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Smart Launcher 5 MOD APK 6.0b038 (Pro Unlocked)

Smart Launcher 5 MOD APK

We have seen the typical Android stock launchers can bore you sometimes, and we are looking for things to bring excitement to our on-screen experiences. If you are having similar thoughts, then have a look at Smart Launcher 5 which is a very handy tool and provides you with extremely customizable features and attractive visuals.

Allow the efficient and customized launcher to run on your mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy every second you spend with them. Explore a large library of editing resources and freely alter the layouts to your liking. Everything will be available so that you can complete your everyday duties more quickly and enjoy your on-screen experiences.

Learn more about Smart Launcher Team’s fascinating app and how it can benefit you.

What exactly does it do?

Users of Smart Launcher 5 for Android can use the app to simply modify and organize their home screens. Allow the app to categorize the apps, grids, widgets, and other components on your home screen automatically. Unlock the fun themes that will allow you to create distinct visual experiences on any mobile device.

Examine the useful features and gesture controls that make the app easier to use with one hand. Unlock all of Smart Launcher 5’s personalization options, as they make the app more fun. To best fit, your specific preferences or display settings, always utilize the adaptive settings. All of this ensures that you are entirely satisfied with the software.



Those who are interested can now get the free Smart Launcher 5 application from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. However, if you want to take advantage of all of the app’s capabilities, you’ll need to make some in-app purchases.

Smart Launcher 5, like any other Android app, will require users to grant it certain access permissions in order to properly utilize the program on their machine. As a result, make sure to think about and accept its requests.

Also, make sure your Android devices are up to date with the newest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up, to ensure that the apps work with your system.

Unique Features

The following are all of the app’s intriguing features:

To work with, there are some interesting ambient themes

Android users may enjoy toying with the unique color options in Smart Launcher 5, which will allow them to freely explore the many ambient themes. Change the colors of your launcher’s theme to better match your wallpaper and enable certain visual impressions that may be of interest to you. You can always modify the color combinations, so don’t be scared to experiment with them.

It’s ideal for one-handed screen use

Those of you who are interested can now enjoy working with the easy application, which has been designed to be used easily with only one hand. You can simply interact with the bottom section of the screen, which contains all of the on-screen elements. This can also be changed if you want to adjust the settings based on the screens or hands you’re using.

Smart Launcher 5 APK Mod


Customize the launcher to your liking

Android users can now explore the various customizations in Smart Launcher 5 to make the app more interesting. This will allow them to have fun playing with the launcher in their own unique ways. Feel free to change the different things on the screen, as well as the color combinations, to create the most user-friendly interface possible.

On your home screen, enable smart search

You may use smart search to find any information from your devices now that it is available for Android users. Try out the possibility to search contacts fast and execute simple tasks on your devices. All of this ensures that you are completely satisfied with the mobile app.

Working with adaptable icons is a joy

Android users on Smart Launcher 5 may now utilize the app to effortlessly change their home screen thanks to the adaptive icons. As with programs like Zedge Premium, the fully supported display will let you easily alter the icon shapes and sizes.

Hotkeys and interesting gestures

For those who are interested, Smart Launcher 5 now includes a variety of fascinating gestures and hotkeys that allow you to customize the in-app controls at your leisure. If you want to enable different settings, you can tap the screen multiple times. Alternatively, you can use intuitive motions to alter the screen controls.

Widgets that are easy to employ for greater screen usage

The software also allows you to add useful widgets to your home screen to make it easier to work with your devices. Make sure the clock widget is turned on so you may set alarms, scheduled events, timers, and other things. And, if you need to check on the weather, the weather widget will offer you a detailed report on the current conditions.

To make your app more convenient, enable on-screen alerts

You may let the launcher pick which active notifications you want to enable or suppress with on-screen notifications settings. You’ll be able to operate with a much more convenient and clean device UI as a result of this.

Work in the ultra-immersive mode with ease

You may also conceal the navigation bar in Smart Launcher 5 and allow the launcher to maximize screen area with the ultra-immersive mode, which is now accessible for Android users. Have a great time using the fully functional app and all of its features.

Keep your app safe from others

Also, if you have apps that you want to keep hidden from others, Smart Launcher 5 has built-in options for hiding them. Also, don’t forget to add your PIN to any app you use to ensure that it is entirely secure.

It’s easy to work with this wallpaper

Last but not least, Android users in Smart Launcher 5 may now interact with the wonderful screen settings to better match their styles and preferences, thanks to a comprehensive collection of wallpapers. You are free to choose whatever photographs you want and have them available at any time.

On our website, you can get a free and unlocked app

You can now use the fully-featured app whenever you want thanks to the free and unlocked version of Smart Launcher 5 available on our website. Simply download the Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK from our website, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re all set. To get the most out of your on-screen experiences, use the ad-free app with unlimited functionality.

App Info

Name Smart Launcher 5
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 6 build 038
Size 12.58 Mb
MOD Pro Unlocked
Category Personalization
Developer Smart Launcher Team
Price Free
Google Play Link ginlemon.flowerfree


Prepare to edit and customize your Android screens with Smart Launcher 5, which has a variety of straightforward and fascinating settings that will allow you to freely configure your launchers in a variety of ways. Feel free to experiment with the extensive library of editing resources as well as the user-friendly settings. All of this will ensure that you are entirely delighted with its capabilities.

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