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Best URL Shortener (Updated List 2022)

Best URL Shortener

Google‘s URL shortener was one of the most widely used services up until it was discontinued a few years ago. Here, we’ve created a guide to URL shorteners and provided a list of the top 10 substitute services available right now.

Even though they are entirely acceptable, long URLs might pose several problems. They could not be search engine friendly and can be challenging to remember. This may be a drawback, particularly if you manage a digital marketing campaign or a firm.

URLs can be shortened for more than just convenience. URL shortening services offer a lot of useful advantages, whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or involved in digital marketing.

Best URL Shortener


Bitly is a superb URL shortener for both frequent consumers and business owners. You need to register for an account in order to use its customization services.

Bitly is a feature-rich choice that doubles as a link management platform, making it a useful tool for marketers and customer service professionals. Additionally, it gives you the ability to make branded links and gives you access to analytics and campaign management tools so you can monitor and improve all of your digital projects.


You can shorten links with TinyURL even if you don’t create an account. On the left side of the screen, you may quickly find its URL shortening feature. Choosing to create a free account offers you access to useful features like a complete link history and personalized shortened URLs.

TinyURL provides capabilities that enable link management, the development of branded and personalized links, and access to campaign monitoring data and analytics, just like the other URL shorteners on our list. There are two paid options available, with the Pro plan having a monthly starting price of $9.99 when billed annually.


Shortening URLs is made simpler by T2M. It’s a comprehensive platform that also enables you to create customized URLs and monitor their effectiveness. You can fully customize your experience with its wealth of sophisticated features, including thorough statistics.


A fantastic tool for managing corporate links is BL.INK. It’s a URL shortener that gives you access to more interaction and protected data while giving you numerous options to manage, watch over, and assess the success of your business.

A variety of services, including link management, analytics, native integrations, data privacy, and more, are available to small business owners through this service. Each of the four paid programmes offered by BL.INK has a 21-day free trial. Select from the following plans: Expert+ ($48/month), SMB ($99/month), Team ($299/month), and Business ($599/month). A customized plan is also an option with BL.INK’s Enterprise package.

With Hootsuite, has incorporated. The Hootsuite interface now allows you to do everything, from shortening links to calculating social return on investment.

You need a Hootsuite account to use’s services. used to be easily accessible to everyone. Since then, it has been incorporated into the Hootsuite dashboard to give its users more protection.

A white label URL shortener called also enables you to make and share customized, entirely branded links. It allows you to track clicks in real-time and is made to make corporate workflow simpler.

Additionally, it has link cloaking functionality that enables you to conceal the original URL. Additionally, offers a QR code creation feature that lets you advertise your URLs even when you’re offline.

A three-in-one tool for shortening links is called It serves as a link management platform, link analytics platform, and URL shortener in addition to these other functions. On the website, you can shorten links even if you don’t have an account.

You may get in-depth analytics with, providing you with a deeper understanding of a link’s performance in terms of clicks, systems, devices, geolocations, and more. Additionally, it offers a QR code creation feature that enables offline campaign execution.


Sniply, one of the more original URL shorteners, enables you to include a call-to-action at the end of each shortened link. This improves the links on your website, increasing traffic and conversions.

Anyone who wants to keep customers engaged and track analytics and results can use this effective tool. Small businesses, well-known brands, and affiliate marketers can all benefit from it.


Rebrandly enables you to leverage distinctive linkages to expand your brand, which aids in business development. It is the perfect tool for promoting your brand because it increases brand visibility by including your brand name on each shared link.

It facilitates team cooperation and enables you to integrate branded links into current workflows and processes. Other capabilities include audience targeting to optimize growth and give you with an infrastructure that scales with your business, as well as thorough click data for tracking your social media and SEO effectiveness.

Bitly Vs TinyURL:

Once more, it all depends on who you ask and what you need. Bitly is a good option if you’re looking for a general URL shortener. However, TinyURL is a good choice if you’re searching for a URL shortening service that allows you to customize your abbreviated URLs for a reduced price.

How To Shorten URLs?

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