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How To Reset your TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV

This guide will guide you how to reset your TCL Smart TV. TCL, which stands for Telephone Communication Network, is a low-cost TV brand compared to Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and LG.

This low price is one of the main reasons why many people choose the TCL brand, along with the fact that, despite the low price, they do not sacrifice quality or features.
TCL has established a reputation for producing low-cost TVs with streaming capabilities.

Regardless, most TCL TVs use the Roku interface, which is simple to use but lacks graphics. However, what the Roku interface lacks in pictures, it makes up for with a large selection of apps, referred to as streaming channels, that cover most streaming services. TCL usually releases frequent updates and adds new features from time to time.

When it comes to doing a factory reset on your TCL Smart TV, it’s important to remember that a guarantee covers your TCL TV, and as such, it should last at least a year without giving you any difficulties, except minor concerns such;

These are some of the reasons why you might consider executing a factory reset on your TCL Smart TV. Still, we recommend doing so only as a last option because a factory reset would erase all of the TV’s data and settings (WiFi and wired network setting information, Google account, login information, Google Play, and installed apps). Apart from needing to reset your TCL Smart TV, there are a few other solutions you might explore to remedy these difficulties.

Things to Do Before Resetting Your TCL Smart TV

These are the steps you should take before attempting to reset your TCL Smart TV.

Restart your TCL Smart TV

If an app freezes, this patch comes in helpful since it allows you to restart your TV by;

TCL Smart TV needs to be updated

Upgrading your TV entails downloading the most recent software version. These upgrades aim to stay up with programming advancements while improving the overall user experience. Because system updates are responsible for addressing bugs and faults, a simple update may be all your TV requires to get back on track.

Try updating your TCL Smart TV before attempting to reset it.

Note: Your TV will automatically switch off and on when the update is completed.
Wait for the TV to come back on. Please do not turn on your television using the remote control at this time.

Delete the App Cache

Cached data refers to files, scripts, photos, and other multimedia that are saved on your device after you first use an app or visit a website. Caches are useful anytime you launch an app because they faster deliver data from the cache. However, as the cache size grows, it may have an influence on the speed and performance of running applications, which is why you should clear them frequently. To delete the app caches on your TV, follow these steps:

Restarting Your TCL Smart TV

The practice of turning hardware off and on again is known as power cycling. To restart your TCL television, follow these steps:

TCL Smart TV Reset Instructions

As previously said, a reset should be your very last resort. So, if you’ve followed all of the steps above and your TV is still not working properly, then;

Your TCL smart TV will become brand new after being reset, and you will need to set it up anew. Follow the teachings below to set up your TCL smart TV after a factory reset.

TCL Smart TV Setup Instructions

The methods to set up your TCL smart TV after factory settings are outlined here.

The issue should be resolved most of the time when you reset your TCL Smart TV, but if it does not, you will require to seek outside help to investigate and resolve the problem.

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