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10 Best Wifi Apps To Check Connected Devices

Best Wifi Apps

If you suspect that your WiFi connection is slow because someone else is using it without your permission, we’ve compiled a selection of Android WiFi intruder detection apps for you. So, let’s have a look at some of the top WiFi checker applications for Android.

There’s no denying that the internet has become an integral part of our lives. It’s all due to the rise in smartphone and another internet-connected device usage. In today’s environment, having a WiFi connection has become a must.

List of 10 Best apps to check devices connected to WiFi

So, in this article, we’ll go through the top ten apps that can help you detect and block WiFi thieves. So, let’s take a look at the top Android applications to discover who’s using my WiFi.

1. Router Admin Setup

Router Admin Setup is an Android app that lets you configure and control your WiFi router’s settings. As a result, you can use this program to control your router regardless of the router you are using.

What’s more, Router Admin Setup includes a variety of tools for managing, controlling, and configuring any router. You can easily determine who is connected to your device using this app.

2. WiFiman

WiFiman is one of the most well-liked network scanner apps on Google Play. WiFiman allows you to quickly detect available WiFi networks and Bluetooth devices, scan network subnets for additional information, do a download/upload speed test, and more.

The app is well-known for its extensive network analysis and WiFi speed testing capabilities. Overall, this is wonderful software for detecting other WiFi-connected devices.

3. Fing- Network Tools

On the Google Play Store, Fing- Network Tools is one of the best WiFi analyzer apps.
Fing- Network Tools’ best feature is that it allows users to search the entire WiFi network for connected devices.

The program can assist you in obtaining the most correct IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer recognition.

4. IP Tools

IP Tools might be the finest choice if you’re looking for Android software that can assist you to receive a complete and clear view of your network’s state. What’s more, guess what? IP Tools provides a strong WiFi analyzer that can scan your WiFi network and detect devices connected to it.

IP Tools also displays detailed information about the connected device, such as its IP address, MAC address, and Device Name.

5. Who Use My WiFi? – Network Tool

This program is for people looking for the quickest, smartest, and most straightforward method of controlling and monitoring the number of users connected to their WiFi network. It effectively detects and lists WiFi-connected devices, as well as provides information about them.

6. Network Scanner

Network Scanner is one of the more advanced WiFi apps available for Android devices. Network Scanner not only scans and displays WiFi-connected devices, but it also displays any suspected vulnerabilities or security flaws on the network.

Not only that, but Network Scanner also includes advanced features such as Wake on Lan, Ping, and Traceroute. The app has an outstanding user interface and is currently the best Android WiFi scanning tool available.

7. WiFi Thief Detector

Try WiFi Thief Detector if you’re looking for an Android app that can identify devices connecting to your WiFi network. It’s a WiFi network scanner app that locates devices connected to a WiFi network.

Aside from that, the WiFi Thief Detector displays important information about connected devices such as IP Address, MAC ID, vendor listing, and so on.

8. Who is on my WiFi

Who is on my WiFi is an Android app that can let you detect devices connected to your WiFi network, as the name suggests.

Who is on my WiFi’s biggest feature is that it also includes router settings for common routers such as D-Link, TP-Link, and others. As a result, once the strange device has been detected, you can easily ban it using the app.

9. Mi WiFi

Mi WiFi is an Android app that allows you to operate MI routers through WiFi. Mi WiFi allows you to control your Mi WiFi from your Android smartphone at any time and from anywhere.

When it comes to Mi WiFi functionality, you can quickly inspect and manage devices connected to the network. In addition, Mi WiFi can be used to manage QoS allocation.

10. WiFi Inspector

WiFi Inspector is another excellent and simple-to-use Android network scanner that displays all networked devices. The software displays precise information about connected devices such as IP address, manufacturer, device name, and MAC address, among other things. The program is being used by millions of people, and it is the greatest network scanner app for Android.

So, these are the finest Android apps for discovering information. Who’s on my WiFi network? Please let us know if you know of any more similar apps in the comments section below. I hope you found this material useful! Please pass it on to your friends as well.

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