Critical Mass in the Music World…

Critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material that can sustain a nuclear chain reaction, in the case of weapons grade Uranium about 52 kg. In other words, with 100 pounds of U325 you can’t blow your nose, but with 130 pounds you’ve got an atomic bomb; that’s critical mass!

The term applies to the radio industry as a number where things suddenly become interesting. If Radical has less than a million registered users we are not taken seriously, over a million and suddenly we’re on everybody’s radar. In the case of Radical Users, critical mass is one million.

Today we opened Radical Indie (Radical.FM’s sister service for unsigned artists) for bands to begin uploading their music. INdie has all the benefits of Radical.FM with none of the limitations that the major labels impose on FM., but Radical Indie is dependent on artists and bands uploading their own songs. There is a critical mass to Indie as well – how many songs do we need before we allow users around the world to listen to this new service?

Radical Indie is the first of its kind so no one knows. We do know that as soon as it sound s good we will let you listen – for free – and that is a thrilling thought. But we have little control over when we do so, as every song on Indie must be voluntarily uploaded by the rights holders’ themselves.

Radical Indie could replace the aging MySpace and become the ‘go to’ place for Indie Artists and their fans. They certainly deserve better than what they have now. Radical Indie is unique. It provides a great listening and discovery experience for regular users. For bands, it becomes a platform where they can have their music streamed worldwide, totally free of charge. Artists will be able to host RadCasts of their own to fans, and fans will be able to RadCast their new musical discoveries to their friends.

We need HELP

We need you to use your favorite social media service to tell your musician friends and your favorite bands that they need to upload their music to Radical Indie so we can launch the service. Details of Radical and benefits for Indie musicians are discussed further in an interview here.

Critical Mass ushered in The Atomic Age, but music is a medium of peace. Sixty-six years after the bomb fell over Hiroshima, Radical Indie – unencumbered by politics or big business – stands poised to help unite Japan with the US, The East with The West, and the Haves with the Have Not’s, through the world-wide sharing of music.

WIth your help, Radical Indie will soon have a critical mass of songs uploaded and then we will take it public. Meantime keep enjoying Radical.FM, we’ll let you know when Indie goes live. And thanks!

PS: Your Radical.FM account will automatically give you full access to Radical Indie when we are live.…