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Best Pixelmon Servers in 2022


Are you looking for the top Pixelmon servers in 2022 to play games on? Minecraft mods are a fantastic way to keep having fun. There are many excellent game mods available online, and the number continues to increase. We have game mods based on everything from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter.

The game’s modders had a great idea in 2017, they wanted to create a mod for the Pokémon game. They were rejected by the firm, but that didn’t stop them from creating what they called the finest Server Minecraft, their own version of Pokémon in the Minecraft game. It’s incredible, to put it mildly.

Best Pixelmon Servers

Infinity MC

The Infinity MC serves as the top server. The server is operational constantly and has a capacity of 200 users at once. Its Reforged mod for the original Pixelmon Minecraft servers is available on this server. Where there is no lag is in the endless MC. The unique side packs, which are absent from the standard top Pixelmon Servers, are the best part of the Infinity MC. The side mods are a way to make the game more entertaining. You can catch more Pokémon by using add-ons like Boosters and Shiny spawn rates.

Pixelmon Razor Craft

This is a fantastic Pixelmon server to consider if you are well-versed in Minecraft’s Pixelmon community. Even though the server can only accommodate up to 75 players, it offers several additional advantages including free ranks, gifts, and events. No one has yet voiced a complaint about the server’s speed.

The Ultimate Realm

The entire planet The Pixelmon server is ranked tenth on the list. One of the most well-known and effective servers in the past was the global realm, however, that is no longer the case. The server has a poorer uptime than any of the other solutions we’ve examined thus far. With an uptime of 84.3 percent, server crashes and malfunctions are not unheard of. The server was actually still down as this video was being created. The Universal Realm is full of great things aside from that.

Extreme Pixelmon

On June 3, 2020, the Pixelmon server was launched. However, this does not imply that their offerings are brand-new. Professional Minecraft PE pixelmon servers gamers should consider the Ultra as one of their top options. The server with a “water” theme has a perfect uptime rating of 100%. The maximum number of players on this server is 100.

Poke Mayhem Pixelmon

Another one of the top Pixelmon servers is Poke Mayhem, which received a flawless score of 100 percent. The American Pixelmon servers are significantly larger than those seen on most other servers. They have a capacity of 1,000 players. Out of all the excellent servers, Poke Mayhem is a fantastic option.

Pixel Valley

Play Pixel Valley features one of the top Pixelmon servers if you’re searching for a place to practice your Minecraft Pixelmon talents. This server includes a fantastic system for player ranking, unique tasks, and a reward pool for competition. There have been no known agreements with the server itself. The fact that this server is always operational makes it highly recommended.


The superpixel server in the United States is first on our list. You may play on this top-rated Pixelmon server without being concerned about the server crashing or going down because it has a high player rating and a 100 percent uptime rate. It might not have as many players as some other games, but, to put it bluntly, the individuals who built it have a lot of expertise.

Pixel Asia

One of the first servers for Asian gamers to play Pixelmon was called Pixel Asia. Asian gamers didn’t have the best gaming experience due to the increased latency. But for now, we’re hopeful that Asia will produce some outstanding Minecraft gamers. The server itself is available at all times and has room for up to 100 gamers. You can purchase inexpensive ranks, sparkly starters, and the most recent reforging mods on the intricate Pixelmon servers.

Valhalla Pixel

Unfortunately, Valhalla Pixel is another server that falls short of the calibre of the others. The server was once among the greatest, but nobody uses it anymore. The first server in our ranking of the top servers to experience downtime is The Valhalla.

You should be prepared for these top servers to crash because they only operate for a little period of time. According to statistics, Valhalla hasn’t changed in 262958 minutes, or almost 184 days. We hope that this server can get back on its feet and provide the gamers with some of the most enjoyable aspects of Pixelmon Minecraft.

Poke MC

One of the best and most enjoyable servers is Poke MC. The survival server Poke MC is currently using this Reforged version 8.12. If you’ve ever played on a Minecraft server with this, you’re aware of how unique this pairing is. The unique maps, unique plugins, and various daily events make up the best elements of the Poke MC. 100 players can be accommodated at once in the Poke MC.

Limitless MC

On the Limitless Pixelmon server network, the game is played in a straightforward manner. The moderators of the server have constructed cities and gyms, but most of it is accessible to anyone who wants to play survival Minecraft with their preferred Pokémon. Users can create their own teams or nations, similar to Magma and Aqua in video games and anime, in the server worlds because there are factions and means to stake claims to land. The IP address of the server is

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