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rajkot update news : link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

rajkot update news : link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

Due to the recent passage of the measure in the Lok Sabha to link Voter ID with Aadhar cards. Currently, many individuals must be wondering why this bill was passed. So, for your information, many people obtain two voter identification cards because they live in two distinct locations. This is why the Lok Sabha had to ratify the bill linking voter ID with Aadhaar. Now you must realize how essential it is for everyone to link their Voter ID with Aadhaar.

So let’s finally learn how to link the Voter ID to the Aadhar card. In light of this, we will discuss how you can readily link your voter ID card to Aadhaar. In addition, you are requested to remain until the conclusion of this post of our Rajkot Update News—certificate for the Aadhaar enrolment Update Form.

What is Aadhaar?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Indian government for all general day-to-day authentication purposes. On June 29, 2009, the government introduced Aadhaar to the public. This unique ID number is a citizen identification and proof of address following government regulations.

Rajkot updates the news link for the Aadhar voter id card.

For economic reasons, people migrate from villages to settlements to cities. The only reason is to increase the family’s standard of living and ensure their happiness. Consequently, two distinct voter IDs are required.

The commission is now proposing the “linking of Aadhaar with voter list” to prevent the production of fraudulent voter ID cards. Voter ID Cards can be downloaded from the Election Commission of India’s Voter ID Portal. Aadhaar can be linked using a phone case from the comfort of one’s residence. Alternatively, you can consult the National Voters’ Portal service at and link your Aadhaar number with your Voter ID using your mobile phone.

Implementation Process

Online Method:

Let’s start by investigating how to link an aadhaar with a voter id online.

Enter your details: 

Input your name, age or date of birth, father’s/husband’s name, state, and district or assembly constituency where you are registered to vote. You can also search using the EPIC number on your voter identification card. Select “Search”: Select the “Search” button after entering the necessary information.

Locate your details: 

They will be displayed if they appear on the voter registration list. Click on your name to view your voter profile in its entirety.

Select “Feed Aadhaar No.”:

There is an option in your voter profile to “Feed Aadhaar No.” Select this option to continue the linking procedure.

Enter your Aadhaar number and EPIC number: 

Provide your 12-digit Aadhaar number and the EPIC number listed on your voter identification certificate.

Complete additional required fields: 

Enter your name as it appears on your Aadhaar card, your mobile phone number, and your email address. This data will send you updates and notifications about the Aadhaar-Voter ID linking process. After entering all of the required information, select the “Submit” button. You will receive a notification confirming your Aadhaar-Voter ID linkage request was successfully submitted.

Offline Method

    Visit the Voter Facilitation Centre or Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) office in your neighborhood: Contacting your local administration or perusing the Election Commission of India (ECI) website will enable you to locate the closest center or ERO office.

Request a form for Aadhaar-Voter ID linking: 

Request the appropriate form from the center’s staff to link your Aadhaar card to your Voter ID.

Complete the form: 

Include your name, address, Aadhaar number, and EPIC number, along with all other required information.

 Fill out the form: 

Please note that the Aadhaar-Voter ID linking process may be modified based on the most recent guidelines issued by the Ghostwriter and the Election Commission of India. Always consult authoritative sources for the most current information. You can investigate in depth the topic of Rajkot update news: link-aadhaar-with-voter-list. Learn more about Rajkot update news: aad-haar-voter-list linkage.

Challenges in Linking Aadhaar with Voter List

Privacy Concerns: 

Some detractors assert that linking Aadhaar to the voter list could result in privacy breaches and the misuse of personal information.

Logistical Challenges: 

The expansive nature of the project and the requirement to link millions of voter records with Aadhaar present logistical obstacles that must be overcome.


It is a significant obstacle to ensure that all eligible voters, particularly those in remote and rural areas, can link their Aadhaar numbers with the voter registry. There is a need for pervasive awareness campaigns to educate voters on the significance of linking their Aadhaar numbers with the voter list and the associated process.

Potential Benefits:

Enhanced Voter Confidence:

The transparency and precision afforded by the Aadhaar-voter list linkage will ultimately boost voter confidence in the electoral process.

Consequences of Linking Aadhaar and Voter List

The risk to data privacy and security is one of the primary drawbacks of linking Aadhaar to the voter list. If Aadhaar is linked to the voter list, there is a danger that sensitive personal information will be misused or leaked. In addition, there is the possibility of identity theft, in which someone uses the Aadhaar information of another person to vote unlawfully.

Another disadvantage is the possibility of excluding eligible electors. In India, only some have an Aadhaar card, and making Aadhaar mandatory for voting could result in the exclusion of eligible electors who lack an Aadhaar card. This could result in a violation of their voting rights and is cause for concern.


Linking Aadhaar to the voter list has both advantages and disadvantages. While it can help ensure fair and transparent elections by eliminating duplicate or false voters and facilitating updating voter information, it also poses a risk to data privacy. It could result in the exclusion of eligible voters. Before making it mandatory to link Aadhaar with the voter list, the government must consider these factors, considering the concerns of the public and various political parties.

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