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15 igHome Alternatives in 2021

15 igHome Alternatives in 2021

igHome is a web-based personal dashboard that allows you to create your own web browser. It’s worked well as a replacement for iGoogle. The nicest part about igHome is that you can easily import all of your iGoogle data into it. Its gadget list and customizable system allow you to customise your dashboard to your liking. To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve compiled a list of the best igHome alternatives.

Here is a list of 15 igHome alternatives in 2021:

1. AllMyFaves

If you appreciate visual bookmarking and prefer accessing your favourite websites straight from a centralised platform, AllMyFaves is the finest igHome option in 2021.
You may carefully bookmark and arrange the addresses of your favourite websites with this igHome alternative, and find them from anywhere. It provides users with a limitless number of widgets and a directory, making it one of the best igHome competitors accessible.

2. YourPort

YourPort is yet another igHome alternative that is reshaping the Internet landscape in new ways. You can utilise the internet however you like by simply using its customised homepage system. As a result, it’s one of the top igHome options on the market. You may manage and arrange all of your preferred web-based material at one single platform using its online portal. Adding sites, bookmarking, and sharing tabs are the three key features of this igHome and iGoogle alternative.

3. Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ is another another dashboard system with a homepage that enables a variety of online activities. It is one of the most effective igHome alternatives on the market. It is intended to take the place of the traditional way in which people access webpages. You may access the dashboard of this igHome replacement via the website or the Chrome extension. Awesome HQ is a one-stop shop for custom shortcuts, widgets, apps, and other related items. This igHome alternative gives you the most customization possibilities so you can make your dashboard exactly how you want it.

4. uStart 

uStart is a platform that allows you to customise your homepage browsing experience. This igHome alternative gives you a fully customised new level start page. You can use any browser to access this home page. You will never need to use the RSS feed system, bookmarking, or other similar systems again if you use our igHome and iGoogle alternative. It’s more like having your own personal internet, where you may customise your browsing and viewing preferences. As a result, it’s one of the greatest igHome alternatives.

5. My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a good igHome alternative that offers all of Yahoo’s features. You can modify your page with the igHome replacement’s many capabilities. My Yahoo features some widgets, themes, sites, and layouts that make it more enjoyable to use than igHome. These elements make your page more appealing and attractive. You may use My Yahoo to access a variety of tools and applications on your page. This igHome alternative is the quickest RSS reader and is incredibly stable.

6. Netvibes

One of the top igHome alternatives available online is Netvibes. With accessible widgets and other settings, it allows you complete power and authority over your homepage. Netvibes features a dashboard that tracks how well your social media, advertising, and digital media strategies are performing. You can access your favourite topics, events, markets, events, and much more with a single click on the dashboard of our igHome substitute. This igHome alternative’s customised dashboard is available for personal use, as well as for agencies and businesses.

7. Start page by StartMe

One of the most popular personal Start page providers is this alternative to igHome.
You can construct a personal page similar to those found on the web using the Start page. What sets this igHome alternative apart is its user-friendly layout, which has a navigation system that makes navigating Start a breeze. The Start page is completely free and does not contain any adverts. It’s a cross of igHome and iGoogle that caters to a wide range of users.

8. Combobox

Combobox is a brand new igHome alternative with a unique homepage structure that sets it apart from the rest of the igHome alternatives. However, it provides the same services. JavaScripts must be enabled in order to use Combobox. The nicest feature of this platform is its main interface, which is organised and has sections for each activity. It also allows you to create your own material. It’s no surprise that it’s regarded as one of the top igHome alternatives.

9. is a web-based platform that allows you to keep all of your favourite websites in one place. On some levels, this igHome alternative is similar to bookmarking and RSS feeds, but it is substantially distinct from both. You may utilise the homepage of our igHome alternative to save your online links in a location where you can easily access them whenever you want. has a lot of advantages as an igHome substitute.

10. Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a decent igHome alternative. It combines RSS feeds, an online homepage, and bookmarking. Symbaloo is completely free to use, and you can link to as many different websites as you wish. It contains a dedicated widget section where you may visit your favourite internet destinations quickly. The free edition of this igHome alternative, on the other hand, has a limited set of capabilities and features. You can purchase the pro edition of this igHome and iGoogle replacement for educational and corporate use.

11. Protopage

Protopage was previously known as an RSS feed-based igHome rival, but it is now a free customizable home page system. The RSS reading and feed system is still in use.
This alternative to igHome allows you to keep links to your favourite websites, make sticky notes, save bookmarks, and much more. One standout feature is the ability to share your settings and data with others. What sets it apart from the competition is that Protopage allows you to keep your homepage private or make it public.

12. iGoogle Portal

iGoogle Portal is an excellent alternative to igHome. It is a completely different platform for personalising the homepage that simply goes by the name of iGoogle.
It entered the market as an iGoogle alternative when iGoogle shuttered. It offers a very customizable dashboard where you can add things like a news bar, photographs, a weather widget, and more. Whatever you search for on the internet on a regular basis becomes a part of this igHome alternative.

13. Wibki

Wibki is a unique form of igHome substitute. It assists you in unlocking your online presence by allowing you to highlight the websites that you find useful. Wibki is a new and exciting way to explore the internet quickly and stylishly. Their graphic tools give browsing a new lease on life. You can have everything in one click with this igHome alternative, whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. As a result, it’s a one-of-a-kind igHome and iGoogle alternative.

14. Kadaza

Kadaza is a great platform and igHome alternative if you’re a webmaster or a normal internet surfer. It has earned the title of India’s ultimate homepage by showing you only the most popular and absolute greatest websites. It is one of the greatest igHome alternatives because it covers a wide range of themes such as job, news, and social networking. Kadaza has carefully selected websites that are organised in the most user-friendly, informative, and straightforward way possible. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular igHome alternatives.

15. FVD Speed Dial

This igHome replacement is the greatest way to save and organise all of your favourite websites’ links. FVD Speed Dial is a free application that includes dial customization, a stylish style, and a convenient backup. With this igHome substitute, you may access your favourite sites from any computer, anywhere. It’s simple to operate, and its stylish appearance will amaze even the most discerning user.

The nicest thing about this igHome alternative is that it comes with full security and the ability to filter unwanted websites. You can try any of these 15 igHome alternatives. These alternatives, like igHome, have established themselves over time.
Each one has something new to contribute, something unique. Test out these igHome alternatives to see how they perform.

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