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Top 12 Best Remote Access Software In 2022

Remote Access Software

What is Remote Access Software?

We offer the best Chrome remote desktop software to make controlling and accessing PCs and deploying software from afar simple. If you need more tools, check out our guides to the best video conferencing software and the finest online collaboration tools available. Also, check out our comprehensive guide to everything else you’ll need to set up your home office.

Choosing the best universal Tv remote desktop software in 2021 will provide you with the capabilities to remotely Access and administer one or more machines. Firestick Remote Access is feasible across local networks and the internet, meaning that anyone with the correct software can access any device anywhere.

You’ll be able to do various things with one of the Apple Tv remote desktop access applications we’ve highlighted below. Without leaving your house, you could, for example, use your smartphone to access and manage data on your business PC or office laptop. It’s fantastic to have this flexibility, especially during times of illness or trouble when you can’t physically go to work, as is the case right now.

Unsurprisingly, searches for remote desktops have increased dramatically in recent months as organizations seek to learn more about remote access.

What is the Process of Using Remote Access Software?

When a user initiates a remote desktop session, the client system sends a signal over the internet over a standard listening port to the system functioning as a host, requesting permission to connect and login.

Now the system functions as the host answer with a request for login credentials, which it verifies against a list of remote desktop users using an internal validation mechanism. After logging in, the user can view the data or view the screen of the hosted system, perform operations, and have control over the system, precisely as if they were working on their computer. Multiple connections are not feasible with Remote Desktop; if one is attempted, the connection will be terminated automatically.

Features of Remote Access Software:

List of Top 12 Best Remote Access Software:

Remote Access to another computer is a frequent feature, and it’s not a difficult task. When selecting the best remote management software, however, numerous criteria must be considered. Cost, security, and file transfer are all critical considerations. In 2022, this article will assist you in determining the best remote access software.

1. Splashtop Business Access:

Splashtop Corporate Access is a remote desktop software solution for individuals and groups in the business world. Manage user remote Access from a central location. Individuals and teams can use Splashtop Business Access to access their personal and shared computers from any device remotely. Access your Windows and Mac PCs from almost any device, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the Chrome browser/Chromebook. Install Splashtop Streamer on all target PCs and the Splashtop Business app on all mobile devices or desktops from which you wish to remote.

2. ConnectWise Control:

ConnectWise Control is a scalable remote access and support system with advanced security features, superior communication tools, and multi-device compatibility. Individuals, remote employees, and IT teams can use the software to gain rapid and safe Access to unattended PCs from anywhere with a strong internet connection. ConnectWise stands out as one of the more versatile remote access firms in terms of features, conditions, and pricing.

Advanced capabilities like the View premium extension provide specialists Access to a customer’s mobile phone camera via a browser-based Livestream session, allowing them to troubleshoot difficulties more easily. This similar functionality can collaborate with hybrid-remote employees who operate from various places but appear to be at the same desk. For enterprises or teams that rely on VoIP phone systems, ConnectWise expands communication flexibility with VoIP audio for meetings and access and support sessions.

3. TeamViewer:

Another popular remote desktop solution is TeamViewer(opens in a new tab), which includes an unlimited free plan for personal use. Heavy users on the free plan are frequently flagged as professional users, necessitating the purchase of a more expensive plan.

It ranks well among those offering the finest remote desktop for Linux(opens in a new tab) due to its cross-platform Access, which allows you to access your PC from your mobile device and vice versa. You can connect to PCs that aren’t being used, share your iOS screen, print from afar, and move information between devices.

End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and block/allow lists are all used by TeamViewer, making it highly secure.

4. RemotePC:

IDrive Inc., created in 1995 to provide cloud storage, online backup, and remote access solutions, developed RemotePC as one of three products.

RemotePC uses secure AES-256 encryption to allow users to access any computer from any PC, Mac, or Linux machine, as well as iOS and Android devices, without needing to install any software. Users can select between always-on Access, which allows remote access to the computer at any time, and one-time Access, which requires a unique sharing key.

It’s very simple to drag and drop files across machines with RemotePC. Users can listen to audio on remote computers, print papers, chat with others on the network, and even collaborate on a shared whiteboard.

RemotePC provides several flexible pricing choices. The annual cost of a single-user license with remote Access to two machines is only $29.62.

5. ISL Online:

ISL Online provides various robust remote access solutions, allowing you to support clients on multiple devices and platforms. It’s evident that ISL values user data across the board, with top-of-the-line security measures and authorization tools for both techs and clients.

While some of the Cloud-licensing fees can be a bit high (particularly for smaller firms), the vast amount of tools, extensions, and add-ons that come with an ISL subscription makes up for it.

There’s also a fantastic built-in support team to help you and your clients successfully integrate with ISL Online if you’re new to the suite.

6. Zoho Assist:

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote access and control solution that improves customer service and helps employees work from home. While both the primary benefits of remote support and unsupervised Access are accessible from the same user dashboard, they are priced differently. Zoho Assist is an excellent choice for businesses looking for both capabilities in one package, with a heavier focus on customer assistance.

Zoho Assist is a customer care support product that can be integrated into current systems and procedures. That means it integrates easily with other popular corporate tools like Google Workspace, Jira, Zendesk, and Zoho’s other 45 connected apps. To make remote support sessions as efficient as possible, communication platforms like Slack are accessible, as well as text, phone, and video chat.

Through live camera streaming and AR annotation, as well as text, speech, or video, Zoho Assist’s newest remote support solution allows users to tackle complicated real-world issues such as troubleshooting heavy machinery at a mining site and customer service situations, and more. Users of Zoho’s Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance, accessible to all clients, may allocate different jobs to different experts, add more visual information to the live camera stream, and build a reliable knowledge base to help them solve difficulties faster.

7. AnyDesk:

AnyDesk (opens in new tab) is a proprietary remote desktop solution that is available for personal use for free. It’s one of the most economical remote access software solutions for organizations, starting at $9.90 monthly for professional service. A single session can connect to an unlimited number of devices with the $19.90 monthly package.

It can be installed on computers running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. It also includes mobile client apps, allowing you to access your computers while on the go. It provides voice and video transmission, remote printing, screen recording, and an on-screen whiteboard.

AnyDesk comes with a built-in VPN, and all connections are encrypted using AES-256. The session is end-to-end encrypted, even if a direct link from the client to the remote machine is impossible. As a result, AnyDesk is one of the most secure and versatile remote desktop technologies for office managers, and IT support available today.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop is a standalone program that allows any user with a Google account to access a computer remotely using Chrome or from an iOS or Android device. It was initially an extension for the Chrome desktop browser.

Chrome Remote Desktop requires a little more effort than other remote programs. To begin, you must first create a Google account. The Chrome app must then be installed on the accessed device, and a PIN must be shared to allow people remote Access.

Because Access is via browser, security is confined to HTTPS, which includes full support for AES, the same security standard used by merchants to protect credit card information during online transactions. Each time a user wishes to access a remote computer, a PIN is required, and each device might have several PINs.

While Chrome Remote Desktop does not offer remote printing, chat, or even file sharing, it is incredibly user-friendly and responsive, allowing users to switch to keyboard or trackpad mode and modify key mappings to personalize Access per device.

9. Parallels:

Parallels were established in the year 1999. We rated Parallels Access as the best for mobile Access because of its friendly and straightforward mobile-first design, which is available in addition to virtual software solutions for PCs.

The UI of Parallels Access is one of its outstanding characteristics. The software gives up a clean, mobile-friendly version for simple control and management, rather than merely crushing a desktop onto a mobile screen. Transferring files between connected and cloud storage devices is simple, thanks to an intuitive set of controls.

Parallels Access leverages SSL data security and 256-bit AES encryption to transfer data across devices securely, and customers can customize the security features to meet their specific needs. Customer service is available via live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with any account or setup concerns.

Parallels Access is $19.99 for a year and comes with one user account, unlimited mobile devices, five computer connections, and a 14-day free trial. A corporate plan with total users, unlimited mobile devices, connection to five computers, and the ability to add five-computer packs for an additional $49.99 per year is also available for $49.99 a year.

10. Freshdesk:

Freshdesk is an AI-powered omnichannel platform that enables businesses to perform better customer support and collaborate with their customers. This all-in-one customer care platform solves unique problems by reaching out to customers wherever they are using modern communication on the web, mobile devices, WhatsApp, and other media. Freshdesk’s chatbots, powered by Freddy AI, can grasp customer intent and automate regular operations when resolving a problem, reducing the burden.

Freshdesk makes ticketing simpler by assigning tasks intelligently depending on a team member’s current workload or skill level or using a round-robin system. You may automate routine helpdesk operations using time and event triggers, freeing up time for you and your staff to provide more personalized service to your clients. With the ability to share ownership of tickets, split tickets into smaller tasks, and link related issues together to ensure subject matter experts can tackle the problem efficiently, the program also makes collaboration and teamwork easier.

11. VNC Connect:

VNC Connect is a remote access solution based on VNC that addresses some of VNC’s shortcomings. It comes with 256-bit AES session encryption, multi-factor authentication, and granular access control out of the box, making it far more secure.

The software can connect to remote machines directly or indirectly via cloud connectivity. It can be utilized for both attended and unattended Access, and it can be pre-installed or connected on-demand for customer support tasks.

VNC Connect is priced per device; thus, for $3.39 per device per month, an infinite number of users can connect to a single device simultaneously. If you have a huge staff that only needs to access a few devices, this makes the pricing very appealing. For helpdesk teams, an alternative pricing model starts at $16.99 per technician per month.

12. Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Most versions of Windows have incorporated the ability to remote access via RDP(opens in a new tab) since the release of Windows XP (remote desktop protocol). Microsoft Remote Desktop(opens in new tab) clients, available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, allow you to access a Windows PC remotely.

While utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop might make you feel like you’re sitting at the remote computer’s keyboard, it also has certain drawbacks. Microsoft Remote Desktop requires specific ports to be forwarded on your network and firewall rules to be set to access machines over the internet remotely.

Connecting to machines running a Home version of Windows, including Windows 10 Home, is also impossible.


The finest remote desktop software, according to our guide, is Solarwinds Dameware. This is because it is simple to use, allows users to manage their access and permissions, and facilitates screen sharing.

You can connect with your business team using the remote desktop software on our list from any real-time location. You will be able to deliver customer service to your clientele as a result. You must evaluate many things before making a decision. These factors include money and business requirements.

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