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15 SketchUp Alternatives 2021 | Free 3D Modeling Software

15 SketchUp Alternatives 2021 | Free 3D Modeling Software

We’ll assist you in locating the best SketchUp alternatives that have equal or superior features. From the list below, you may pick the finest free or paid 3D modelling software for your needs. Let’s get this party started.

What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is a popular 3D CAD tool used in architecture, engineering, and interior design, as well as sculpting, robot creation, and 3D printing. Its plugins provide additional assistance and are known for their intuitive, user-friendly UI and built-in capabilities. SketchUp, which is available in both free and paid editions, has dominated the industry for over 20 years.

Its 3D Warehouse is a model collection consisting of furniture and building ideas that you can quickly incorporate into any project. SketchUp is one of the best free 3D modelling applications because of the built-in templates. However, it, like other software, is not capable of meeting everyone’s needs. So, let us assist you in locating the greatest SketchUp substitute.

Top 15 SketchUp Alternatives (Free 3D Modeling Software) in 2021:

1. SolidWorks

SolidWorks, a Microsoft Windows-based competitor to SketchUp, is one of the best. It can be used to create 3D solid parts and model assemblies. It allows us to compare two designs, either their geometry or views, utilising Face Comparison, View Comparison, and Geometry Comparison. It is known for its intuitive interface, comprehensive standard library, easy hole-drilling, and tapping choices.

Faces, loops, edges, and features can be selected based on a variety of geometric parameters. We may compare two SolidWorks documents and examine the various thick and thin sections using the analysis tool. As a result, you can locate and make essential adjustments within models using this 3D Design programme. It is available for download from the company’s official website.

2. Shapr3D

Shapr3D is one of the true SketchUp alternatives worth mentioning in this article. This CAD programme was created in 2016 exclusively for iPads and Apple Pencils, shortly after the iPad Pro was released, using parametric and direct modelling approaches. The free 3D Design Software and its portable tablet are quite difficult, thanks to the same Siemens engine as SketchUp.

It also includes two free designs as well as paid variants. It provides the best of SketchUp while being more portable and accessible, with an easy-to-use UI, integrated approach to various CAD file extensions, and straightforward modelling functions.

3. Fusion360

Fusion360, from AutoDesk, is a superb SketchUp alternative. It’s most known for parametric modelling, which allows you to turn ideas into 3D functional models. This CAD tool outperforms SketchUp thanks to the concept of parametric modelling. It also allows users to enter specified height, thickness, and other dimensions and manipulate them with specific figures in the model.

Run your simulations, enter your thoughts, and watch the intangible transform into something more useful. Fusion360 is a free 3D modelling programme for 3D printing that offers industry-standard precision modelling tools. The program’s mechanical engineering approach, rather than organic sculpting, is what most users suggest.

4. AutoCAD

Engineers, architects, and construction professionals all across the world regard AutoCAD as a legitimate alternative to SketchUp. This tool, which is well-known for its simplicity of 2D and 3D printing of models, also allows for easy editing and drawing on any virtual device. Additionally, the software makes it simple to design, draw, and update CAD drawings.

You may access DWG in AutoCAD using the AutoDesk cloud functionality. In addition, the free 3D modelling software has features such as changing contrast levels to reduce eye strain, selecting multiple items and removing them quickly, and object preview.

5. DraftSight

DraftSight is a popular free 3D modelling software for 3D printing that is a good alternative to SketchUp. It gives you the ability to build, format, and arrange models.
DraftSight also has a simple alteration command that rotates, moves, copies, and scales the variables in the document.

Documentation and PDF Underlay are two more appealing features of DraftSight. The designed layers are well-organized and layered according to industry standards. You may also quickly import blocks from the appropriate libraries or develop new ones to utilise as templates in various designs. Grab a copy of DraftSight right now and give it a shot!

6. Autodesk Inventor

Inventor is a highly regarded CAD programme. It’s an outstanding SketchUp alternative developed by Autodesk that’s popular for its simplicity of 3D printing, professional-standard 3D mechanical design, simulation tools, and documentation. Autodesk Inventor, which automates modelling, visualisation, collaboration & design automation, and connected data, is available for a free trial.

You will get a basic, easy-to-use analysis tool after downloading and installing this 3D design software on your PC, which includes product configuration, REVIT native export, animation, and annotated exploitation views. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Try it out right now.

7. Vectorworks Fundamentals

VectorWorks, one of the best SketchUp alternatives, includes 2D and 3D design modelling, as well as BIM (Building Information Modeling). The software is an architecture-supporting tool that lets users sketch, draw, and model in a BIM platform.

Residential work, integrated 2D-3D projects, and landscape design and planning are the finest applications for the programme. After you’ve downloaded and installed this 3D design programme, you’ll have access to distinctive tools like the terrain modeller, wall tool, and other parametric functions that allow for rapid customization throughout the BIM workflow.

8. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is the greatest SketchUp replacement among open-source 3D parametric modellers. Drawing, developing, and modifying real-life things of any size is crucial in mechanical engineering, product design, and architectural works. It’s a general-purpose tool with capabilities similar to SketchUp, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge, including MCAD, CAx, and CAE.

It makes use of all open-source libraries, including OpenCascade, Coin3D, Qt, and Python, and can be considered as a standalone library. Furthermore, this free 3D modelling software features a customised user interface and is totally multi-platform, allowing you to use it on your PC with Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux/Unix.

9. Blender

Blender is one of the most popular SketchUp alternatives. It’s a 3D creative tool that’s completely free and open-source. Modeling, rigging, animation, UV unwrapping, texturing, skinning, water & other simulations, interactive 3D apps, soft body dynamics, non-linear editing, and more are all possible with Blender. It is released under the GNU General Public License, which allows you to use, modify, and distribute it.

Blender is a completely free 3D modelling programme, whereas SketchUp is available in both free and paid versions. Blender can also handle more polygons on a single screen than SketchUp thanks to its easy surface subdivision system. Visualizations are enhanced with built-in Cycles, ever-rendering engines, and the ability to transfer textures across surfaces.

10. SolidEdge

SolidEdge is another popular SketchUp competitor on the market, and it uses synchronous technology for rapid customization, product creation, and data modification and improvement. Users may draw intricate layers with annotation and dimensioning controls thanks to its unrivalled mobility and great assembly performance.

SolidEdge’s best-in-class sheet metal design system blends direct modelling speed and ease with parametric design control. With the 3D Design Software, you can speed up the P&ID workflow while also having data-driven access to pipe specifications.

11. ActCAD 2020 Professional

ActCAD 2020 Professional is a high-quality alternative to SketchUp, Cedreo, and Microstation for professionals. Engineers, architects, designers, and the garment industry use CAD software for 2D drafting, 3D modelling, BIM modelling, and a variety of 5000 standard symbols and design templates.

The IntelliCAD 9.2 engine is used in the SketchUp alternative. The professional 3D renderer, inbuilt PDF to DXF converter, self-license transfer, classic menu & ribbon style UI, and the notorious ArtCAD Block Library are all well-known features. Furthermore, while the 3D Design Software download is not free, it does come with a free trial option.

12. pCon Planner

A choice made by the people pCon Planner, a SketchUp alternative, is a 2D and 3D application that supports a variety of file formats, including dwg, dxf, and skp. It is ideal for use in architecture and interior design. The CAD solution allows you to be creative while also giving you a complete view of your concept.

From every aspect, the designs may be seen and analysed. Furthermore, you can have your high-quality graphics and breathtaking images, as well as professionally construct sophisticated furnishing concepts. This free 3D modelling software can be downloaded and installed online to instantly access catalogues.

13. LibreCAD

LibreCAD is a popular free SketchUp alternative. It was created with the intention of developing CAM capabilities. Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS are all supported by the solution. It has ellipse, transformation, and advanced snapping tools, among other features.

The open-source CAD solution LibreCAD is a fantastic tool for 2D drawing. The free 3D modelling software is fast, lightweight, and has a less than 30mb installer. It is based on QT and is available in more than 30 languages. It can read and write dwg files as well as export jpg, png, pdf, svg, and other formats.

14. TinkerCAD

Autodesk, Inc., an American multinational software business, designed TinkerCAD as the finest free SketchUp replacement. This 3D CAD system excels at developing designs, making it useful for architects, engineers, and manufacturers. TinkerCAD makes use of a library of shapes, elements, numbers, and characters, as well as a set of editing tools, to allow both beginners and experts to develop pre-built polygons into intricate, organic designs.

Users can balance the intuitiveness and intricacy of the free 3D modelling software for 3D printing to produce effective 3D designs in minutes. So, if you’re a newbie who doesn’t want to spend money on professional software, TinkerCAD is the ideal alternative.

15. Cedreo

Finally, Cedreo, a popular SketchUp competitor, is the only 3D home design software that allows you to develop conceptual designs in just a few hours. The solution is a boon to builders, constructors, real-estate developers, and designers because it has a steep learning curve. Cedreo allows you to design in two dimensions, import an existing blueprint, resize it with a single click, and visualise it in three dimensions.

Cedreo, a top-rated 3D design software, offers innovative features such as one-click floor plan and roof drafting, a library of furnishings and materials for personalising your interiors, and lifelike three-dimensional projections.


You may now choose and download the best 3D modelling software that meets your needs from the top 15 SketchUp alternatives in 2021. You must have noticed while reading this essay that the decision is based on how you interpret 3D designs. Each of the programmes listed above has its own unique approach and set of tools.

Some are free, while others are expensive 3D modelling tools. Some programmes, such as SketchUp, have both free and paid editions. Examine your project and its requirements, then select the best SketchUp alternative to meet your objectives.

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