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Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android in 2022

Best Strategy Games

What is a Strategy Game?

In determining the outcome of your game, you will use strategy rather than luck. This means that the game’s outcome is heavily influenced by the players’ decision-making abilities. If luck-based features are overused, they can be unfair—one person may roll a stretch of high numbers while another rolls a string of low numbers, so winning may not be determined by how competent the players were. When players have the opportunity to pick their own activities, they will make better decisions, and expert players will have a far better experience.

Game designers build games to generate specified actions, behaviors, and outcomes so that decision-making skills are not acquired by chance. Good games allow players to make numerous choices per turn, each with a different comparative value. Good games may provide multiple paths to victory, allowing players to devise distinct strategies at the start of the game or as the game’s state evolves. Games featuring player elimination are not ideal since they give all players the impression that they are competing throughout the game.



Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android in 2022

1. Clash Royal:

Clash Royal


The creators of Clash of Clans are behind this game. They’ve also kept a high level of strategy in this game. People have adored this game since its inception. Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game in which you must earn chests, collect new cards, upgrade cards, destroy enemy towers, challenge your clanmates, and so on. Playing strategy games is a lot of fun.

2. HearthStone:



HearthStone is a game that immerses you in a fantasy world. You’d have to combat your opponents, just like in any other strategic game. Every player has a health bar, including rivals. If you want to win this game, you must make sure your opponent’s health bar goes to zero. You can gather a variety of powerful cards. It will let you strengthen your deck and simply overcome your opponents. The game features intense real-time challenges that necessitate a sound strategy.

3. Chess Online:

Chess Online


Chess is a game that almost everyone understands. It is a fantastic strategy game. This Android game is based on the original board game. Chess is thought to be an old game that even kings used to play. Now you can challenge people from all over the world while playing this strategy game on your Android device. This is highly beneficial for chess players who want to double-check their approach.

4. Hackers:



Amazing Android Strategy Games You will become an actual hacker after playing this game. In this cyber battle, it attacks your adversaries’ virtual networks while maintaining your security on your own. It’s a global struggle in which there are no safe havens and only the strongest can triumph. This fantastic game is available for download from the Google Play Store.

5. Plants vs. Zombies:

Plants vs. Zombies


This game’s name is intriguing in and of itself. The basic premise of this game is that zombies are on their way to your house, and you must use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants, such as peashooters, wall-nuts, and cherry bombs, to kill 26 different varieties of zombies before they burst through your door.

6. War Inc. – Modern World Combat:

War Inc. – Modern World Combat


You are in the year 2085, following World War 3 in this finest strategy game. The government organizations have failed as a result, and the sole powerful group is the War Corp. In a world of war-torn regions, you must build towers, train an advanced army, and conquer your foes in all-out fights against commanders and thousands of opponents online for important resources and wealth.

7. Pocket tanks:

Pocket tanks


This game has been around for quite some time. Pocket tanks is also available for PC. This game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode with a friend. You must calculate the distance between you and your opponent tank in this game and alter the power and angle of your shot accordingly. The player who deals the most damage wins the game. You can choose from a variety of weapon options when you first start the game.

8. Civilization Revolution 2:

Civilization Revolution 2


It is yet another popular online strategy game available for your Android device. As with the previous game on the list, you must play like a king. To build and grow your empire, you must fight opponents.
The player can also conquer and seize other capitals to demonstrate their power. Users must devise numerous tactics to earn gold and win capital while playing this game. You must use 100 percent of your tactical knowledge to control the gaming globe.

9. ROME – Total War:

ROME – Total War


Several Android users have expressed interest in it. The game is set in 270 BC, therefore it will transport you to that time period. In Rome, the player must assume control of their Roman family and overcome a number of challenges. There are two separate gaming possibilities here. Real-time tactical battles and turn-based strategic campaigns are included.
In this game, players must fight against opposing soldiers using intricate techniques. Players in Rome can engage in real-time combat and action. There are also numerous historical trademark weapons that you can employ to defeat your opponent.

10. Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans


This is a real-time game in which you can construct your base camp, train your soldiers, assault other players’ base camps, fight in clan battles, and so on. Personally, I enjoy playing these types of games. To climb to the top of the greatest players list, you’ll need a number of strategies. The game is constantly updated and events are launched, which keeps gamers engaged in playing it.


These are the top ten strategy games you should play. These games will improve your decision-making abilities and sharpness. Choose the one that attracts you now that you know the top ten. We hope you found this article about the top 10 strategy games for Android users. If you find this article useful in any way, please share it on social media.

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