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Best HR Case Management Software (Updated List 2022)

HR Case Management Software

This program assists HR staff members and businesses in submitting, managing, and effectively resolving requests and problems pertaining to employee relations. Software for managing employee relations cases is another name for this system. This application automates and standardizes HR procedures that were previously handled manually, such as issues involving employee complaints, disciplinary compliance, extended sick leave, and more.

HR Case Management Software

HR Acuity

You may get all the top HR management products available from HR Acuity. It includes a method for handling unforeseen issues and can assist you in ranking issues in order of severity so you can approach them all uniformly. Additionally, it excels at handling crucial elements like parties, issues, temporary solutions, and investigative team members. It has a reputation for looking extensively into the most recent employee relations studies to help you decide where and how rapidly your organization might expand. You can evaluate how successfully your business handles employee relations using HR Acuity and find fresh approaches to enhance these connections.

Dovetail Software

The most practical automated HR case management system is Dovetail Software. It has an HR Home Console or Dashboard that displays how much work the HR team has to accomplish. An HR team member can check to determine if an existing case already exists on the page for creating a Dovetail Case. They benefit from this since the HR team member can see all of the employee’s HCM key data right away. Therefore, Dovetail can assist you in improving HR’s responsiveness and the relationship with employees.


A comprehensive case management tool for human resources, LaborSoft. You can keep track of employees, incidents, and cases wherever they are thanks to our one-login solution. To make managing personnel and labour relations easier to access and more effective, LaborSoft provides you with all of the tools you require in one location. They have a strict policy and procedure in place to protect data, and data is backed up in numerous, secure databases spread across various locations. Additionally, it integrates with your existing HR databases and gathers all of your staff in one location.

Sunrise HRCM

The ideal method for managing shared services and HR service delivery is Sunrise HRCM. With the use of this software, HR staff will be able to manage and automate essential HR procedures in addition to providing different employee interactions on a single platform. Additionally, they will be able to recognize trends over time and make sure that advise and problem-solving are accurate and consistent. Additionally, this program has great expertise in controlling and automating workflow, jobs, and procedures. One of the best HR case management systems is it.


The case management tools in Ciphr HR work wonders. Your HR team can record, manage, and monitor cases using Ciphr HR securely and efficiently, enabling you to provide a timely level of service while reducing the risk of non-compliance. It can give you accurate reports on case data and assist you in maintaining a safe, accurate record of each case’s history. Ciphr, an HR case management system, is renowned for its ability to monitor patterns and boost productivity.

Neocase HR

Neocase, a case management tool for human resources, allows agents to effectively handle and address all incoming questions, cutting expenses and raising morale. If you want to spend less time on administrative activities so that you can concentrate on adding more value for your coworkers and superiors, this software is for you. Process automation technology may make it possible for HR administrative duties to be finished more rapidly, giving your employees a better tailored experience.

Zoho People

The most practical and fashionable HR case management solution is Zoho People, which is also the most affordable. Suppose you want to avoid the confusion of back-and-forth emails, phone conversations, or missed queries. In that case, it can help you filter and organize questions, keep track of their progress, and rapidly respond to them from a central spot with a knowledge base that is simple to discover. No matter where they are, employees can easily contact HR using Zoho People. Checking on employees’ progress is lot easier and more controllable thanks to this.

Infor HCM

An innovative program that ranks among the top HR case management tools. Any size firm can benefit from Infor HR Service’s ability to accomplish more with less. This cutting-edge, multi-tiered service platform allows employees to manage over 70% of their daily transactions and inquiries individually in the age of digital human resources. It helps the company and HR save time and money. HR will have more time to work on key projects if staff are given greater independence and the HR self-service system is updateD.

Workpro HR

A straightforward tool for bottom-up problem management is Workpro HR. It can assist you in handling any situation, from grievances to disciplinary problems. Accurate recording, cautious treatment, and fair, constant management are also to your advantage. Workpro can obtain the data you require from your regular systems, such as employee names and details, as it is HR case management software. However, it raises the bar for case management, HR, and people management. You can use it to create reports, automate procedures, and quickly view timelines. These factors all offer you the power and consistency you need always to treat employees fairly.


One of the top HR case management programs is ServiceNow. It offers a central location to organize inquiries, track their progression, and provide responses from a readily available knowledge base. You can prevent the confusion that results from repeated messages like phone calls, emails, and unanswered questions. Workers may effortlessly communicate with HR from any place using ServiceNow. It streamlines communication and makes employee performance easier to measure.

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