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NORSTRAT Mission, Services, Clients, Experience and History


NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. was made to help clients who have a responsibility or business goal to put parts of Canada’s Northern Strategy into action.

Lee Carson is the owner and boss of NORSTRAT Consulting. Mr. Carson has been a respected member of Canada’s aerospace and defense community for a long time. He has always been interested in the polar regions.

NORSTRAT Consulting thinks that the Northern Strategy is the most important, difficult, and exciting programme chance for Canada in the 21st century. They want to help you do what you need to do.

Mission Of NORSTRAT :

In 1885, the people in this picture finished a bold and difficult federal infrastructure project that connected East and West Canada.

Now is the time to connect the South to the North of our country.

This time, the answer won’t be a railroad, but a whole set of infrastructure projects that are important for the growth and safety of the North.

NORSTRAT Consulting’s goal is to get their clients into the next picture.

NORSTRAT Services :

NORSTRAT Consulting provides custom-tailored expert guidance and assistance.


Mr. Carson has secured contracts with the Canadian government worth over $200 million.
Use that experience to your advantage.

NORSTRAT Clients :

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. works for government and business clients who have to build a part of Canada’s Northern Strategy or want to do so.

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. is happy to help the following customers:



NORSTRAT Experience :

Expertise in a Certain Area

Development of the Northern System

Business Development Experience

Project Definition Knowledge

Major Capital Project Experience

Frequently asked questions

What does NORstrat accomplish exactly?

NORSTRAT’s mission is to assist those with a responsibility or business objective to construct necessary Northern infrastructure, thereby contributing to Canada’s Northern Strategy. We accomplish this by imparting our vast knowledge on the subject and devoting ourselves to the success of our clients.

What type of infrastructure are you discussing?

Focus of NORSTRAT is on significant infrastructure projects and activities financed by the Canadian federal government. Satellites, transportation infrastructure, defense systems, telecommunications, and efforts and investments in social infrastructure, such as housing, are among the examples.

What can NORstrat do for me?

In essence, by guiding the client through the Government’s Northern Strategy and where the opportunities lie, by assisting the client in identifying and gaining access to the key relevant stakeholders, by sharing domain knowledge on the unique issues and opportunities associated with developing infrastructure in Canada’s North, and by providing proven expertise in bidding, winning, and/or managing Northern infrastructure development projects.

However, assistance is defined by the recipient, so NORSTRAT will always offer a personalised support package for each client. We are eager to discuss your needs and how we might fulfil them.

Where do you reside?

NORSTRAT is established in Ottawa to be co-located with the other federal departments and organisations with duties and jurisdictions in the North. We are also in close proximity to the offices of Inuit Tapirit Kanatami (ITK), the Canadian organisation that protects the rights and interests of Inuit.

Additionally, Ottawa has rather frequent plane connections to the north. We service clients throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe from our base in Ottawa.

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