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Best Staffing Software (Updated List 2022)

Best Staffing Software

The application tracking system and this program appear to be identical, yet they are not. Staffing software, also referred to as recruiting software, aids businesses of all sizes to streamline the hiring procedure. It helps HR managers with all aspects of hiring, including finding and luring prospects, reviewing their applications, developing interview forms, and issuing offer letters.

Best Staffing Software

COATS Software

The best staffing software for managing recruiting is COATS software. It makes advertising job opportunities simple, as the listings appear instantly on platforms like Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, and Hired.

It is certainly worth the effort to take advantage of COATS’ improved exposure to thousands of skilled job seekers. Recruiters may get in touch with candidates right away by sending them free text messages, which is a method that many job seekers prefer. By combining administrative and customer-facing tasks into a single software, you may produce streamlined and efficient processes.


Avionte is a potent engine that combines sourcing technology, recruitment tools, and a mechanism for attracting and onboarding candidates. It is the best front and back office solution for businesses that offer temporary help in office support, light industrial, information technology, and professional domains.

Everything they create is intended to make employment easier. It makes it easier to manage applicant and customer data. It is the most effective software for staffing. The time it takes to advertise a position and how simple it is for candidates to apply on the website are both ideals. Giving clients the top goods and services in its industry is very important to the company. With its solutions, you may manage your firm at the speed of business with only one simple, all-inclusive system.


BrightMove is the industry leader in staffing agency recruitment software. In quest of cutting-edge strategies for locating, attracting, and retaining top personnel, RPOs, staffing firms, and HR departments now turn to it as their go-to applicant tracking tool.

BrightMove will not only meet but also surpass your expectations, whether you are an executive and retained search company, a permanent placement agency, or someone in charge of contingent employment. You may streamline your workflow with its extensive report library and ad-hoc reporting for custom reports.


The most effective hiring company software is called Bullhorn. More than 10,000 staffing organizations use Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to fuel their hiring process, establish partnerships, and drive sales. Bullhorn has offices all around the world and company headquarters are in Boston. It has around 900 employees working for it globally. It serves as a hub for the rest of your stack and assists you in managing your hiring process from beginning to end.


Staffing companies may find and hire workers with the help of the software Recruiterflow. It is a cutting-edge customer relationship management and application tracking system. With Recruiterflow, you can use a Chrome plugin to identify candidates, create new connections to attract outstanding talent and company, utilise effective email automation to improve the candidate experience, stimulate sales, and maintain tabs on your customers and sales pipeline. It is designed to be simple to use and effective. A recruiter can, on average, place 15% more candidates while also saving each user at least 5 hours each day.

Zoho Recruit

Leading software for staffing and recruitment firms is Zoho Recruit. It features a method for tracking applicants that aids recruiters in avoiding a number of issues. Without switching between multiple media, Zoho Recruit makes it easier to locate, monitor, and hire the finest prospects. Both staffing firms and internal recruiters can use its comprehensive solutions.

Every aspect of your workday may be customized, and many duties, including sending emails and updating the status of interviews, can be automated. Having statistics and data at your fingertips will help you make better recruiting decisions. There have been no other data leaks. The privacy of its clients is of utmost importance to it, and it handles their concerns as if they were its own.


A software for worker management called Connecteam can be useful for your staffing company. It enables managers to put business operations on autopilot so they may concentrate on business growth while freeing up staff to be more productive, adaptable, and content. Utilize mobile-first custom checklists, forms, and reports to save time and increase productivity.

Through Connecteam, you may plan shifts and use a GPS time clock to monitor work hours. Utilize this single piece of software to manage everyday work, enhance professional skills, and simplify employee communication, among many other things. You can use it to communicate privately with every member of your staff or to provide timely group updates to everyone. Additionally, it can help you keep your workplace safe and legal while effectively getting important information to your staffing teams.

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