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10 Gramhir Alternatives for Instagram Analyzer and Viewer



Gramhir is an Instagram account monitor and analyzer. Its algorithm gives you the option of examining your or other person’s Instagram account statistics. It also allows you to check the account rate which indicates how much your Instagram account is hugely successful. Furthermore, you can secretly research and monitor your or other person’s Instagram posts. With statistics, you are able to analyze Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations and much more.

You have the opportunity to anonymously download Instagram photos, videos and stories fully for free and in an unlimited number. Enjoy using Gramho and share stuff with your friends on social media sites.

Reaching your key consumers, although, might be challenging. How? because you have no way to manually or simply find their Instagram account?

If the perfect app could save you time and provide you with a one-stop shop for locating Instagram accounts? Many business owners and marketers will find it simpler to achieve their growth perspectives. is a third-party programme that facilitates data extraction from Instagram public profiles and data integration.

Main Features of the Gramhir Tool?

Top 10 Gramhir Alternatives – Apps Like Gramhir

Searching for an alternative to Gramhir? There are so many variations. As a result, I’ve compiled a ranking of the top websites that are similar to Gramhir and offer excellent additional features.

1. izoomYou:

If you’re looking for something, you’ve found a tool to help you enlarge your Instagram profile pictures. izoom It’s simple for you to examine and enlarge user profiles on Instagram. Although it’s the app’s primary purpose, it hasn’t been completed yet. Without taking action, you can browse and download Instagram stories, posts, and profile images to your mobile devices. You can look for and stalk the persons you want without.

2. Instalkr:

This software allows you to see the stories of your chosen people anonymously as you are talking about reading or downloading stories. You can only observe everything without alerting others that you have just tracked someone. Its primary purpose is quickly finding out who is stalking you and who has visited your accounts. You may stalk IG users covertly without leaving a trace by watching their stories. It aids in identifying the stalker.

3. Story Saver for Instagram:

A less well-known but essential tool for Instagram video and photo story downloads. You can instantly download Instagram’s intended stories to your phones with just one click. It allows you to save Instagram stories from public accounts directly to your phone without disclosing your identity. You can download stories to your devices and republish stores for Instagram. It enables you to explore your feed of stories and even find specific stories.

4. 4K Stogram:

4K Stogram is available if you want to download Instagram users’ stories, images, and videos. On Instagram, 4K Stogram makes it incredibly simple to download stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations without having to pay a dime. You can quickly get the media you want from various Instagram profiles with our website. Because of this, to receive stuff, you must paste the user’s name, location, and hashtag from Instagram into the app and click the download option.

5. Pixwox:

Pixwox makes it simple to download and watch Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and Instagram posts in the manner of your choice. Pixwox not only lets you explore your preferred username through it, but it also gives you the option to download or view them however you like. Users can easily download either public or private accounts, or they can view them offline. Girl, life, sports, happiness, beauty, love, fashion, the arts, food, travel, and other hashtags you can use are a few of the supported and well-liked ones.

6. FastSave:

FastSave helps its international users view and download intended IG users’ videos and photographs without paying anything. Fastsave – Repost photo videos is a popular platform for looking up people’s Instagram IDs. By downloading them via this software, you can watch videos and photographs immediately when offline. You can even republish the whole image or movie with a few simple clicks. It offers simple surfing, high levels of security, and quick download speeds.

7. Instasaved:

One of the best Instagram downloader websites is Instasaved, enabling you to download the items you want from Instagram quickly. You may instantly download people’s stories in addition to images, videos, albums, and IGTV. No login or other personal information is required. You can easily visit the website and begin downloading your wanted content from your desired Instagram account. You can download material from the popular photo-sharing website Instasaved in the world.

8. Picuki:

Despite being free, Picuki is mainly utilized for Instagram. Picuki attempts to simplify the process when it comes to creating photos. You may search for and update Instagram profiles, followers, tags, posts, locations, and stories. You can easily monitor what your friends are doing on their various social media profiles and who they are following. With the help of Picuki, you may look into any Instagram hashtag, such as #sad. You can also view and read comments.


Another stylish programme you may use to download Instagram stories of people you choose is Without leaving any traces, it aids your development into a professional stalker. Almost all of Instagram’s public accounts include stories that can be viewed and downloaded, allowing you to experience things naturally. You must enter your login name and select the download button to view the status of your downloads. After that, you must decide between the highlights and the most recent story.

10. Storiesgrams:

Another great software that enables browsing and downloading content from Instagram is straightforward and anonymous. Without exposing your identity, you can watch and download tales, IGTV, posts, reels, and other media using the unique technology known as Storiesgrams. It has a stylish download button that you can use underneath each article to download items quickly. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can download the stuff you want from it.


Gramhir is a quick, precise, and secure tool for analysing and browsing Instagram profiles. You should look into it because it is entirely free. It will undoubtedly be worthwhile. Best sites like gramhir also help you for Instagram Analyzer and Viewer.

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