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How to Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck 2023

Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck

Even owners of Steam Decks might prefer to utilize Google Chrome, one of the most widely used desktop and mobile browsers, to access the internet on their portable gaming devices. Unfortunately, there isn’t a default browser included with Steam Deck. Also, there aren’t any detailed instructions for installing a browser on your Steam Deck. We are here to help, so you no longer need to worry. In this post, we’ll show you how to use two quick techniques to install the Google Chrome browser on your Steam Deck.

Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck

For those who are unfamiliar with the Steam Deck, installing Google Chrome on the Steam OS is actually quite simple.

On the portable console’s left side, first tap the “Steam” button. Owners should choose “Library” to access all of their Steam-owned titles after that is complete.

Using L1/R1, navigate the menu until you find the “Non-Steam” programs. This contains all of the console’s downloaded apps that aren’t video games from the Steam store. It only makes logical that software can be sideloaded because the Steam Deck is essentially simply a portable PC.

Users of the Steam OS will have a direct option to install Google Chrome, nevertheless. If you choose “See More,” the OS will explain how non-Steam apps operate. The computer will prompt you to install Google Chrome at this point. If you choose “yes,” the gadget will install the browser on the Steam Deck.

Return to “Non-Steam” after the installation is complete. After that, locate Google Chrome and click “Play” to launch the browser.

Install Via Steam Deck Desktop Mode

How to Uninstall Google Chrome From Steam Deck

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