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8 Popular Games like Dungeons and Dragons


Even if you’ve never played it, we’re sure you’ve heard of Dungeons and Dragons, the all-time great role-playing game. It’s a game that hundreds of millions of people around the world love, and it’s inspired countless other video games. D&D is credited with popularising the concept of heroes fighting evil in a fantasy world.

Even if you’ve never played a tabletop roleplaying game before – or if it’s just not your thing — the game’s mechanics and plot may pique your attention. If you enjoy role-playing games, learning about their history and origins may be interesting. Alternatively, if you prefer tabletop RPGs but haven’t ventured into other genres, this list will point you in the right direction.

Here Are the 8 Popular Games like Dungeons and Dragons in 2021:

1. Eternity TTRPG

Eternity TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game) is a popular game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, with 22 playable classes, 9 races, and a plethora of character customization choices. Eternity, unlike many other tabletop RPGs, places a strong emphasis on player vs. player combat, with the game’s founders even hosting a tournament once a year or so.

It’s at the top of our list because it’s the tabletop RPG that most closely resembles video games. Especially if you appreciate character development and tactical fighting.
If you enjoy worldbuilding and storey creation, the game is especially fantastic since everyone who plays gets to contribute to the tasks and responsibilities of the “game master,” rather than just one player. Eternity is an independent game with a rapidly rising fan following.

2. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a popular role-playing game that was created just as Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition was about to be released. Prior to it, “DnD 3.5” was a popular and extensively played role-playing game. However, when DnD 4th edition was released and was not well received by dedicated, old-school roleplayers, Pathfinder stepped in to fill the hole.

It’s a game that’s fairly close to the more “traditional” Dungeons and Dragons game system styles. Paizo’s Pathfinder is now one of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games in the world. It is also one of the most recent games, having been released in 2008. Pathfinder features 11 core classes, 7 core races, and nearly infinite character customization options. When played in a fantastical setting, the game works best.

3. Shadowrun

Shadowrun, a popular tabletop RPG similar to D&D, is significantly different from other tabletop RPGs that rely on traditional fantasy aspects – which is the most of them. The world of Shadowrun is ultimately ruled by enormous businesses that possess so many resources, wield so much power, and wield so much political clout that they effectively own the planet.

Furthermore, the game is set in the far future. Consider a cyberpunk or sci-fi world with elements of magic. Mystery, horror, and technology are all woven into a plot that revolves on a major conspiracy. It’s a popular game with a large fan base. People enjoy not only the gaming concept, but also the rich universe of lore that comes with it.

4. Cypher System

Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, and Shanna Germain — some of the most well-known names in roleplaying game design – created the Cypher System, a popular game similar to D&D. One of the most distinguishing features of Cypher System is that it may be used in any genre. Gamers have been yearning for a tabletop RPG that could be played in a variety of settings for years before it was created, thus it fills a significant void.

In the Cypher System, there are four fundamental character types: warrior, adept, explorer, and speaker. However, because to the game’s vast array of abilities, objects, skills, character “descriptors,” foci (essential character elements), and other features, nearly any type of character can be created.

5. Outbreak Undead

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice old-fashioned zombie game? Outbreak Undead, a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, is ideal for a one-shot gaming session that can be completed in a single night. It’s also suitable for a complete campaign based on surviving a zombie apocalypse. Imagine playing a game based on your favorite zombie movie, or show.

Outbreak Undead focuses on realism in gaming. There are rules provided that allow players to create characters modeled after themselves, including their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can also create fictional characters, as they do in other games. The game’s ultimate purpose is to make players feel as if they are living in a frightening zombie nightmare. Outbreak Undead is a terrific night of terror regardless of how it’s played.

6. Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games

Of course, you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise. It’s one of the most famous storylines of our time, whether you’ve seen the original trilogy, the prequels, the Mandalorian, or any of the other films. Many tabletop RPGs have been created based on the iconic Star Wars series throughout the years. Like Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars is the most recommended of all these variants.

It gives tabletop gaming the proper atmosphere of a beloved universe. In the Star Wars world, players can build their own character. Bounty hunters, engineers, commanders, clone warriors, and even jedi – even sith – are all possibilities. There are lightsabers, desolate planets, assassins, x-wings, and everything else a Star Wars fan might want in this game.

7. Mage the Awakening

Mage the Awakening is a role-playing game similar to Dungeons and Dragons that focuses on magic and life’s secrets. “Mages” are people in the game who can see through the world’s hopeless lies and influence the arcane powers that establish and keep it in motion. As their powers expand, they “awaken” to life’s mysteries and learn to alter the fundamental facts that govern the world.

When mages first awaken, they are assigned to one of six “paths,” which are similar to character classes. They then join one of the mages’ “orders,” giving the character a goal in the game. Players can pick from nine different orders, though they can also choose to abstain from all of them, which is known as becoming apostate.

8. Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard RPG, to end on a lighter note, is based on a critically renowned graphic novel series. There is a cult following for both the game and the graphic books. The twist Luke Crane and David Petersen have put on the idea of conventional fantasy adventuring has been well received. Players take on the role of mice in an intriguing game similar to Dungeons & Dragons, adventuring in a world full with frightening owls and deadly rattlesnakes.

Even a cat may be a terrible foe in this environment. Mice in this land are armed with swords, lances, shields, and heavy armour when the situation demands it. Like in the Middle Ages, they have their own political organisation. Mice have a lot of ambitions, dreams, and enemies. It’s similar to playing a traditional fantasy game, only the players are mice.


Now you know about the top 8 popular games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, that you can play with your family and friends at home to have some additional fun. I hope you found the article interesting. Please leave a remark below if you have any queries or recommendations.

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