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Tips to Protect Instagram Account from Hackers

Protect Instagram Account

The immensely well-liked photo- and video-sharing software Instagram is gaining new users. Over 30% of internet users worldwide will utilize Meta’s social media platform by 2025.

Cybercriminals come in droves because of the enormous user base. According to the 2022 Dark Web Price Index, selling hacked Instagram accounts for $40 per is simple money.

Every year, more Instagram accounts are hacked. Is your company or priceless memories safe on Instagram, given this? It appears that there are many things you may do to increase the security of your Instagram account.

How do Hackers Hack Instagram

Tips to Protect Instagram Account from Hackers

Use Strong password

Nowadays, very few people can survive without passwords. They allow us to access all of our most important info. Frequently, losing your account results in not just emotional grief but also cash loss, credibility harm, and even legal trouble. Cybersecurity measures cannot make up for a weak password.

Use Additional Caution When Using Public WiFi

Public connections aren’t necessarily the safest locations for your gadgets, as was previously indicated. A router sends your data back and forth, and if a hacker stands in the way, they can gather all the information along the way.

But I’m not going to start asking you to stay away from free Wi-Fi because, let’s face it, you won’t. Instead, use a Virtual Private Network to build your own encrypted data tunnel (VPN). Not sure if you require one? Try a free VPN trial.

You can still connect to any public Wi-Fi with the help of this tool, but it is safer. The VPN will hide your IP address, surfing patterns, and private login information. They will only be able to see that you are using a VPN and nothing else, even if you are on a hacker’s false connection.

Watch Out For Fake Links

Phishing assaults are more common than ever as Instagram’s user base expands. Fraudulent links are now frequently sent over DMs despite being delivered most frequently via email. Never click on a link that someone you don’t know sends you.

Imposters frequently request your login information through email and direct messages while posing as Instagram. You will arrive at a fake login page if you click the link. You are, however, directly exposing your login information to hackers without any kind of verification.

Keep Your Email Accounts Secure

Your social network accounts depend on a secure email address, no matter how safe they may be. Every social media account linked to that email account is compromised as well, if it is.

Your email account can be used to change all of your passwords. With 2FA or email authentication, you may strengthen your email security. These are modest upgrades that safeguard each of your social media accounts, including Instagram.

Report Suspicious Behavior

Ultimately, because individuals don’t report them, many fraudsters and hackers get away with their actions. Even though you didn’t fall for their techniques, the next victim might. Everyone on the platform benefits when questionable activity is reported.

Last Words

You don’t have to become a victim because the rate of social media hacking keeps rising. There are many straightforward cybersecurity enhancements you may perform. You are a significant barrier between hackers and your sensitive information. Boost the security of your Instagram account and unwind, knowing that your data is secure.

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