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How To Fix Apple Watch Screen ?

Apple Watch Screen

Apple Watch Screen

Apple Watches are generally relatively dependable gadgets, but they are not impervious to failure. One problem we’ve encountered a few times is when the watch face stops responding to touch. This cannot be very pleasant because it precludes the first and most obvious solution, switching the device repeatedly.

At other times, we discover that the screen is responsive to some movements but not others, such as swiping up to access Control Center. But the commonality across these scenarios is that the hardware controls (the dial and side button) seem to function perfectly, indicating that the issue is isolated to the screen.

This post will lead you through four straightforward fixes to this issue and show you how to get your broken Apple Watch screen working again. See How to fix an Apple Watch that’s not working for more general advice on fixing watch issues.

Does Apple Watch Screen Break Easily?

While Apple claims the Watch is scratch and impact-resistant, it probably won’t survive a 4-foot fall into a hard surface. Although the glass used for the screen is sturdy, it will break if you drop your Watch on its face.

More expensive Apple Watch models often have superior shock resistance than less expensive models with an aluminum case and Ion-X glass. The sapphire crystal glass used in the stainless steel and ceramic Apple Watch Edition models is a particular material that is exceptionally difficult to scratch or break. But this does not guarantee that they won’t break.

How Much Does an Apple Watch Screen Replacement Cost?

Depending on the model, replacing an out-of-warranty Apple Watch screen without AppleCare+ will cost you, on average, between $159 and $499. Prepare to spend $800 if you possess an Apple Watch Ceramic model. You did read that correctly. A new iPhone 12 screen is frequently more expensive than replacing the screen on your Apple Watch.

What will the price be?

Repairing an Apple Watch can be expensive, particularly if the warranty has expired. On its website, Apple provides rates for out-of-warranty Apple Watch repairs.

If AppleCare+ covers your Apple Watch, the cost of repairs might be as little as a $69–79 service fee plus applicable taxes. To schedule your repair, contact Apple Support. Apple offers customer service by email, phone, mail, and in-person at your neighborhood Genius Bar. Make an appointment in advance at the Apple Store if you decide to use it for repairs.

Apple will likely replace your Watch for free if you have an aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 or 3. According to Apple, these models’ edges are more prone to cracking than other Apple Watches under any situation. Verify again to see whether you are eligible for this free replacement!

How to Book an Appointment for an Apple Watch Screen Repair:

You can schedule a repair appointment at the nearby Apple Store for your Apple Watch screen. You won’t have to wait in line at the store in this manner.

How to Fix the Display on Your Apple Watch:

You could wish to replace the broken Apple Watch’s screen on your own if you don’t mind getting messy and taking matters into your own hands. It is time-consuming and not for the faint of heart. If you have all the necessary tools, using this method to get your smartwatch running again is the least expensive choice.

You can repair an iPhone using Apple’s self-service repair software. This program does not include Apple Watch spare parts or instructions; it currently only supports a limited number of iPhone models. The biggest obstacle to replacing the broken screen on your Apple Watch is getting a replacement display.

The iFixit website sells replacement screens and wiring, although most are for older models. You also need access to all the tools, including a pricey heat gun. By following the repair guidelines provided in the manuals for all Apple Watch models at the iFixit repair guide center, you may replace the cracked display on your Apple Watch.

Why Is Apple Watch Screen Replacement So Expensive?

Apple’s repair costs are high, frequently equal to the price of your gadget. The cost of replacing an Apple Watch screen is increased since the business doesn’t just swap out the screen. The entire Watch is changed. Apple will send you a brand-new watch in exchange for the Watch you sent with the broken screen.

After that, the business disassembles your old Watch and uses the parts as spares for newly refurbished watches. Typically, workers from your native nation perform this. That is one factor contributing to the Apple Watch screen replacement costing more than an iPhone screen replacement.

After a screen replacement, is the Apple Watch still waterproof?

You can be confident your Apple Watch will be water-resistant if you have the screen repaired there directly. Apple replaces your device with a new one instead of fixing cracked watch displays. You can be confident that the water-resistant seal will be intact because this is a brand-new watch.

However, there is no guarantee that the Apple Watch will continue to be water-resistant if a third-party repair facility services it.

Fixing Your Cracked Apple Watch’s Display Is an Expensive Affair:

The cost of repairing a damaged display on an Apple Watch is high. Consider purchasing AppleCare+ if you plan to subject the smartwatch to rough terrain. You will benefit from three years of accidental damage protection thanks to this.

If the display on your Apple Watch is already damaged and you don’t have AppleCare+, consider some independent repair options before visiting your neighborhood Apple Store.

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