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Best LaTeX Resume Templates In 2022

LaTeX Resume Templates

LaTeX Resume Templates

LaTeX Resume Templates:

Hiring managers are sure to be impressed by a strong CV, which is likely why applicants spare no effort in creating them. Even though there are numerous ways to make excellent resume samples, people have embraced the use of resume-writing software like latex with tremendous excitement. Latex-created resumes are superior to Word-created ones.

This explains why this application is getting more and more popular. You must try latex if you want your CV to look highly professional. However, you can use Latex-Resume-Templates if you are not skilled at using them. These templates will make creating resumes simple and enjoyable due to their ease of download and use.

What is LaTeX?

Anyone can utilize the software system known as LaTeX (pronounced lay-tech) to generate original books, letters, academic papers, and resumes. Leslie Lamport, a professor at Stanford University, developed LaTeX in the 1980s to typeset complex mathematical equations into math textbooks. LaTeX can also be used to develop original resumes that are tailored to your particular needs.

Anyone with a computer can use LaTeX for free, but it is a rather tricky system that necessitates learning how to code to design your résumé. For your resume template to be formatted and styled to your preferences, you’ll need to be familiar with the LaTeX formulae and instructions. You can master it with some practice, despite the high learning curve; consequently, you’ll have a resume unlike any other.

Why and Whom Should Use a LaTeX Resume?

Candidates who want a CV that can accommodate as much information as possible and have many years of experience and education can utilize LaTeX. You can add additional resume parts that fit perfectly onto one page since LaTeX enables you to tailor every aspect of your template and text.

Candidates frequently use LaTeX in engineering, mathematics, physics, programming, and computer science to publish their academic work; thus, utilizing it to create their resumes will come naturally to them. If you are familiar with LaTeX or other programming languages or want to learn how to use this tool, we advise you to use it to create your resume. Better solutions are available if you search for a quick and straightforward resume tool, including Hloom’s Resume Builder.



List of LaTeX Resume Templates and CV Templates In 2022:

Check out these LaTeX resume templates offered by Overleaf if you’re looking for work and need to create a résumé. Then download your favorite.

1. Harsh Gadgil:

Here is another eye-catching LaTeX resume template created for a data engineer. For software engineers, data engineers, and other tech-based positions, there are a lot of LaTeX CV templates available. This is so because using a LaTeX editor effectively calls for a certain level of IT knowledge. Unfortunately, this excludes those with less advanced computer abilities from using them. Again, this unconventional CV structure can turn off many hiring managers.

2. Modern and Distinctive Resume Template:

This exquisite reinterpretation of the conventional résumé comes from independent designer Mohamd Hgag. The floral illustration provides a humorous element, and the two-column design prevents the page from appearing cluttered or overly busy. This resume template is available here for free download.

To add a headshot or logo to their resumes, creative job searchers can use this template’s particular typeface, social media handles, and image area.

3. Marissa Mayer LaTeX CV Template:

Business Insider published a CEO CV template for Marissa Mayer of Yahoo a few years ago. A great attempt to reproduce it is this LaTeX CV template. Find out how much space you have to explain your professional experience on a CV. Expert Hint: Using our CV generator, you can quickly switch between different resume templates.

Click once to see how your work will look with a different layout. This convenience is not available when using LaTeX CV templates.

4. Infographic Style Resume Template:

This distinctive resume template was made by digital art director and independent designer Fernando Báez to help you arrange your professional background and skill set into a clean visual structure.

The template created by Báez makes use of solid graphics to call attention to crucial data points like years of expertise. In contrast to other resume templates, this attractive template also includes a section for interests and hobbies. This template is perfect for programmers and designers.

5. Professional LaTex CV Template:

This one should catch your notice if you’re seeking a formal LaTeX CV template; the clue is in the name.

It contains an extensive CV experience section and uses subtle lines to divide the other resume sections.

Expert Advice: If you need more LaTeX resume templates, you can also browse on Reddit or GitHub; you could discover valuable something there.

Also, remember that most LaTeX resume templates are released under the highly flexible MIT license.

6. Computer Science LaTeX Resume Template:

Use the space provided by this two-column LaTeX resume template to elaborate on your accomplishments. Additionally, you may build separate sections for technical and soft talents; there is even additional room to include things like programming languages.

If it’s simpler, you can download a more conventional Microsoft Word computer science resume example and change the contents.

7. Resume Template with an Unexpected Format:

This CV is unquestionably for you if you genuinely want to stand out in a crowded application pool.

This template stands out from the pack with the help of colorful icons and geometric elements. For fresh graduates, it’s perfect. The images occupy real estate and make the scant text appear to span the entire page.

This robust template was produced by graphic designer and independent photographer Paolo Pettigiani for his personal business use, but he has made it freely downloadable here.

8. Center-Aligned Resume Template:

Try a center-aligned style, like this crisp, contemporary design by Zohan Habib, if you want to switch up your resume format without going overboard. The unique icons and colorful border provide a beautiful creative touch.

This design is an attractive option for recent graduates with little experience because its center-aligned layout draws your eyes down the page. Additionally, with a center-aligned design, text appears to fill the page with little white space.

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