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The Most Energy Efficient Changes You Can Make to Your Home Today


Energy is one of the biggest regular costs of operating a home. As prices increase, any saving you can
make is worth your while. Here are five top tips that can help you offset the rises in energy prices.

Better Home Heating

Though it can be a big investment, it will save you money every month. Changing your home heating
system from something gas-powered to an electrically heated system can save you a huge amount
of money over time.
Heat pumps have the power to revolutionize your home heating, using small amounts of electricity
to heat the air in your home and pump it into every room. You can find heat pumps Northern Ireland
that can be installed quickly, and start saving you money right away.

Roof Insulation

Home heating is a growing cost to most household budgets. Energy prices are going through the roof
figuratively, but a lot of heat is going through our roofs literally. Lost heat is wasted energy and
wasted money. Getting modern roof insulation is the only solution.
This can be incredibly cost-effective. There are many government grants and financing programs
available to homeowners to get their roofs insulated and cut down on carbon emissions from home

Solar Panel Installation

This is another sizable investment that keeps on paying dividends year after year. Though gas prices
are having the biggest impact on energy bills, electricity is not far behind. By installing home solar
panels, you can cut down on your electricity bill and even make a little money too.
Excess electricity you generate is sold onto the national grid, crediting your bill with power from the
sun. You can also pair your panels with a home battery power storage system that can keep the
energy generated during the day so you can use it at night, slashing your bills.

Upscaling Your Windows and Walls

Just like your roof, your walls need insulation. Having this installed is not only cheap, but it is also
quick. With the help of government grants and incentives, any home can have its cavity walls
insulated for very little money and begin saving on heating costs right away.
Windows are another way for heat to escape the home, making you burn more fuel and run your
boiler for longer. Energy-efficient uPVC windows can make a massive difference to your home’s
temperature in the winter and the summer. They keep heat out just as well as they keep heat in.

Small Steps Lead to Big Savings

With the big things taken care of, it is time to switch your attention to the little things. Leaving
televisions on standby and the oven switched on just to run its clock can add up to a lot of electricity
each day. Switching things off at the plug and unplugging unused USB chargers can save you a
decent amount of money every month.
These may seem like very small things, but with the ever-increasing cost of energy, you cannot
afford to leave these small devices on. Switch everything off every night and you will see the
difference they can make in your bills.
These five simple changes can have a huge impact on your regular household costs. The money you
save can help you ease the burden of increased energy prices and put a little extra cash in your

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