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Top 10 Best Used Car Sites for 2023

Top 10 Best Used Car Sites for 2021

Used automotive sites make the shopping experience easy with detailed searchable listings, car reviews, car guides, and more. Whether you’re the first buyer looking for a used car or a classic car enthusiast tracking down that rare vintage model, used automotive sites make the shopping experience easy with detailed searchable listings, car reviews, car guides, and more.

Used car websites, on the other hand, not only assist buyers in finding vehicles, but they also assist owners in finding a buyer for their vehicle (often multiple buyers). We looked at the finest used vehicle websites in terms of their reputation, search tools, price, buyer information, and more. Here are our top ten choices.

1. CarsDirect

CarsDirect created its first web site in 1998 to aid wholesalers directly to online clients, similar to AutoTrader’s original private automobile market in 1997. CarsDirect, which is A-quoted with the BBB, owns Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Because of its simple search engine and valuable buyer resources, this is the greatest alternative for us. CarsDirect, on the other hand, displays more than simply local dealer listings. It also displays the greatest discounts in a buyer’s location, as well as upcoming seasonal sales and price on future models for auto buyers.

While the CarsDirect search parameters aren’t as comprehensive as AutoTrader’s, the site’s tidy results page displays everything a buyer needs to know, including the CARFAX report and the “Check Availability” button, which takes the customer directly to the dealer’s website. Buyers, unlike AutoTrader, may search for automobiles based on financing deals. A 60-second link to a simple four-step loan application is included in every CarsDirect list.

CarsDirect then submits applications to its lender network and provides projected monthly payments. Shoppers may also go directly to the dealer’s website and discuss their financing possibilities with them. CarsDirect also provides a variety of services for car buyers, such as BlackBook-powered reviews, automobile news, videos, and reports. Users may store their favourite searches and set up e-mail notifications based on the specific vehicle type or discount.

2. AutoTrader

AutoTrader was the first online, nationwide market for new and used vehicles when it launched in 1997. We choose the greatest site in general because of its repute, reach, and abundance of study recommendations. On the site, you’ll find 3,000,000 automobiles, as well as thorough car reviews, buying advice, financial calculators, and much more.

While the AutoTrader is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it does have an A+ rating. One of AutoTrader’s biggest features is its sophisticated search option, which makes sifting through its millions of postings much less frightening.
Beyond conventional fabric, model, and year filters, the site allows consumers can specify nearly any search criterion, such as gas mire, exterior and interior colours, transmission type, technology, and so forth.

AutoTrader also has a variety of resources for automobile buyers and sellers. Comprehensive management instructions, current automobile evaluations, research and news items, car payment and financing calculators, and even the opportunity to apply for a car insurance loan are among the features available. Those who wish to sell on AutoTrader, on the other hand, must pay.

This site charges between $25 and $90 and includes three to thirty photographs, statistics about how many people have seen the ad, and Kelley Blue Book entries.
Additional options, such as a car history report, premium ad placement, and more images, cost $15 to $20 more. After the initial payment, ads can be renewed for free every 30 days.

3. Autolist

Autolist was founded in 2014 and now has over 1.3 million monthly unique site visits and 400,000 monthly unique mobile app users, making it the greatest choice for mobile phones. The firm is not BBB certified, but it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Autolist makes it easy for customers to navigate millions of used vehicle listings from auto buying apps and dealer websites.

It offers vital information about each car, such as days on the market, price fluctuations, and the CARFAX report, both on its website and to users. Autolist includes a quotation that compares the price of a certain automobile to similar listings to guarantee that consumers get the best value possible. Users may also set up automobile email notifications based on search parameters by creating a free account.

Autolist also compares bids from nearby auto dealerships to assist buyers in saving money when purchasing a new vehicle. CarGurus purchased Autolist in 2020, which allows car owners to sell their automobiles online using a clever technology that assesses the fair market value of their vehicle based on similar vehicles in their location.

4. Hemmings

Hemmings began as a modest four-page automobile magazine in 1954 and has grown to become a renowned historic car website with over 20,000 searchable car advertising. It’s the finest destination for old automobiles since it includes a car parts marketplace and a wealth of classic car resources. Although the firm is not BBB certified, it is rated an A by the company.

In addition to providing as an online marketplace for antique automobiles, Hemmings provides various tools for real classic car enthusiasts. Price guides, buying suggestions, online dealers and auction displays, a blog, a newsletter, and many periodicals for classic automobile enthusiasts are among them.

While Hemmings’ main competitor,, has over 40,000 listings, Hemmings features a searchable database of vintage automobile components for sale as well as a selection of historic car die-cast models, apparel, books, and wallpapers.

Hemmings offers a variety of advertising packages to suit the demands of each seller.
Users may purchase a two-week auction list for $99.95, which includes a professionally written ad, unlimited photos and videos, a dedicated listing concierge, and six months of premium classified advertising.

For those who sell outright, Hemmings offers two price packages: Silver for $129.95, which includes a short 35-word advertisement with up to 35 images, and Gold for $189.95, which includes a large 75-word ad with up to 50 shots. All advertisements run for one month in print and six months online in Hemmings Motor News.

5. AutoTempest

AutoTempest began in 2008 as an auto classifieds aggregator on the internet. It’s the best for evaluating possibilities since it pulls information from a wide range of sources, including Craigslist, eBay,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, Carvana, and others. One of AutoTempest’s benefits, apart from the huge number of sites it views, is that it can automatically filter postings in your region when feasible.

If a consumer is in Chicago, for example, the site will only show ads from that city. Users can additionally refine their search by selecting the websites from which they desire results. If you like, you may limit your searches to only AutoTrader and CarsDirect.

While AutoTempest does not offer as many search possibilities as AutoTrader, it does enable customers to search by basic search parameters like as mileage, price, Kelley Blue Book value, and whether or not a CARFAX report is available, among other things.
Searches may be stored and retrieved at a later time using a web browser or the AutoTempest mobile app.

AutoTempest also has a variety of useful tools for auto purchasers, including car reviews, buying guides, checklists, negotiation techniques, and more. Car owners may even sell their automobiles directly to Carvana through a cooperation with the firm.

6. CarGurus

CarGurus was started in 2006 by Langley Steinert, a co-founder of TripAdvisor, to allow people submit inquiries and reviews regarding automobiles and local dealers. The firm eventually added a marketplace and a car appraisal tool to its website, earning it our pick for the top site for affordable automobiles.

CarGurus is recognised by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with the organisation. CarGuru is unique among online auto marketplaces in that it awards each automobile a “deal rating” and ranks the results from best deal to most expensive. Because no one may pay to have their listings boosted, only dealers who regularly deliver the greatest bargains will be rated highly.

In order to assess the market worth of any vehicle, CarGurus uses complex algorithms that analyse every feature of a car to similar automobiles on the market. When paired with data on how long a car has been on the market and if its price has increased or decreased over time, customers can decide whether they’re getting a good bargain or whether they have space to haggle.

CarGurus continues to offer a multitude of car reviews and other research resources to assist in educating and informing car buyers about the quality of new and used vehicles. Owners may also post their automobile for free on CarGurus’ marketplace and pay a $99 fee if the car sells. The site’s pre-created forms guarantee that the most critical information is included in every listing, and a fast comparison tool supports sellers in choosing an acceptable pricing.

7. Vroom

Vroom is a New York City-based used automobile shop that offers a full-service e-commerce experience where clients can buy, sell, and finance cars fully online. You can also shop by car type on Vroom, which includes trucks, SUVs, and sedans. Vroom also guarantees quality tested automobiles, a free CarFax vehicle history check, and a free limited warranty when you buy with them.

The limited warranty is valid for 90 days or 6,000 miles, and the majority of the vehicles on Vroom’s website are still protected by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Vroom offers a car-buying service that eliminates the headache of bargaining and streamlines the car-buying process for you.

Vroom can transport your car to your home or a nearby location of your choice, making pick-up and delivery a snap. Vroom also provides a seven-day return guarantee on the car you choose. You have seven days or 250 miles to decide whether to keep your car. Vroom will arrange for the automobile to be returned to their inventory if you are unhappy with your choice.

8. Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids was formed in 2020 by Doug DeMuro, an automotive critic and YouTube personality, to enable modern automobile aficionados purchase and sell cars swiftly and safely. The site is our pick for the greatest auction site because of its ease of use and attention on safeguarding both buyers and sellers. Automobiles & Bids, unlike other auction sites, offers cars as quickly as possible and works with sellers to negotiate the optimal timetable.

The site also features a straightforward submission process that rapidly notifies vendors whether or not their vehicle will be accepted. Cars & Bids provides a free vehicle history report for every vehicle it auctions, rather than requiring the seller to pay for one, to safeguard car purchasers. Doug DeMuro may occasionally pick a listing to evaluate as an added benefit, bringing more eyes and purchasers to selected auctions.

Cars & Bids charges a lower price than other auction sites, ranging from $49 to $89 each listing and a 4.5 percent buyers fee ranging from $225 to $4,500. The website also includes a full description of its purchasing and selling processes, as well as FAQs that walk buyers and sellers through each stage of the auction.

9. EBay

EBay Motors is no longer merely an auction marketplace for rare cars. Dealerships and individual sellers advertise thousands of old and new automobiles in classified style postings. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke show car or a classic Chevrolet, eBay is certain to have at least one of these vehicles. Other fantastic eBay motors searches include the “Replica/Kit Make” section and the “Racecar (Not Street Legal)” category. It is one of the top automobile websites where you can find almost anything.

10. Carmax

Carmax specialises in high-quality pre-owned and certified used automobiles, many of which come with the well-known Carmax guarantee. This website is great for consumers who want to shop simply and buy a car, not for those who want a homicidal bargain with its hail-free promise. Carmax might be a wonderful alternative for people searching for quick browsing and buying online without the fear-inducing Craigslist test drive. You may look for a car online, make a purchase, and pick it up using your mobile app.

What are the functions of used car sites?

People may purchase and sell used cars online using used vehicle websites. Most provide extensive search engines, automobile history records, and buying guides to assist buyers in locating what they want. Used car websites often do not become involved in automobile sales, instead relying on vendors and buyers to work out their own deals. Several websites also give market information and automobile reviews to assist buyers and sellers, as well as funding calculators and relationships with lenders and insurance firms.

How we picked the best used car sites?

We looked at over a dozen used car websites for our evaluation and identified businesses that either had a lengthy history of selling automobiles or offered safe and personable experiences for consumers searching for niche autos. Because buying a used automobile may be daunting, terrifying, and stressful, we made careful to identify sites that featured thorough search engines to assist customers compare the characteristics they most needed. Sites that provided detailed buyer guides and current automobile reviews topped our list, as these tools can help customers make more educated purchase decisions.


As many used vehicle sites as there are used car varieties, buyers, and sellers, it appears. AutoTrader, on the other hand, stands out from the crowd because to its lengthy history of selling used vehicles online and comprehensive search features that make finding the perfect automobile a breeze. CarsDirect, for example, allows buyers to compare listings from nearby dealers without feeling overwhelmed, while Autolist offers the greatest mobile purchasing experience.

When it comes to cost, CarGurus’ unique bargain rating helps customers get the most bang for their buck. Hemmings provides enough classic vehicle listings, parts, exhibits, and discussion to satisfy even the most passionate vintage automobile enthusiasts.
Cars & Bids’ quick and easy auto auctions, as well as the low listing and commission costs, will appeal to those seeking for one-of-a-kind cars from the 1980s to now.

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