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How Do You Speak in a Restaurant?

Speak in a Restaurant

Going to restaurants to treat yourself for social gatherings is normal in our daily life. When visiting a restaurant you need to maintain some etiquette and speaking is one of the most important things to learn in them. You just can not speak the normal way you speak to your friends inside the restaurant’s staff.

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There you have to communicate with a tone that will express both respect and manners at the same time. Most of us know the fact but do not know the full methods to follow. So in this article, we will discuss how to speak in a restaurant, especially in an English restaurant.

1. Speaking to the Host

Hosts are in charge of greeting the customer when they enter the place and set their tables. So when you enter a restaurant, respond to the host and ask for a seat.

If you have any reservations, tell them and tell your name so they can recognize you and take you to your desired table. The tables might be full so if the host asks you to wait for some time then wait with a smile on your face.

2. Ask Questions to the Server

The main reason you go to a restaurant is to eat so no compromise about food. Ask the server which dish is popular there and how it’s made or order your favorite dish.

If you have never had the food you want to order and are curious about it just ask the host to describe it “How is the chocolate lava cake”. Asking questions will lead you to better food recommendations.

3. The Order

In the previous section, we talked about asking questions about the food, not ordering the food. After you have made up your mind about which food you want you can use some specific sentences which are appropriate for ordering food.

Like “can I have the Chicken?” or “ I would like to have chicken”. These sentences are very formal and hold the weight of your words. Also, tell them if you want any customizations like “No sugar please” or “can you add some butter with that?”

4. Judging the Food

Making comments on food is really important for restaurant owners, it helps them to improve the food quality and customer service. The server or manager or even the chef can sometimes ask you how the food was and if you have enjoyed it. Always review with honesty, because that’s what a good customer does and it will improve their services. If you liked that food say so and if you did not like it tell them the possible reasons why you did not like it.

5. Your dinner partner 

If you are in a restaurant with your dinner partner it is very important to ask for their opinion like what they would take and other stuff about food. Never order on your own decision, always ask your partner what they would like to have.

Also, ask them while eating how the food is, it will create a positive impression on you that you care about their opinion and what they like.

However, never do these conversations in front of staff members.

6. Facing Problems

A restaurant is a crowded place and staff are always working so it is very natural to make mistakes, so if they make any mistakes do not get angry just softly ask them if it was supposed to be this way.

There can be many problems like wrong food or cold food or not providing essentials. In these cases tell the server in a decent tone that there is a problem with the food.

7. Paying Bill

There are various kinds of restaurants like “Pay First” where you have to pay before ordering, if that is the case do as they say and order. If it’s a normal restaurant then the server should approach you a little before you finish eating.

Sometimes they are very busy so it would be a good decision to ask for the bill, and put the cash inside the pay book. You can always save some cash for tipping the server, it would make him happy.


Going to a fancy restaurant is a hard job for many people for not have enough knowledge. But now you can easily visit fancy restaurants with your loved ones as you have the pieces of information. In this article, we discussed many facts about restaurants and how you can go with the flow.

This information is taken from practical uses so without any delay go to your desired restaurant and eat the food you love. Fancy restaurants are most of the time conducted in English so if you want to be fluent in English visit AmazingTalker for thousands of online tutors to learn from.

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