently been the subject of multiple copyright infringement lawsuits, raising worries.

Because YTS focuses on movies, it lacks other forms of material, so you’ll have to look for music, games, and software elsewhere. It also contains obnoxious popup adverts that can compromise your privacy. However, the number of advertisements has decreased over time. If you want to eliminate adverts, I recommend using an ad blocker. I use a VPN with a built-in ad and virus blocker (CyberGhost). That way, I don’t have to put up with the commercials, and I can download torrents while remaining anonymous.

7. BitSnoop:

BitSnoop is a peer-to-peer torrent service that uses a peer-to-peer mechanism. It provides hundreds and thousands of torrent files, but they are useless if they are nullified. BitSnoop’s distinguishing feature consistently provides its consumers with only legitimate torrent files. It ensures that its users will access affordable seeds to download torrent files in the shortest time possible. Also, look into sites like as alternatives.

There are about twenty-four million torrent files now available, and it is regularly updated with new torrent files. It has one of the largest torrent file databases because it heavily relies on the databases of other major torrent providers. It is currently conditional on almost 300 torrent-based websites.

8. SumoTorrent:

SumoTorrent will always be there for quality, not quantity because it provides legitimate torrent files. It is a BitTorrent-recognized torrent service, giving its users the highest-rated and best seeds and leeches torrent submissions. The nicest thing about SumoTorrent is that it also functions as a downloader, allowing users to download torrent material.

Even if the torrent file is corrupted, the automatic repair mechanism will first repair it before allowing people to download it. The number of torrent files available is extremely restricted, but SumoTorrent always provides its users with the best, most legitimate, and original torrent files available when it comes to quality. SumoTorrent’s approach places it among the easily accessible torrent services with the greatest potential possibilities for its users.

9. Zooqle:

Zooqle is a relatively young torrent website that is quickly gaining popularity. It has a large collection with a focus on games and movies, software, television shows, and eBooks. It uses links from other torrent sites like Torrenthound and Katcr to diversify its torrent library.

Keep in mind that while video games are a relatively young medium, most of them are copyrighted and so illegal to download. My team and I do not support illegal torrenting; therefore, be careful to verify your country’s rules and regulations.

I liked how basic and appealing the interface was and how handy the search bar was. Search for any torrent you’re looking for, and you’ll be presented with a long list of related torrents. You can also sort by the ratio of seeders to leechers and the quality of each torrent. All torrents include file details as well as user comments and reviews. When I looked for Kansas City Confidential, this made it easier to get a good quality version.

10. Mininova:


Mininova is an online torrent search engine and directory. Its primary goal is to provide a simple guide and online search engine for all types of torrent files. Visitors to Mininova can submit gushes anonymously to this website, which any BitTorrent tracker can monitor.

Mininova uses torrent files in the following categories: anime, books, games, movies, music, books, images, software, TV shows, and much more. On the other hand, Mininova does not have as extensive a torrent directory as some of the other torrent providers. As a result, there’s a good probability that you won’t be able to find the torrent file you’re looking for in many circumstances, which can be frustrating.

11. Torrent Downloads:

TV series, books, anime, games, apps, songs, movies, and other media are all available, making it a one-stop shop for practically all of your needs. Check for verified files and ensure you’re not bringing any harmful viruses into your device. To make your search more relevant, select a category and conduct a search using the search bar. If you’re not sure what to look for, you may get the most out of the junk by looking at the seeds and leeches and the most downloaded and active files.

These are some TorrentHound alternatives that are more powerful than the others. Because torrenting is against the law, be sure you receive the content without getting into any more difficulty. Even torrents can be dangerous at times, as these files may unwittingly deliver a virus to your website.

The majority of the sites cited above state unequivocally that downloading over a VPN is the safest option. It is recommended that you download using a VPN. If you’re not sure what a VPN is, the website’s link is supplied below. Before attempting to download the files, please exercise caution.

12. EZTV:

EZTV is one of the most popular online websites for fans of television shows. It’s chock-full of features to help you improve your torrenting skills, from an integrated anonymity checker on the main websites to a calendar that lists episode release dates for various shows.

The website is simple to navigate, but if you run into any difficulties, there is a comprehensive FAQ and help section and an active discussion board. While on EZTV’s website, however, it’s best to use a popup blocker because clicking on menu links generates clean popup windows.

Is EZTV unavailable? Are you looking for a different way to unblock EZTV? When EZTV is obscured, there are various options for getting in. Nonetheless, using EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites is the most effective method. Finding functioning EZTV Proxies and Mirrors, on the other hand, isn’t that simple.

13. Torrentseeker Browse:


Torrentseeker Explore is a completely free application that allows you to browse torrents on over 100 of the most popular torrent websites simultaneously. The site is professionally designed, and it regularly refreshes its index to include the most popular torrent sites, the most recent proxy mirrors, and small specialized sites, making it a comprehensive option.

You may search for practically any form of a torrent file on this site, including movies, television shows, music, video games, and software, among other things. Enter the name of your torrent file in the search box and press the search button. It will show you all the related results in a fraction of a second, and you can open them all without restriction. Torrentseeker Browse is a free torrent search engine that you can use from anywhere globally.


Now that you’ve seen what TorrentHound is. What has to offer? All you have to do is kick back with a favorite movie and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your time off.

I would, however, advise you to follow some safety precautions when downloading torrent files. A small error can result in the loss of all your files. Here’s where you can share your thoughts on the finest TorrentHound alternatives.

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