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Best Social Media Listening Tools – Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Listening

Social media has become more than just a platform for posting thoughts and experiences online. It’s presently acknowledged as a priceless resource that can aid companies in growing, audience expansion, and consumer acquisition.

Additionally, brands are using social media to gather insightful customer data. You could gather information for your marketing initiatives by utilizing audience sentiments, such as how they feel about your brand or its rivals. Social media listening solutions can streamline and even automate the tiresome tasks of checking for mentions and monitoring consumer trends or keywords.

What is Social Listening?

Simply defined, social listening involves paying close attention to what your audience is saying on social media platforms. It entails looking for, keeping an eye on, and evaluating online discussions that are pertinent to your business. Your marketing strategy may be strengthened, you can better connect with your audience, and you can improve how you interact with clients throughout their buying process by analyzing these discussions.

Best Social Media Listening Tools


Agorapulse is an intuitive, all-inclusive social media listening tool with useful and potent features. Thanks to its unified social inbox, you can manage all of your messages, comments, and reviews in one location. Additionally, it offers social listening skills, access to analytical analytics, and easy publishing options that enable you to plan and integrate content for all of your social media channels.

Hootsuite Insights

Iris, an AI analyst, is integrated into the Hootsuite Insights platform to provide you with a social listening tool that quickly converts data from in-context conversations into insights. It can also assist you in measuring your possibilities and risks, giving you an advantage over rivals.

With the help of this social media listening technology, you can streamline customer research while keeping an eye on trends in real-time. You may configure alerts with Hootsuite Insights to help you safeguard your company’s reputation and respond fast to online interactions that raise red flags.

Sprout Social

This is the most famous social media listening tools, enabling groups and organizations to identify patterns and draw conclusions from social data. With the help of its features, which include listening, publishing, interaction, and analytics, you may improve operations in all departments of your business.

The social media management and software solutions from Sprout Social can aid in more strategic decision-making as well as the development of informed brand and company strategies.


With the help of BuzzSumo, learn what kind of content is effective and make it count. The four parts of this social listening platform are monitoring, research, influencers, and discovery. While the Research component analyses data that you may use to improve your marketing approach, the Discovery component assists you in finding high-performing content.

With the help of BuzzSumo’s Influencers feature, you may find thought leaders with whom you can collaborate in order to strengthen your marketing efforts or brand reputation. You can set up alerts for terms that are important to your organization using its Monitoring component. You may also keep track of mentions, trends, and updates and act quickly in response.


Mention, one of the greatest social listening tools, allows you to track more than 1 billion sources across 42 languages to identify discussions that are important to you in a more international context.

It has Smart folders, which you may use as a social listening tool to organize significant posts. In order to further focus your marketing strategy, you can include or remove material using its robust filtering tools.


Keyhole has a strong feature set and strong metrics backing it up. By automating reporting and data collection, it saves you time by providing you with access to data you can truly use and understand in only a few minutes. Additionally, Keyhole makes use of AI-driven sentiment analysis to let you know what your target audience thinks about your brand and your rivals.

Additionally, it offers hashtag statistics powered by AI to assist you foresee the likelihood that your hashtag will be successful. Data analysis, influencers dashboard, account trackers, simple reports, social media analytics, blogs and forums analytics are further services you might want to look into.


An organization can search, segment, analyze, and share information using the Brandwatch platform for consumer intelligence. Its functionality is improved by add-on programs like Consumer Research, BuzzSumo, and Reviews.

Brandwatch has a versatile UI that you may customize to get information. You can also submit your own information to spot components like sentiment and significant subjects.


Awario is a fantastic social media listening tool to have if you want to concentrate on increasing brand recognition. Monitoring more than 13 billion websites in various languages keeps track of keywords. Additionally, since you can contact with your audience inside the app, it makes it easier for you to increase client engagement.

It uses boolean search, which provides various search techniques, enabling you to maximize any search you conduct, whether for a keyword or an acronym. You can even specify the language of the results with this tool, which enables you to monitor how your brand is performing globally. Even if it’s already simple to set up, you can modify it to produce the perfect query and obtain more accurate results.


Buffer offers you a consolidated dashboard and is an easy-to-use social media listening tool. With this, you can organize material, release it, and interact with your audience in real time. Additionally, it makes teamwork and planning easier.

Additionally, using this user-friendly dashboard, you can monitor performance and generate data for numerous social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, Buffer has the ability to create white-label reports and export them as PDFs.

Now powered by Brandwatch, is a social media management and customer experience tool. With the collaborative content schedule provided by this social listening technology, you may produce paid and organic posts for all of your social media platforms.

You can more easily manage your networks, teams, and workflows with the help of this functionality. In addition, enables you to combine all of your social data with your current CRM for more intelligent results that are available immediately.

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