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Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives – Watch Live Streaming

r/SoccerStreams Alternatives

SoccerStreams’ Subreddit page was one of the better possibilities for those who did not want to pay for channel subscriptions. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this subreddit grew in popularity. Over 100,000 individuals visited our website during the World Cup, searching for soccer stream connections.

Most of these links use P2P technology, similar to a torrent website. The nicest part about these streaming sites is that anyone could live stream in high quality without buffering. Unfortunately, the page is no longer available owing to a copyright violation by the Premium League team. It was a popular subreddit for posting HD functioning streams.

Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives:

r/SoccerStreams is a live sports scene where you will host the live stream of most of the games played worldwide in various countries. Let us take a look at the list below.

1. Redsoccer:


Following the suspension of SoccerStreams, several alternatives have emerged. Redsoccer is one of those subreddits founded to serve as a SoccerStreams substitute.

Even though there are only a few subscribers on the page, the subscribers present valuable links immediately before the match begins. Redsoccer, unlike the others, has a few regulations. These guidelines are intended to keep streaming links operational and appealing. For starters, they only permit direct links to the stream. This is done to avoid confusing intermediate pages. SD, HD, and MISR (Minimum Internet Speed Required) data also show the link quality.

2. VIPBox:

VIPBox is a website that distributes sports online, comparable to soccerstreams. The UI is rather startling, and you can browse through several games to see them in action.

Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, UFC, WWE, Table Tennis, and various other sports are also available. Another website is similar to soccer streams Reddit for live soccer FIFA world cup 2022 broadcasts.

3. r/Footballtactics:

This subreddit offers streaming links just before the game begins. Many individuals share links to numerous matches. As a result, you should be able to find the link to the football match you’re looking for! It currently has a limited following of only 10,000 subscribers. However, there are usually more than 1000 people on our website at any given time. The majority of the links on this website are from AceStream. As a result, you won’t have to worry about buffering.

4. r/soccerstreamsredd:

Because of the repeated banning of subreddits found posting stream links, r/soccerstreamsredd was founded. This subreddit lacks amusement, does not appear aesthetically nice, and only displays limited links at a time. When the links are no longer useful, they are removed. This is done to prevent the website from being blacklisted.

5. Redditsoccer:

Redditsoccer is yet another topic page on Reddit that gives streaming links before each match. This page currently has around 10,000 subscribers, a long cry from what SoccerStreams had. However, there are usually about 1000 users online at any given moment. Like the one stated before, this page distributes ace streams via P2P technology. This implies that you won’t face buffering or poor quality if you’re on a solid network. Given the many streamers who post links, it makes it sensible to pick a favorite channel and language and stick with it.

6. r/UScoccer:

USsoccer attempted to become what r/USsoccer/ was! Everything is done via their Discord channel, which explicitly mentions that the original Reddit sub is empty. Because Soccer Streams was recently removed, we cannot predict whether Soccer Thunder will remain available for long. You can, however, continue to use this website for as long as it exists.

7. LAOLA1:

Alternatives to Soccerstreams You should make an effort if you enjoy football. It includes all football feeds, games, news, accounts, and anything else that gives you an excellent trend about the complete football sport. If you seek recognizable soccer sports, you may use the query bar located in LAOLA1 to find them. In an ideal world, you will find it. LAOLA1 is another amazing r/soccerstreams website for viewing live FIFA World Cup 2022 football.

8. r/chelseafc:

r/ChelseaFC is the digital home of all things related to Chelsea Football Club. Abbreviated Chelsea FC, is a subreddit and forum dedicated to the Chelsea football club. It has almost 130k active users. This subreddit contains the most recent updates, news, and match schedules. People also discuss football matches and share memes about them here.

9. SoccerStream69:

SoccerStream69 is another subreddit made for football enthusiasts who wish to watch the game online without downloading anything. As I previously stated, Reddit is deleting subreddits, so this isn’t a permanent solution. However, you may still watch football live-streaming links on Reddit till they expire. Who knows whether they’ll even delete these subreddits?

Even though this subreddit is unrelated to the previously removed subreddit, it does not cover every major league. You won’t find any live-streaming connections here either, but the ones you discover will be fairly functional. This subreddit will not cover Asian leagues or other minor leagues.

10. VIP League:

VIP League is an excellent game website, and I enjoy the interface on FromHot. Once you’ve picked on your most costly sports class, you’ll display each of you the amazing possibilities available under that specific order of play, close to all the affiliations involved with that flow, and then you’ll watch the flow.

VIP League is a great alternative to for watching every FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarterfinal match live.


The SoccerStreams subreddit was likely the finest and most handy choice for fans who wanted to see their favorite teams play without paying a subscription fee. The site’s links were placed 30 minutes before the game begins. Given that there were typically hundreds of thousands of individuals on the site, there would be various links to choose from, varied in quality.

However, as they say, not everything lasts forever. SoccerStreams is no longer available and will most likely never return. It is reasonable to look for alternatives. As a result, we’ve included the finest SoccerStreams options above

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