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Top 10 Best Temp & Junk File Cleaner For Windows

Junk File Cleaner

What is Temp & Junk File Cleaner?

This article will describe the best temp and trash file cleaner for Windows. Junk Files consume significant storage space and progressively degrade PC speed, no matter how hard we try. Caches, temporary files, cookies, internet history, old application setup files, thumbnails, recycle bin files, and other residues of any type. We do not know when or where junk files were created. Thus they are routinely missed. As a result, they build up in our systems and eat up resources.

PC Cleaner is an application that will improve your system’s performance by optimizing it. It performs multiple tasks like clearing the cache for various programs, eliminating corrupted registry files, and locating & removing temporary files. It can limit the processes from using RAM in the background.

Too many startup items or bloated caches will slow down the PC, and hence PC Cleaner should be run at regular intervals to identify the areas of concern.

You must fully clean your system and delete any extra garbage files. Use the Best Junk Cleaner for PC to keep your hard drive free of all types of garbage and to boost your computer’s performance.

Is It Safe To Remove Junk Files From The Computer?

Yes, and you should clear computer garbage promptly. Delete junk carefully and use a product like Advanced System Optimizer or Advanced PC Cleanup.

Which Is The Best Junk File Cleaner For Windows 10?

We picked the best Windows garbage and temp file cleaners. You won’t be disappointed if you attempt Advanced System Optimizer to erase unwanted stuff from your PC.

Features of File cleaner:

List of Top 10 Best Temp & Junk File Cleaners For Windows:

Here is the list of File Cleaner For Windows

1. Clean My PC:

Clean My PC

This program has all the necessary functionality for a trash cleaner. It uninstalls and files. This cleaner has tight privacy standards and doesn’t take any data from your Computer. It cleans garbage, the registry, and other hazards. This optimizer is a reliable cleaner.

2. AVG TuneUp: Fastest Temp File Cleaner For Windows 10

AVG TuneUp: Fastest Temp File Cleaner For Windows 10

AVG TuneUp is a powerful Windows junk file remover. It removes Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browser traces. This program updates system software to remedy defects and security flaws.

AVG TuneUp sends updates for Skype, Chrome, etc. It’s easy to use, provides tools to automate basic maintenance tasks, and offers remote device monitoring.

3.  Advanced System Optimizer: Complete PC Care:

Advanced System Optimizer: Complete PC Care

Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak is a one-stop solution for many PC problems. It’s a cheap, easy-to-use Windows application that removes junk files, logs, caches, and other leftovers. Best mockup software

This utility’s Game Optimizer helps convert your system into a dedicated gaming computer. It blocks IM and updates, letting you focus on your game. Advanced System Optimizer is perfect for Windows 10.

4. Baidu Cleaner windows:

Baidu Cleaner windows

The world’s best PC optimizer is Baidu Cleaner. It has an intelligent junk cleanup method. Baidu Cleaner can discover leftover complex disc data after uninstalling programs and deleting bundled software. Smart Maintenance—real-time PC problem detection. When cleaning, remember. This PC maintenance program is innovative. Uninstalls bundled and malicious software in seconds. Manage software and keep your PC clean.

5. Ashampoo winoptimizer

Ashampoo winoptimizer

This cleaner’s qualities make it a worthy candidate. It displays CPU load and memory consumption on the interface, telling the user which application is hogging memory or taxing the PC. There’s an auto-cleaning and gaming-optimization tab. Internet, Startup, and process tuners boost system performance. This junk sweeper lists problems and solutions.

6. Advanced PC Cleanup: Ultimate Temp File Cleaner

Advanced PC Cleanup: Ultimate Temp File Cleaner

Advanced PC Cleanup is a Windows system optimization program that clears trash files, repairs registry issues, speeds up RAM, and frees disc space. This Junk Cleaner Software scans thoroughly to speed up Startup.

Windows Junk Remover can delete programs and their associated files to free up space. It also includes sophisticated malware, spyware, adware, virus, and other threat protection features.

Organize, optimize, and safeguard your PC with this junk file remover.

7. CCleaner: Easiest To Use Junk File Remover

CCleaner: Easiest To Use Junk File Remover

Piriform CCleaner removes trash files and protects your computer from infection. CCleaner will speed up a slow, crashing computer. Verify the Best Internet booster

CCleaner removes unwanted files, speeding up Windows. A few programs start when you switch on your computer. CCleaner manages unwanted apps efficiently.

CCleaner keeps your drivers updated and contains tools for retrieving deleted items.



BoostSpeed is a one-click system cleanup. Popular with 15 million+ users. The software finds unnecessary files and other slowdown-causing problems. Then it deletes web caches, temporary files, and new user logs to free up space on your PC.

This program is Windows-only. A free version is sufficient for many people, but a Pro version adds privacy protection and registry cleansing. Auslogics offers BoosterSpeed 11.

9. Advanced SystemCare 13:

Advanced SystemCare 13

IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 13 cleans trash files. This software can remove up to 26 trash files with one click. It effectively finds and deletes user logs, caches, and temporary files. Advanced SystemCare 13 can remove trash files from various PC accounts. It detects viruses and protects privacy.

Advanced SystemCare 13 is free, but the Pro version adds registry cleaning and virus protection. IObit has it. This program is Windows-only.

10. BleachBit: Open Source Junk File Remover

BleachBit: Open Source Junk File Remover

BleachBit will swiftly free up disc space by removing garbage files and other residual material from your window PC. The temporary file cleanser & remover uses clever algorithms to delete logs, caches, trash, cookies, history, and other data.

This transient file remover may shred files to prevent recovery, detect, and wipe hidden Windows program traces. It offers privacy & security elements.

This Windows 10 transient file remover can hoover the browser database to improve system stability. BleachBit compresses disc images.


You learned about some fantastic junk file cleaners that help keep your system clean and boost your PC’s performance. Apart from the above-suggested trash remover apps, there are manual ways to deal with system clutter, such as using the in-built System Restore tool, manually deleting temp files, and manually emptying the recycle bin. If these adjustments don’t enhance system performance, utilize defragmenter tools to fix your hard disc.

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