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15 FreeNAS Alternatives 2021 | Best Storage Operating System

15 FreeNAS Alternatives 2021 | Best Storage Operating System

We’ll go through 15 of the top FreeNAS alternatives in this article to help you pick the ideal one for your needs. These tools for the storage operating system are completely safe to use. Now is the time to start saving and sharing your stuff.

What is FreeNAS?

FreeNAS is an open-source Network-Attached Storage operating system based on FreeBSD and the OpenZFS file system. As a general rule, there are a plethora of FreeNAS options on the market nowadays. The operating system can be installed as a virtual system on any hardware to exchange data using any record-based sharing standards, such as AFP for macOS X clients, CIFS for Windows clients, and NFS for Unix-like frameworks. It’s also useful for file replication, plugins, and snapshots.

Large businesses that have a centralized database to share and access information prefer the solution. It enables easy, efficient, and feasible data sharing across different platforms, including Apple, Linux, and Windows. Users may share, secure, and backup all of their data using ZFS. System files and storage are stored on separate hard disks.
However, FreeNAS has flaws as well. As a result, you may require a FreeNAS option that meets your requirements.

Check Out the 15 Best FreeNAS Alternatives (Best Storage Operating System) in 2021:

1. TrueNAS

TrueNAS is a commercial competitor to FreeNAS that shares attributes such as CIFS, NFS, SMB, and iSCSI for block storage and is based on the FreeNAS system. The flash storage solution is a popular file and block system with a user-friendly administration interface. It also lowers the cost of flash performance and hybrid storage, nearly entirely at the price of disc storage.

TrueNAS is the number one open-source OS and the greatest storage operating system in the business because to its innovative modular design. When combined with OpenZFS, TrueNAS provides a reliable data management service for terabytes and petabytes of data. Download it now and give it a shot!

2. OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault is a free next-generation NAS system based on Debian Linux that is widely regarded as one of the best alternatives to FreeNAS. NFS (v3/v4), DAAP, SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS media servers, RSync, BitTorrent clients, and more administrations are included. OpenMediaVault is easy to set up, stable, and comprehensive, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

OpenMediaVault is the ideal file server for small businesses and large enterprises, with an easy-to-use installation feature and multi-language compatibility. Additional services can be added via plugins and updated via Debian package management thanks to its web-based administration and modular design. Here are some screenshots of the dashboard that will assist you in making your decision.

3. XigmaNAS

XigmaNAS, originally known as NAS4Free, is a free, open-source FreeNAS alternative based on FreeBSD that shares numerous similarities with the FreeNAS 7 series. XigmaNAS, like the former, allows data to be shared and accessed over a large network system that supports Unix-like, Windows, and Apple operating systems.

One of its standout characteristics is compatibility with ZFS v28. CIFS/SMB, Active Directory Domain Controller, FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, iSCSI, HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPnP, and BitTorrent are among the protocols included. XigmaNAS is the greatest enterprise file server software to download and use in 2021, with features like Software RAID (0,1,5), disc encryption, S.M.A.R.T / email reports, and more.


UnRAID is a simple, scalable, adaptable, and modular FreeNAS alternative that defies the constraints of a single framework. The software features a unique partition system for resources, data storage, backup, and protection, as well as complete control over data and applications. There’s also backup automation, media transcoding, and a slew of additional functions.

The UnRAID NAS system, UnRAID application server, and UnRAID Virtualization host are the three main components. UnRAID can manage a total of 38TB of RAM. Three hard discs can be used in the unregistered version. Users must purchase a registration key in order to access additional features. UnRAID is one of the top enterprise file server software in 2021, with features including disc optimization, dashboard displays, network control, and array operation.

5. Rockstor

In 2021, Rockstor is the greatest option to FreeNAS as a free NAS management system. It’s a CentOS-based open-source programme that may be installed on any community hardware with no special system requirements. The user-friendly, web-based UI of the private cloud-based server solution provides a secure refuge for information, online sharing, and snapshot management.

NIS, AD, and LDAP are also among Rockstor’s directory services. It offers the best features at a cheap price, including online disc and pool administration, Bitrot protection, GUI Installer, API availability, and developer programmes, making it the best file server software.

6. Acronis File Connect

Acronis File Connect, which links Macs to Windows file servers and NAS via Apple Finding Protocol, is a popular alternative to FreeNAS for 2021. (AFP). It allows for quick file sharing, content search, previewing and editing, file opening, browsing, and offline synchronisation. The new modified Mac Client application uses AFP instead of SMB to deal with file naming issues, content Spotlight searches, and other concerns.

Acronis File Connect also enables you access your files from your iOS and Android devices. SMB Protocol bug identification and rectification, as well as management of compatibility and performance concerns caused by file corruption, are all included in this NAS Software for Windows.

7. Barracuda Drive

Barracuda Drive is a FreeNAS alternative that delivers the best of both personal and private cloud storage solutions if you’re seeking for a personal cloud server. Anyone can create and run their own custom-designed, safe and secure personal cloud server that runs on any common operating system. Install any programme or software on the internet Virtual Private Server (VPS) and access it from anywhere at any time.

The distinctive features of transforming any computing device into a safe, powerful, and online cloud storage system make Barracuda Drive the best storage operating system in 2021.

8. SnapRAID

SnapRAID, a top-rated FreeNAS alternative recognised for its backup and recovery management, is a great reinforcement tool that stores partial data and can restore data up to six failures. Other capabilities include data recovery from unintentionally lost disc files, data integrity, silent corruption avoidance, and the ability to multi-disk any size at any time.

SnapRAID is an amazing file server system for small enterprises that allows users to manage data effectively without compromising internal structures. We strongly advise SMB owners to use SnapRAID.

9. Amahi Home Server

Amahi Home Server is one of the most popular FreeNAS alternatives. It is a simple-to-use, open-source, Linux-based utility that enables you store all of your data in a central computer from which it can be accessed fast and securely over its VPN. Media sharing, disc pooling, backup, file sharing, one-click programmes, disc monitoring, dynamic DNS, iCal integration, and other capabilities are available.

Amahi Home Server, on the other hand, is the best file server software for small enterprises and homes. It is compatible with PCs, Macs, PS, BBoxes, and more platforms. It is available for download right now.

10. FuguHub

FuguHub is a one-of-a-kind FreeNAS alternative that aids in the creation of a personal, secure, multi-user file storage system. You have the option of building it on your device, in the cloud, or on a VPS server. Thus, using its uniquely addressed properties, you may run your blog and other forums, as well as a record-keeping framework, without having to pay anybody else.

It comes with a dynamic DNS and a set of instructions. FuguHub is also a dependable platform and the best file server software, allowing users to retrieve stored documents and configure routers automatically. It runs well on all major operating systems and virtual private servers.

11. PetaSAN

PetaSAN is an open-source FreeNAS alternative based on Ceph that is well-known for its end-to-end integrated solution and scale-out SAN arrangement that delivers amazing adaptability and execution. Its latest cloud storage technology allows businesses to manage massive amounts of data in a single location; the software runs on the Linux operating system and includes a high number of nodes that are connected in a logical manner. Because of its self-healing and self-adapting capabilities, the product is one of the finest enterprise file server software in 2021.

12. Openfiler

Openfiler is an open-source storage management system developed by Xinit Systems that serves as the finest FreeNAS replacement in 2021. It has received praise for its outstanding connected storage and blocked-based storage area network. Accounts management, block-based virtualization, industry-standard protocol, resource allocation system, and other features are available through Openfiler.

You can also customise and deploy the software to meet your specific requirements.
It is the greatest storage operating system because of its easy features, such as a new web-based management system and cost-free storage capacity extension. Openfiler requires a minimum of 10GB of hard disc space, 256MB of RAM, and a 500 MHz processor.

13. ZFSguru

ZFSguru is the ideal choice if you need to manage a large amount of data. It is a storage management system and a true alternative to FreeNAS. Its user-friendly interface allows users to move freely and provides simple setup and installation.

Furthermore, in terms of the web-based storage system, add-on packages, and other advanced storing experiences, ZFSguru outperforms any regular NAS. The greatest storage operating system in the industry is ZFSguru, a versatile server.

14. FlexRAID (Support Inactive)

FlexRAID, a network storage management system, is one of the best FreeNAS alternatives because of its efficiency in a single unified data storage management, compilation, data protection, and recovery feature known as RAID. Other intriguing capabilities include scanning your drive and alerting you via SMS or e-mail if malware is detected. It is one of the top file servers for both small and large enterprises.

15. Ceph

Ceph is an excellent FreeNAS alternative that provides data security to IT organisations. Ceph is a unified storage management system based on Linux and FreeBSD. The open-source programme uses a single distributed cluster to store data, rebalancing it into groups to provide high-performance functionality and dependability.

It has a three-in-one interface for object, block, and file-level storage. The Ceph platform, which is built on the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store, provides app developers with all of their object storage needs in one place, making it the best enterprise file server software. Its object storage also works with Amazon’s S3 RESTful API.

Final Words

FreeNAS is a fantastic open-source solution. However, each of the 15 alternatives to FreeNAS described above has its own set of benefits for file storage and sharing.
Some are appropriate for tiny offices, while others are appropriate for major corporations.

If you plan to develop your business in the future, you should consider OpenMediaVault, a FreeNAS option with sophisticated capabilities for all types of businesses. You may choose the best NAS software for your Windows PC based on your preferred framework, modular design, interactive UI, and data capacity.

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