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Top 10 free streaming services for local channels in 2022

streaming services for local channels

Many streaming platforms make it possible to obtain free local channels on your smart TV. The best aspect is that you won’t have to pay for cable television. As a result, watching a few channels doesn’t have to cost more than $100 a month. You have to choose a provider that exclusively broadcasts local stations.

More exciting stuff, such as movies, TV series, and even live streaming of your favorite local sports, will be available to you. With these streaming services, you can manage local stations on your TV, computer, or smartphone. Ensure that you have:

It’s worth noting that some of these providers may offer local channels for free, but you’ll have to deal with many advertisements. Nonetheless, compared to paying for cable, you will save a lot of money.

Top 10 streaming services local channels without cable

The following free and paid streaming options might let you obtain local channels without having to pay for cable.

1. LocalBTV

LocalBTV is a web-based streaming service that allows you to view local television channels on your computer or mobile device. All you keep to do is download the LocalBTV app and log in. You’ll find it quicker to change stations and access channel guides with two weeks’ worth of programming information using the app. Additionally, LocalBTV allows you to record your favorite programs and watch them at a later time. LocalBTV will provide you with 25 free local channels as well as a wealth of local programmes.

Website URL:

2. Haystack TV

Haystack News is broadcast on Haystack TV, an internet service. This is one of the greatest free television networks for local and international news, with hundreds of stations to choose from. You may also view live coverage of breaking news events, local weather, and stock information through the program. You may also go deeper into other themes making local news with meticulously curated channels that offer you content from all across the world in one place.

Website URL:

3. Xumo

Xumo is one of the top free streaming platforms for watching live and on-demand TV programmes with local networks. There are over 190 channels to pick from, including music stations, sports networks, and news coverage. You may also view thousands of television episodes, movies, and live sports competitions such as the PGA Tour and others. Any device, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and computers, may access all Xumo channels and applications.

Website URL:

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free internet assistance that offers over 250 channels as well as hundreds of on-demand movies and TV series. The streaming service includes a large number of local channels and is constantly adding new ones. That means you may get weather updates, news, and sports updates, as well as get breaking news.

Furthermore, there is no requirement to register or create an account to use Pluto TV. If you visit the site on a desktop browser or utilise the mobile app, you can obtain channels right now.

Website URL:

5. Local Now

Local Now is a free live TV streaming service where you can view local news, movies, and television episodes. The service provides you with the most up-to-date news and weather forecasts. There is a diverse selection of documentaries, sports, dramas, and comedy available. You may also use mobile apps or desktop browsers to view over 50 channels. You must input your zip code to use Local Now’s service since it provides a local viewing experience.

Website URL:

6. NewsON

You can watch live local news, see past local newscasts, and get local news snippets with NewsON. It provides free access to over 275 channels across the United States.
You may also look for a local station based on your area or watch current live news. NewsON is available on the web and as a mobile app for Android and iOS. You may also use your Roku-enabled Smart TV to access it.

Website URL:

7. VUit

VUit is for everyone who wants free, live, local television. You may watch sports, view weather, and stream live and on-demand news. It also features a large number of local stations, both in your city and throughout the country. VUit offers unique short films, documentaries, business programmes, and video podcasts in addition to the latest news, local events, on-demand news clips, and weather. Local channels may be seen on any device, including Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and a web browser.

Website URL:


STIRR is a great free app for watching local networks. There are more than 120 channels available, covering local news, sports, and national events. You may also watch free movies, TV series, and cult classics while watching network television. To get started with STIRR, there is no need to join up. It’s as simple as downloading it on your smartphone, Smart TV, or tablet.

Website URL:

9. Roku Channel App

Hundreds of local channels are available through the Roku Channel App. It may be used to access live news, weather, sports, and traffic information channels. In addition, the app is great for viewing a wide range of free movies, TV series, children’s material, and documentaries. ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and more are among the news networks available through the app. Using the Roku Channel App, you should be able to acquire any news network app you choose.

Website URL:

10. AirTV

All of your favourite local stations, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and more, are available on AirTV. It is free to use and gives you access to a wide range of entertainment, including TV series, movies, cartoons, and documentaries. It may also be used to watch live sports and keep up with the newest news. It’s worth noting that an HD antenna is required for AirTV to operate properly. The Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna, which has a 200-mile range and supports 4K streaming, is ideal for this. You can, however, watch local channels on your mobile device.

Website URL:

Are you ready to watch free local television?

You do not have to pay a large monthly fee to watch local networks.
Instead, use sites like LocalBTV, Haystack TV, Xumo, Local Now, Pluto TV, NewsON, STIRR, and AirTV to watch your favourite channels for free or for a fee.
Streaming services will provide you with access to hundreds of local channels as well as the newest movies, TV episodes, and live sports events.

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