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Best Employee Database Management Software (Updated List 2022)

Employee Database Management Software

Companies can’t function well without a reliable employee database management solution. Any and all records about the workforce can be kept in one convenient location. At its core, it serves as a consolidated hub where HR can record and monitor information on their staff members, including but not limited to their whereabouts, absences, pay, and performance reviews. To keep human resources running properly, many large companies rely on this application.

Best Employee Database Management Software


Freshteam is the type of database management system a rapidly expanding company requires. The platform provides HR with a self-service portal, a directory of employees, and a graphical representation of the company’s structure. Using the platform, employees can self-serve their profile management, information editing, and peer-to-peer connection needs. Platform’s thorough data collection and analysis improves HR process precision.

Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR management system aiming to deliver a reliable and safe database for all an organization’s employees. It simplifies the administration of a company’s remote workforce. The HR department can tailor database management to meet the company’s specific needs. The system provides a convenient means for commercial enterprises to utilize mobile devices for accessing internal databases.


Myhrtoolkit allows HR to keep track of anything from staff scheduling to training logs. Myhrtoolkit’s HRIS streamlines and enhances access to employee data.

Since this system is hosted in the cloud, companies have better, more up-to-date access to their human resources data. The system’s many capabilities make it possible for managers and owners to safely monitor staff output and information.


When storing employee data for self-service, HRMatrix is among the top personnel management systems available. The automated system facilitates streamlining all aspects of personnel administration, from hiring to training to evaluating job performance.

This platform is a safe deposit box for employee data by making it easily accessible. No of the scale of your firm, these programs can manage massive volumes of personnel data. Platforms provide functions for sourcing, screening, and evaluating potential employees.


BambooHR is an HR management system that provides a single, centralized location to store and organize information about all of an organization’s employees. Human resources now have full access to the dashboard to enter employee data and billing information. You can also make new tabs with specific information as needed. With no time or location constraints, this platform is ideal for enterprises that need constant access to their information.

Protecting employee privacy and reducing time spent on paperwork are two of the main goals of the BambooHR platform.


StaffCircle is HR software that provides a searchable staff directory organized by competencies to facilitate recruitment efforts. Additionally, HR can find the necessary data by searching various storage media.

HR administrators can track employees’ activities and interactions with the company’s systems for managing skills and knowledge. It allows human resources to track the development and acquisition of skills among their staff. Teams may stay in constant contact with one another because to the platform’s several means of communication, preventing missteps and mishaps.


Human resources departments may centralize all employee information in Bitrix24 for easy management, storage, search, and collection. These tools offer a sophisticated method of data preservation, allowing HR to record details such names, ages, positions, education, hours worked, responsibilities, salaries, dates of service, and more. The tool is highly customizable and facilitates straightforward team administration for HR professionals. Bitrix24 Drive includes a locking feature that HR can use to prevent unauthorized edits to sensitive documents.


To keep track of all of their employees’ information, HR departments can benefit from using Worknice, which is a centralized and encrypted database system. With this system in place, HR can easily gather and classify all the data it needs on their staff. As a result of using Worknice, organizations may effortlessly save and retrieve their data from anywhere in the world. By using Worknice for employee onboarding and data sync with Xero, HR departments can quickly and simply compile accurate payroll records.

Collage HR

College HR is an HR database that can communicate with other systems, such as payroll and benefits administration, to keep track of all of an organization’s staff members in one place. Collage’s HR platform reduces the need for HR to re-enter employee information twice, leading to more streamlined record-keeping and reporting.

Collage is an all-in-one human resources management software solution. Employee information and evaluations can both be handled centrally using this system. There are both pre-built and ad hoc reports that HR may use to dive deeper into crucial processes like payroll and benefits.

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