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Best Insurance Software in 2022

Insurance Software

The top insurance software for your company in 2022 has been compiled by us. Compare product ratings and characteristics, look for new replacement tools, and help your company outperform the competition. We have created a software rating that includes explanations, features, alternatives, and competition comparisons because every business has different characteristics. Find the program that is ideal for you.


In only five minutes or less, enrol your clients in ACA plans! Insurance agents have the ability to stay ahead in a sector that is always evolving thanks to Our ground-breaking ACA enrollment platform gives agents the resources they need to boost productivity on a user-friendly, fast, and effective platform. By offering an easy-to-use ACA enrollment solution, we return control of the health insurance enrollment process to the agents.


The agencies with 1 to 50 users are best suited for Jenesis, a cloud-based management solution. Insurance agents can use it to manage Personal Lines and Commercial Lines policies. By automatically marketing to potential customers, enhancing client communication through email integrations, boosting efficiency with pre-filled Acord forms, and providing customers with simple access to policy information via the Jenesis Client Portal, Jenesis assists in fostering strong relationships with policyholders.


Sentry offers open-source error tracking so you can keep track of and instantly address problems and crashes anywhere in your stack. Sentry compiles stack traces, provides significant context, and identifies the users, services, and servers that were impacted. Every developer can now, for the first time, instantly see how their production code affects actual users, and immediately triage and fix problems as part of their existing workflow.


A telemarketing software program called Bitrix24 is accessible both on-premises and in the cloud. Immediately after registering your Bitrix24 account, you may begin calling and selling. Bitrix24 is very adaptable and supports many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and many others. It doesn’t matter if your sales agents are seated in the same office, work from their homes, or are dispersed over different locations around the world.


Ideal for companies with between 10 and 100 users who need a simple-to-use, adaptable way to manage their sales, marketing, customer service tickets, and project management. used in a dozen different countries and 30 different industries. Fully integrated with Google and Microsoft Outlook. With Mobile Access.


Mandon Software was established in 1999 and is based in the UK. For managing your database of quotes, policies, and claims, our software MPACS provides an all-inclusive solution. includes auditing, rating, documentation, workflow, and journal. Options for on-premises or cloud-based systems. Our open API makes it easy to interact with third parties, improving work efficiency, reducing the chance of human mistakes, and providing a more seamless experience for the end user.

Commission Tracker 

Insurance agencies that sell both group and individual benefits can use Commission Tracker. CT focuses on controlling the commissions owing to your producers, as well as the commissions paid to your agency by the carrier. But it also accomplishes much more, such as providing you with thorough reports on every facet of your company. Many organizations start by using Excel spreadsheets to track these commissions, but they soon discover that they are unable to effectively compile reports.

QQ Catalyst

A brand-new, ground-breaking cloud-based solution for managing insurance agencies is called QQ Catalyst. Unlike anything insurance firms have ever seen, Catalyst’s revolutionary user interface delivers capabilities and design features. We make doing business with QQSolutions simple by charging no setup fees, requiring no monthly commitment, and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Come learn why more than 5,000 agencies and 23,000 agents depend on our technology every day to run their businesses.


The top insurance agency management system in the country, NextAgency, comes with CRM, marketing, and commission management features. We deliver automatic workflows, integrate with your email and calendars, give you meaningful insights with built-in reports, integrate with Ease, and do a lot more to save you time, money, and clients. NextAgency, which was created for life and health organizations, is simple to use and easy to customize for your organization. NextAgency covers senior sales, group sales, and individual sales.

Cloudia Assistant

CRM with drip marketing, quote generation, commission estimation, and lead monitoring. both mass messaging and an integrated dialer. View your data anyway you like (custom). within the CRMs Marketplace, buy leads. Bring in leads from any lead generation firm. To collaborate as a team, share folders with other people. leaders’ list. Customized call routing capabilities of call centers.


For small businesses and startups looking to attract, engage, and nurture online visitors into paying customers, EngageBay is an easy-to-use, reasonably priced, all-in-one CRM software. From a single, simple platform, you can gather leads using lead generation forms and pop-up advertising, keep website visitors interested with attractive landing pages, nurture them with interesting emails, and automate your marketing funnel with marketing automation.


Healthcare professionals and patients may submit claims online and quickly grasp out-of-network benefits thanks to Anagram, formerly known as Patch, an online insurance assistant. No more phone conversations with insurance providers or paper claims submissions. Healthcare providers can use Anagram to inform patients of the precise reimbursement amount to anticipate and to automatically file an improved claim on their behalf.

Virtual Claims Adjuster

A web-based claims management system called Virtual Claims Adjuster was created using the most recent software development techniques and interface methodologies to guarantee a seamless integration into your company. We operate in the background while you go about your daily business, looking for ways to increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Our business professionals use cutting-edge strategies to expand your toolkit in a way that exceeds your business requirements while analyzing trends, upholding important industry partnerships, and analyzing trends.

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