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REFACE MOD APK 2.0.1 (Pro Unlocked)


Make yourself ready to enjoy this AI-Inspired smartphone app from NEOCRTEXTthat lets you engage yourself in the universe of fake imaging. There are so many features and exciting experiences, and the best thing is this app is completely free to use. You can swap your faces into any top agent movie turn yourself into a cooking hero, dancer or swap faces with your buddies. REFACE modern deepfake technology enables Android users to enjoy playing with the excellent options within the awesome mobile app.

Enjoy making face swap films with a variety of unique sets and visual effects. Alter your images with amusing face swap experiences where you won’t be able to recognize anyone. Enjoy the fantastic mobile app whenever you want to utilize your mobile devices. With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this great REFACE software.

What exactly does it do?

Deepfake technology has long been a hot topic of controversy among tech aficionados. Some say that they bring with them certain dangers that, if not adequately handled, can lead to major chaos and a loss of social identity. At the same time, you can’t ignore the technology’s brilliance and potential applications. You’ll also be able to appreciate the beneficial uses of deepfake using REFACE, which will make you laugh a lot.

You can appreciate this excellent REFACE program and many of its handy features if you are interested in the thrilling art of facial fake. Users can enjoy stunning uses of REFACE and enable its amazing capabilities thanks to the app’s unique deepfake AI.

Combine your everyday sources of videos, images, GIFs, or pictures with your creative imagination using superior AI technology. Create unique and intriguing photographs with amazing visual experiences, and you’ll be hooked on the fantastic mobile app and its features for a long time. Enjoy working with the fantastic mobile app and taking advantage of its incredible features, which will keep you glued to your favorite videos, photos, and images. With your creative face swap effects, you may freely choose the faces of different characters, alter the environment, and transform the entire film and photo.



Simply download and install the free version of REFACE from the Google Play Store to begin using the fantastic mobile app. Many of its features are available to use without needing to pay anything. However, because it’s still a freemium software, there will be advertisements and in-app purchases that you’ll have to pay for with real money. Users will also need to grant certain access permissions to REFACE in order for it to function properly on their Android devices.

As a result, when you initially use the mobile app, make sure to accept the app’s requests. Users must also have the most recent firmware version installed on their smartphones, preferably Android 5.0 or higher. This should verify that the program is compatible with your system, especially if you are installing the most recent updates.

Unique Features

The following are all of the app’s intriguing features:

Simple and straightforward to use

Android users in REFACE will immediately appreciate the simple and easy-to-use app, which ensures that they can work comfortably with the app and its features. Simply take your images and choose which face you’d like to utilize afterward. Then feel free to use the fantastic mobile app’s many additional features, which include the ability to swap faces and create interesting deepfake effects.

You can edit both your photographs and videos

To begin, you can use REFACE’s switch features to quickly work on any selected photographs, GIFs, or movies, which will make the entire experience much more fascinating. Allow yourself to appear in magazine advertisements with your favorite celebs. With your presence, enjoy exciting movie scenes. Also, you can activate a variety of REFACE effects to dazzle and surprise your friends.

Enjoy a variety of swap alternatives

Those that are interested might begin working with the program by experimenting with the numerous handy switch choices. Inside a group shot, have fun changing your faces with others. Enjoy spectacular visual alterations by fine-tuning each face to the smallest of elements. Simultaneously, try out the unique gender switch tool, which allows you to appear as the opposing gender in any selected film. As a result, viewers will be more interested in the unique content.


Make subtle modifications to your appearance

Enjoy the fantastic Deep Fake Maker and Face Changer at the same time, which allows you to alter any feature on your face. Make an effort to produce and encourage natural modifications to your facial features, which will improve your visual impressions over time. Simultaneously, the modest but noticeable adjustments will make the footage far more credible. As a result, you will be able to enjoy working with your creative staff.

Save and share your creative works in a flash

Additionally, Android users will like working with the app’s simply accessible save and share options, which will allow you to easily store altered footage to your Android storage. Alternatively, you can simply send the files with the most appropriate settings via Emails and messengers, as well as any preferred social media networks. Have fun with the app and its fascinating features, which will undoubtedly impress you.

Every day, I look forward to working with new content

Thanks to NEOCORTEXT’s frequently updated library, you can also enjoy working with new editing materials every day in REFACE. Every day, fresh movies, GIFs, and images are added to the collection. Allow yourself to be creative and enjoy the app even more with the available content. Have fun experimenting with all of the options and tailoring the content to your preferences.

Take advantage of our website’s modified app

While the app is available for free on the Google Play Store, it does contain advertisements and in-app purchases that may annoy you. As a result, if you don’t want to pay real money to unlock these features, downloading the modded version of the program from our website is a preferable alternative. We’re giving away the unlocked app with all of the Pro features for free right now. All you have to do is go to our website and download and install the REFACE Mod APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Reface Pro Mod APK?

The Reface Pro Mod APK is one of the most advanced and entertaining face-changing software available for Android-based smart devices, with premium features available for free.

What features does the Reface app offer?

The Reface application has features such as GIF creation, boomerang, and short and amusing films, making it one of the most popular applications in its genre.

What are the Reface application’s minimum requirements?

The Reface application can be run on any device with at least 2GB of RAM and a processor capable of handling high-definition films and photos.

Is it safe to use the Reface Pro Mod APK?

This app is trusted by millions of people, with over 10 million downloads and an average rating of more than 4.5 stars out of 5 in the Google Play Store.

App Info

Updated On
Genre Photos & Videos
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 2.0.1
Size 18M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1
Network required


Those of you who were interested in the recently popular FaceApp will be even more pleased with REFACE’s fantastic mobile app. Not only will you be able to swap your looks in images, but you’ll also be able to use outstanding deepfake elements in your movies. Within the program, you can enjoy stunning visual effects and have fun experimenting with your own creativity. You’ll have even more reasons to appreciate it owing to the free and unlocked version of REFACE available on our website.

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