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One of the best places to download new Malayalam TV shows in a row is at []. They have set up over a thousand serials and TV shows with names that sound like Hollywood web series for Malayalam. One thing you should know about is that it has been broken into. The page has a place where a group of sites, like Tamilrockers, Kuthira, Vadamalli, etc., can be found together. So, it would help if you were careful when analyzing or downloading anything from these sites. We also recommend that you avoid any financial transactions involving copyright infringement and illegal sites.

Malayalam TV serial channels takes TV shows from popular TV stations and puts them on its website. Underneath, tracks are made.

Summary of a few episodes that are being posted on and can be watched on the web now. Asianet Serials

www.kuthira. com – If you’re familiar with South India, you’ve probably heard of Asianet. Asianet is an Indian entertainment TV station that is broadcast in the Malayalam language. Asianet Star Communications run it. Any day, you can search for “ Asianet serials ddmalar” and get a good result.

It is best known for the serials and shows that air on it. They also have more customers from Kerala and the southwestern part of India. Based on BARC’s most recent TRP rating, the top five serials have a place on Asianet Network. We’ve written a summary of them below. Santhwanam

There is no more watched Malayalam serial than Santhwanam in Kerala. The family shows Santhwanam has many fans, and they just finished the 400th episode last week. It began in September 2020 and is currently being shown on Asianet and Disney+ Hotstar. This serial can be watched on,, zed keralam www.kuthira. com, serialdays, and padatha painkili, swantham sujatha, malayalam serial, asianet serials, mounaragam, indulekha, sequential and ddmalar in 360p, 480p, and 720p quality. In the table, you can find the santhwanam today episode, the most recent episode, the episode before that, and more.

Bigg Boss Malayalam

You can see every season and episode of Bigg Boss that has come before in Malayalam. Look up “ Bigg boss Malayalam” in a search engine. You will get the answer to the question in a few seconds. Just click it. Now, go to the bottom of and click the “watch online” or “download” button. So, you can see the value in seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Malayalam Serials on www.kuthira. com

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What is the site known for?

Ans: Malayalam TV shows like Santhwanam Shows are top-rated on the site www.kuthira. com. Here in vain, you can watch the latest Malayalam movies in excellent quality.

Is there a Malayalam movie that we can watch on Kuthira?

Ans: NO.

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Ans: Kuthira’s yop alternatives are and Kuthira. com.

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