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How to Download YouTube Video Part In 3 Simple Steps

Download YouTube Video Part

Some YouTube videos are sluggish and filled with filler. Some videos are only compelling during certain times. If so, you might want to download a portion rather than the entire YouTube video.

You’ll free up storage space and shorten the video by doing this. This is due to the lesser size of a shorter YouTube video. You’ll discover how to grab a portion of a YouTube video in this tutorial in 3 simple steps.

How to Download YouTube Video Part

You must first copy the video’s YouTube link in order to download a portion of the video. Copy the link to the video and then put it into a free online editor like Kapwing. The video can then be cropped by clicking and dragging its left and right boundaries. Finally, save the video as an MP4 file, share it, and download it.

Copy the Link to the YouTube Video

Use Kapwing

Export the Video

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