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Best Salon and Spa Software (Updated List 2022)

Best Salon and Spa Software

Software for salons and spas are efficient technologies that reduce operational operations and boost business productivity. If you are a salon owner wasting time organizing appointments and scheduling, here is a list of the top free salon software. By incorporating these complimentary spa and salon scheduling systems, salon owners can obtain various amazing benefits.

If you experience frequent cancellations due to mismanagement, low client footfall, or lapse, it is time to digitize your booking system using special scheduling software. This software facilitates client acquisition and improves the consumer experience by enabling self-booking and scheduling based on calendar availability.

Best Salon and Spa Software


Fresha is a compatible, highly-featured, versatile, and simple yet powerful salon and spa booking software. This software for scheduling appointments is user-friendly, distinct, and free. The feature-rich software increases business sales, keeps customers, and allows bookings to be made simultaneously. Fresha is a low-cost, highly-rated, adaptable, and highly-advanced salon scheduling system that controls sales, marketing, and financial data with a single click.

Fresha is a free program for salons and spas. The portal offers unrestricted access with no subscription fees. Free features of the software include unlimited appointment reservations, numerous access points, limitless reports, and more. Fresha is the solution if you are searching for sustainable, inexpensive, and revolutionary business software.


Setmore is software that provides salon companies with exceptional services. This system is a remarkable appointment scheduling application, reaching a larger audience and providing its users with a customized experience. With its integrated features, Setmore provides a beautiful experience for hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, massage therapies, and pet salon services.


There are no missed opportunities, late cancellations, no-shows, or mismanagement of appointments with Zolmi. This free spa and salon management application fills in schedule gaps, produces leads, and manages your calendar to increase client retention. Zolmi is an amazing appointment scheduling system that is flexible, robustly equipped, secure, and user-friendly.


MioSalon is a fully free salon and spa booking software with an emphasis on revenue growth for enterprises. Built-in features aid in acquiring new customers, enhancing the customer experience, arranging bookings, and expediting professional checkouts. MioSalon includes an assortment of automated services that facilitate business promotion and client acquisition.


Appointfix is an exceptional, robust, user-friendly, and free spa scheduling application. Appointfix’s intelligent features allow salon owners to spend less time arranging appointments and managing cancellations and more time focusing on business growth. Now, with Appointfix, you can spend less time on appointment management and more time on client happiness.


PickTime is an exceptional, free salon scheduling application that helps with client and staff management. The appointment scheduling software is adaptable, user-friendly, automated, and linked with features that assist salons in increasing income, acquiring customers, and reducing no-show losses. This software is intended to assist salons and other businesses requiring a real-time customer booking system.

PickTime is a straightforward, user-friendly salon booking application with limited functionality. This application is available for no cost. It is the only tool that concurrently handles professional and personal calendars, allowing you to avoid losing clients and concentrate on business expansion.


If you’re seeking a profitable reopening following a pandemic, here’s your answer! 10to8 is one of the greatest technological partners for salon businesses that prioritize expansion opportunities. This free spa software provides interactive and sophisticated capabilities for enhancing customer experiences. This salon scheduling software enables clients to pre-book appointments and prevent no-shows, hence increasing salon foot traffic.


Saloneer is a comprehensive solution for scheduling appointments, processing payments, and running a salon smoothly. With its robust marketing methods, the program ensures 100 percent internet visibility. This free salon appointment scheduling application offers robust, durable, and adaptable features that facilitate the operation of a well-organized business.

Saloneer is a complimentary salon scheduling system that extends its services to wellness centers, hair salons, spas, tanning salons, etc. This application is basic and solid. It gives high-quality features without any cost structure.

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