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14 Best TorrentFunk Alternatives 2023


What is TorrentFunk?

Many nations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have deliberately banned access to torrent sites, making it challenging to identify the best torrent sites. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing is popular on torrent sites, and it is also regarded as the best way to get media files off the internet. However, only while downloading publicly licensed content. It is unlawful to download copyrighted files for free through torrent networks, and if you are detected, you will face legal consequences.

Torrenting has been popular for many years, and its user base continues to increase. This is probably due to the ease with which we can magnetize files and safely transfer them at rapid speeds to our device. Most popular torrent sites have been shut down due to legal concerns, and they have sometimes had to relocate to a different domain to stay alive for a little longer due to the ban. Here, we’ll show you the finest torrent sites that are unblocked and that you may use to download files using torrent clients safely.

Which are the top VPNs for the Torrent site?

It can be challenging to choose the exemplary VPN service and make sure our readers avoid getting a service that offers a fancy website and provides reliable service. Thus we have put together this section which looks at the essential features to look out for when downloading TorrentFunk VPN software. So here are the important components:

What are Torrent Sites?

If you’re unfamiliar with torrent sites, let me first explain. Torrent sites are those that offer media files for download using BitTorrent software. This way of obtaining data is known as torrenting, and it is a phrase that refers to downloading files via torrent clients. Most torrent sites have a magnet file download capability that requires you to download a tiny file. Then that little file was accessed in a torrent client to download the entire file.

List of 14 Best TorrentFunk Proxy and Mirror Alternative:

We’ve put up a list of the top 14 best TorrentFunk alternatives, so choosing your favorite is all you have to do now.


This service is known as “KATS” by some. It resembles the Silk Road 2.0 version of the service in appearance. They experienced many highs and lows. It debuted in 2008 and lasted approximately eight years. The US Department of Justice acquired its domain name and its owner and manager, a Ukrainian national jailed in Poland at the same time in 2016.

KickAss Torrents changed its domain name during that time to avoid being taken over by the authorities. This website was mainly used to download torrents of games and movies. As a result, numerous bogus sites looked identical to the genuine ones. Each one had spyware and phishing websites.

2. 1337X:

It is a torrent search engine where users may look for and download torrent files for free. There isn’t a single torrent file that the 1337X search engine doesn’t have. You have to type in the proper keyword for your torrent file, and hundreds of results will appear in less than 30 seconds, ready for you to explore and download. Torrent site 1337X is more of a torrent search engine. It contains a vast database of torrent files to search through, taking months.

Because of its user-friendly search feature, which allows users to find content in a matter of seconds, there are categories for all types of files, such as Movies, Televisions, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, and Others, to make all available torrent files simply discoverable. 1337X has been providing free torrent files since 2007. The site is also noted for its unusual moniker and is considered one of the top torrent sites.

3. ETTV:

ETTV is the internet’s best spurt website. This website was amazing when I first discovered it in previous years; on the COVID-19 quarantine day, everyone should log in to ETTV to watch an informative and wonderful film. It has a vast meta torrent database and is a reliable portion of spurt trackers. It offers customers a huge number of seeders and uploaders 100 percent certified spurt files.

Is it not available in your country? Maybe it is unavailable to you. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top TorrentFunk alternatives and proxy sites for you. Torrent seeders and uploaders have their section on ETTV. It is usual for a torrent site to be blocked once it becomes famous. Proxies and mirror websites are the most efficient options for users. These are the locations where you can visit these mushy websites.

4. isoHunt:

For those who are unfamiliar with the site, Gary Fung, a Canadian citizen, created it in 2003. This is a torrent file index and repository on the internet. It functions similarly to ExtraTorrent.

IsoHunt routinely updates its content. You can download through a torrent file, hash, or magnetic links, among other choices. As a result, downloading files with the torrent downloader will be a breeze. The site keeps users up to date on security changes. The peer-to-peer monarchy will keep you updated on what’s going on.

You can also join and request membership in its community. You will gain access to different content by joining and asking its community. isoHunt is also known for building mirror sites for its competitors. ExtraTorrent and KickassTorrents are two of them.

5. Zooqle:

The TorrentFunks movie recommendation is another film that they have hand-picked for you. Zooqle has become one of the most popular sites for people looking to make money online. This is due to the fact that practically every file on the spurt platform has been examined. This implies that your chances of obtaining an infection on your computer or phone are slim. Check out this excellent article on TorrentFunk alternatives.

However, despite numerous attempts to shut it down, it has become more user-friendly. It’s nearly difficult to create an account or log in to this website.

6. ExtraTorrents:

ExtraTorrents debuted in 2006 when Mininova and TorrentSpy were the most popular sites for downloading movies and TV episodes. ExtraTorrents was the second most popular torrent site, while Pirate Bay was the most popular. Every day, it drew a large number of tourists.

The website had a reputation for storing movies and television series. Many businesses and domain name service providers received complaints as a result. This resulted in torrentfunk website becoming offline. However, it is unclear whether the law contributed to the death of the torrent kingpin.

7. LimeTorrents:

It is the most popular torrenting website on the internet. It allows you to download torrentfunk movies, TV programs, software, Android apps, songs, etc. BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer data transfer mechanism, is used on the website.

Because of legal and piracy concerns, no gush website can last very long. This is what we are aware of. You don’t have to be concerned because of this. Every day, many new torrent websites with complex features are launched. I do have some spare time.

Lime spurts drivers and other torrent fans assist us in locating the most recent Limetorrents proxy, and Lime gushes torrent funk mirror sites, which have the same data, indexes, and new items as the original site. This is comparable assistance. The best way to tell them apart is by their names.


RARBG is constantly updating its torrent database and focusing on giving more and more new files. The site differs from the other three greatest torrent sites we’ve already mentioned. It is, nevertheless, a Private torrent site in the sense that it has a user registration system. You can log in as a visitor and have logged in; you’ll notice that everything is within your control. On your dashboard or homepage, you’ll be able to manage your logs and check the most recently uploaded torrents.

Torrents for Movies, TV Shows, Software, Music, Games, and more categories are available from the RARBG. It also includes a list of the top 10 trending torrent files with the most downloads. Fans of the box office will find a fully updated chart on RARBG, complete with magnet links. While your torrent file is downloading, you can also write some nice news stories on the site. RARBG is a top torrent site if you like downloading software and games.

9. TorrentReactor:

Finding a trustworthy website that hasn’t been blocked or taken down by the government is becoming more difficult. It all started when the creator of KickAss Torrent was arrested for illegally downloading and hosting copyrighted materials a few years ago. The government effectively shut down almost every major gush site.

Several websites, including The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, and TorrentReactor, could circumvent the block. It is one of the most popular sites because it gathers various reputable torrent items.

TorrentReactor, on the other hand, slipped through the cracks of mass gush limits and never worked. TorrentReactor had a lot of dedicated visitors who still looked for it after it was shut down.

10. TorLock:

Many people now regard spurt as an excellent platform for downloading and installing software, songs, films, games, and other media. There are only a few gush websites available nowadays. Even said, several of the websites listed above, such as The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, and others, serve as an appeal. If you want to learn more about how to download torrents effortlessly and rapidly, check out this fantastic article about RARBG alternatives.

TorLock used to be the best torrent site out of all the publicly available ones. The site has always been known for its healthy gush content, allowing faster download times. The website also made it past the 2016 mass gush ban. Regardless of these factors, the website could never preserve its internet reputation.

TorLock does have some disadvantages, one of which is its lack of stability. TorLock isn’t one of the most dependable gush websites because it frequently goes unavailable.


This isn’t like any other torrent site where the user is given digital content to download. People could download movies, music, games, videos, animes, mangas, etc. The content is both high-definition and accessible, as well as ideal.

The distinctive feature of this link as a search engine is that it does not keep track of what the user is looking for. It just displays the most pertinent information. It’s a torrentfunk secure site with many verified torrents available without interruption.

12. Pirateiro:

Since 2014, Pirateiro has been in the torrent industry, attracting millions of worldwide users. It mainly covers movies and television shows, although it has recently expanded to include torrent files such as games, software, music, and television series. The Pirateiro website has a minimalist style, which means you’ll only discover useful elements there. Popular TV shows, movies, Android apps, and top music are all featured.

Trending keywords can be found in the header area, which will take you to the most popular and trending torrent file. You can start the free download with a single click on the Magnet link. In the header of Pirateiro, there is also a search tool. Make sure to use its torrent search function to find torrents. That will undoubtedly save you time when researching its category. Overall, it would help if you gave this top torrent site a chance.

13. Thepiratebays3:

Usage Thepiratebays3 will be the newest and quickest proxy service in 2021. When the Pirate Bay originally began in 2003, it was known as TPB and remained thus. This website has torrents with pirated magnetic links and gushes files. It also has a user-friendly interface and leverages BitTorrent to transfer documents amongst users.

The inventor of this Pirate Bay was found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison when it was created in 2009. Various ISPs have blocked this website. However, a few simple proxy websites are available on the internet. Website: It is the world’s third most popular gush site in 2019, with many pop-up advertisements.


This torrent indexing website does not have any torrent files. However, it has an active link to the torrents that the user has offered to download. Magnet links can be used to download files from a website.

You can find movies, music, games, software, e-books, series, and shows. The service, which was launched in 2012, used a VPN to ensure safe and secure downloading.


So, that’s everything there is to know about Libgen Proxy, where you can download any book you want for free. I hope you enjoyed this article. You can ask us any questions about the article or proxy list we mentioned above in the comments area. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if we discover another working proxy site, we’ll post it here as soon as possible after proper authentication.

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