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What is the IP Address for Roku?

Find Roku ip Address

A computer, like humans, has an identity card or, to put it another way, an identity document. A computer’s identity card is called its IP address, though not literary.

This is probably something you already knew. But did you know that your streaming devices have an IP address as well? You’re probably aware of this, and you’re probably wondering why this blog is attempting to teach fundamentals.

When it comes to connecting your streaming device to a network or even when you’re having connectivity issues, IP addresses are critical. Continue reading if you’re a Roku user who doesn’t know how to find your Roku device’s IP address…

It’s the simplest way to determine your Roku’s IP address from within the Roku device.
Are you pondering how? This is because your Roku’s IP address is visible in its menus. It would help if you simply put in a little more effort to figure out where it is:

There are two simple ways to find the Roku IP Address:

Using the Remote

When attempting to set something on your Roku, you may not always have easy access to the menus. In any scenario, you may use your Roku control to view your Roku’s IP address. The simplest and quickest approach to find Roku’s IP address is to use a remote control. To do so, simply obey the procedures below:

Following completion, a new window will appear with all of the information about your network, including the network name and status, connection type, signal strength, and much more, including the IP address.

Without a remote control

While you can’t connect Roku to a network without a remote, you can always get your Roku IP address in a variety of ways. Here are a few options to consider:

Through the use of a web browser

In the absence of remote control, a Roku remote substitute called Remoku provides a more straightforward way to acquire your Roku’s IP address. This is a Google Chrome plugin or a web app that allows you to find your Roku IP address virtually in the following ways:

Browser extensions for Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are also available from Roku.

Through your smartphone app

If you have a Roku device, the most simple method is to download the app on your smartphone. Whether you’re operating an iPhone or an Android device, the Roku mobile app has a user-friendly design that allows you to easily handle the entire process.

Here’s what you should do after you’ve installed the Roku app:

By Using Your Router

If you prefer a more direct route, the reliability of your router will be more important. Almost all routers allow you to see what devices are connected to them. Others, on the other hand, will not allow you see the device’s name. So, how about we get started and see what we can do?

Though it may seem like a convoluted approach to get your task done, you can simply link an IP address with your Roku utilising this method.

Is your Roku app still having trouble finding your streaming device?

We realise how stressful it is to lose your remote, especially when trying to connect to your streaming player. Check that your network access isn’t disabled to troubleshoot the problem.

Ensure that your Roku device and your phone are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network. If that’s the case, study to see if your Roku’s IP address is private, as it won’t connect with your phone otherwise.

If the IP address does not fit between particular ranges, it is possible that you are not using a router. Install one or request that your internet service provider manually modify your IP address.

Given VPN network access, you may find it difficult to change your IP address. While VPNs are useful for streaming, this is not always the case.

If you don’t utilise a VPN, however, your network may have Access point (AP) isolation enabled. This disables wireless network connectivity between devices. To connect, go to your router’s settings and disable AP isolation.

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