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How to Recover Deleted Videos From an iPhone: 4 Proven Methods for 2023

Recover Deleted Videos

Recover Deleted Videos

Have you ever unintentionally deleted crucial videos from your iPhone and lost them forever? Or were lost due to an iOS upgrade, jailbreak, or device failure? Every day, hundreds of people inform us of this kind of news. In this situation, you can see if the removed videos are still in your Deleted Album. If your iPhone’s movies are lost forever, you can attempt some of the other techniques outlined on this page to get them back.

Can I get back my iPhone 13/12/11/8/7/6 deleted videos? You can, indeed. We strongly advise downloading iMyFone D-Back, the most effective iPhone data recovery program currently available. It allows you to recover only the deleted videos from your iPhone that you wish to recover. Download iMyFone D-Back for free right now.

Where Are Videos Stored on an iPhone?

The Photos app on your iPhone stores any videos you take. You can manage, edit, and share your films from within this natively installed app that comes with your smartphone.

Utilize the Photos app to browse your pictures and videos arranged by years, months, and days. An all pictures view is also available.

If enabled, our videos are likewise stored in iCloud and kept on our iPhones. This will become important later when we examine one of the video recovery techniques.

How to Freely Retrieve Deleted Videos from an iPhone:

Are videos on iPhones permanently deleted? If you delete a video from your iPhone, it will appear in the album labeled Recently Deleted. Since photographs and videos are kept for 30 days before being completely erased, you can view the deleted ones in the Recently Deleted folder. Additionally, you may log in using the same Apple ID you utilized to purchase or download videos to download any lost videos that were not shot using the Camera app. If your videos have recently been deleted, we also demonstrate here how to recover deleted videos from your iPhone for free.

Recently deleted videos on an iPhone can be recovered using the:

In light of the circumstance above, deleted iPhone videos are not permanently lost. However, videos from the Recently deleted album are typically permanently erased if you can’t find them. How can I get back videos that were deleted forever? You may restore deleted videos on an iPhone without a backup using PhoneRescue for iOS, an iPhone data recovery tool. You can read more about it in the following section.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from an iTunes Backup:

Dr. Fone can assist you in undeleting videos from iTunes backups and recovering deleted videos from your iPhone. iPhone users know how crucial it is to periodically build an iTunes backup since it takes care of issues like accidentally deleting videos or losing their phone. The iPhone owner can produce a comprehensive image of the device’s contents by creating such a backup, which is unquestionably very helpful.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Recovering Deleted Videos from an iPhone Backup in iTunes:

Recover iPhone Videos Without Losing Them:

Most of our memories and moments are captured on iPhone videos. They are vital to us at times. It can be a nightmare to lose essential videos. The most excellent advice for avoiding video loss is to back up your videos. Videos can be backed up to iCloud or iTunes. But backing them up to a computer is safer.

To iTunes video backup:

Utilize a USB cable to link your iPhone to your PC. When you launch your iPhone on your PC, it will be recognized by iTunes. Toggle the iPhone icon. Click Backup Now after selecting Backup to this computer from the Backup menu. Your data, including any movies, will be immediately backed up and stored there.

To iCloud video backup:

Tap iCloud under Settings on your iPhone and sign into your iCloud account. The files you want to store on iCloud should now be turned on. Chosen photo and video rolls. You may view your iCloud’s available memory by scrolling down and clicking on Storage and Backup. Tap Backup Now after selecting iCloud Backup. Your iCloud account will receive a backup of the selected data.

To backup video to the computer:

The top app for archiving and restoring data iPhone videos is dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS). You may back up various files, including your iPhone’s photographs, videos, contacts, call history, and WhatsApp messages. Additionally, unlike iTunes or iCloud, which restore complete backup files, you can selectively restore them to your iPhone whenever you want. You can get it through the “Free Download” buttons listed below if you’re interested.

The Best Techniques for Recovering iPhone Deleted Videos:

You may restore deleted videos from your iPhone using a variety of techniques. We’ve listed the greatest and most effective ones below, in the order that you should give them a shot.

Method 1: How to Use Disk Drill to Recover Deleted Videos

Even after the Recently Deleted Folder on our iPhone has been cleared, we can retrieve deleted videos using the third-party software program Disk Drill.

Disk Drill is my software since it is dependable, simple to use, and has a contemporary feel. The instructions below will lead you through recovering deleted videos from your iPhone.

Disk Drill is an excellent iPhone video recovery app that can help you recover data. Although many data recovery tools are available, I have always found that Disk Drill performs the best and is the most dependable.

Method 2: Search Through Your Messages

We often use the Messages app to share the memorable moments we record on video with our loved ones.

If none of the videos could be located using the aforementioned techniques, it’s possible that you shared them using the iPhone’s Messages app.

We can search for the videos in Messages and then save them to our iPhones.

Method 3: Utilizing the Recently Deleted Folder to Recover Deleted Videos

The Recently Deleted Folder on our iPhone should be the first place we try to retrieve videos from. Apple incorporated this folder into your device as a backup in case you needed to remove a video from your primary video library.

When a video is removed from an iPhone, it is first relocated to the Recently Deleted folder, which remains for 30 days before being completely erased.

You can take the following methods to transfer

Videos that were recently deleted were moved to the main library.

Disk Drill can find deleted videos even after the Recently Deleted Folder has been manually cleared out or if 30 days have passed if you don’t see your videos in the Recently Deleted folder.

Method 4: Contact a Data Recovery Center

When all else fails, get in touch with a data recovery facility so they can try to retrieve your iPhone’s deleted videos for you.

You can submit your iPhone to CleverFiles for a free quote, and they will examine it and try to recover the data for you as part of their data recovery service. This is the real stuff, with a 98% success rate!

Although this choice may be pricey, you cannot place a value on your data.


Losing or accidentally deleting a crucial video is never fun. Your iPhone’s videos may show a once-in-a-lifetime event that will never be repeated. Use our advice to reduce the likelihood that you will be negatively affected by losing your iPhone videos. If you still lose an essential item, the various methods of iPhone video recovery we have discussed should help you get it back. A quality data recovery tool like Disk Drill can recover lost videos and other information on your iPhone. It also includes free data protection software that will help keep your valuable information safe.

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