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Top 8 Best Ram for Gaming PC in 2021

Best Ram for Gaming PC

The greatest gaming RAM isn’t only the sticks with the biggest capacity at the lowest price or the ones with the most daring RGB LED use. No, it’s the software that allows you to get the most out of your CPU’s performance, allowing you to get the greatest frame rates out of your gaming PC. The optimum RAM option for speed and capacity is a 16GB or 32GB package at 3,200MHz for Intel processors or 3,600MHz for AMD’s newest CPUs.

Either way, the decision should be correct. It’s important to remember that using more than 5,000MHz of RAM with an Intel CPU is usually overkill. There are more inexpensive low-latency alternatives on the market now, many of which are suitable for AMD Ryzen gaming PCs, so don’t be afraid to look for a pair of speedy RAM sticks for maximum system performance. If you’re interested in learning more about what the best ram for gaming can do for your system, check out our RAM speed for gaming deep-dive, which also contains somewhat more technical memory latency measurements.

Whatever your specific needs are, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top PC gaming solutions below, and we’ve tested each of the kits to verify they’re also suitable for gaming. To help you spend your money wisely, we’ve compiled a list of the best ram for gaming kits that we’ve tested at various price ranges.

1. Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB DDR3 Gaming Memory Kit

Corsair is recognised for its cutting-edge technologies and high-performance RAM.
Corsair has introduced the Vengeance Pro, a new set of memory modules designed to meet the demands of the Haswell CPU. If you’ve heard of Corsair’s Vengeance RAM, you might be perplexed; this isn’t the first time Corsair has used the title “Vengeance” in their PC RAM.

The new gaming memory module was created for Intel’s third and fourth generation processors. For gamers who want speed, low latency, and high-performance memory, the Vengeance Pro Series is the ideal option. A lifetime guarantee is included with this PC RAM. For gamers, having the finest memory module for their PC is important.
Otherwise, the game experience would be halved owing to delayed processing.

To meet the demands of gamers, Corsair has created the Vengeance Pro series, which includes eight stacked PCBs and ICs and is a must-have for all gamers. These factors help to ensure high-quality performance. The Pro series from Corsair offers speeds ranging from 1600MHz to 2400MHz. Haswell offers a maximum frequency of 1600MHz. However, you must overclock your computer to boost its performance, which may be done by utilising a higher frequency.

When tested at 2400MHz, the delay is 11-13-13-31. The Pro series is only available in sets; single modules are not available. Some gamers take pleasure in keeping all of their articles in harmony. As a result, multicolor Vengeance Pro sets are available. You may pick your favourite colour while keeping your PC RAM’s aggressive appearance.

Because of its superb temperature management and XMP 1.3 compatibility for sustained overclocking, Vengeance Pro is definitely the greatest DDR3 RAM. For PC gamers who want to boost their computer’s performance, the Vengeance Pro kit is the way to go. The Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB DDR3 Gaming Kit is the way to go for any PC gamers looking to boost their system’s performance, particularly for all of your gaming needs.

There are three colour options for this module: red, blue, and silver. Because the colours do not determine the speeds, you may choose any colour to meet your individual needs, which is one of the most effective ways to categorise the speed classes. The updated Vengeance modules feature a smaller heat sink profile, indicating that the previous version’s faults have been addressed.

This is due to the fact that they aren’t as high as they used to be when inserted into your motherboard’s slot, so they won’t get in the way of your other peripherals, which is vital when gamers want to build a custom gaming system with effective cable management. For those who love fiddling inside their PC cases and don’t want to knock the components loose, a low profile is the ideal solution.

In terms of speed, these modules are lightning quick, and the 16GB capacity ensures that all of your games and programmes operate smoothly and evenly. Some of the finest gamers and content makers will surely appreciate the faster clock rates, so this is a worthy upgrade to consider. The MHz rating for this set is 2400MHz, which is sufficient for gaming.

Many PC reviewers have noticed that, depending on your CAS rating, your latency and clock rates seem to balance out, especially when increasing your overclocks to get the best consistent performance out of your gaming rig. This is especially useful in workstation PCs that demand a lot of processing power, such as video editing and content development, and require the transfer of large textures and pictures across your PC’s internal bits.

Overall, this is a fantastic premium product kit, and we thought it was only fitting that it had all of the amazing aesthetics and performance that a kit of this calibre should have. So, whether you’re a gamer, a digital artist, or an online superstar, you’d be prudent to upgrade your current setup with this sturdy and reliable DDR3 from Corsair, which has excellent overclocking capabilities.

2. G.SKILL Ripjaws X series 8GB DDR3 Dual Channel Gaming Ram

The G.SKILL Ripjaws X series comes in a striking red colour that is a must-have for any gamer. The greatest gaming ram resembles claws, evoking images of X-man and providing their gaming memory module a combative aspect. Who wouldn’t want a fantastic PC memory module like this? The G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series comes in clamshell packaging that lets you see the game RAM up close.

On a regular basis, the finest ram for gaming is presented on the back side of the packet. The Ripjaws X series from G.SKILL was created exclusively for Intel’s 6 series and Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 CPUs. The RAM PC is set to run at 1600 MHz and with a delay of 9-9-9-24-2N. The voltage is maintained at 1.5 volts. The heat-spreader is the sole variation between the two memory modules for gaming.

The heat-spreader is the Ripjaws X series’ most aesthetically attractive feature. The gaming RAM’s heat-spreader isn’t just for show; it’s almost a centimetre above the memory stick, which aids in heat dispersion. G.SKILLS The Ripjaws X series has constantly garnered several Customer Choice Awards from Newegg, indicating that it is the best gaming RAM available. Simply look at its user reviews to determine its legitimacy; only pleased gamers will give the RipjawsX series a thumbs up.

The G. SKILL invented the Intel XMP Standard, which ensures that all PC enthusiasts may enjoy trouble-free and hassle-free overclocking. This allows users to get better performance while keeping their computer cool. Look no further; this is the greatest DDR3 memory RAM for gaming; in 2011, overclockers picked the G.SKILL RipjawsX series as the best memory RAM. The G.SKILL RipjawsX series has all of the qualities that a good gaming RAM should have.

If you can disregard the overclocking and cope with the tight timings, the gaming memory module is one of the best because it doesn’t require any special settings to install. The G. Skill RipjawsX series has all of the essential characteristics for a strong gaming system, as well as content creators that will allow users to get the most out of multitasking provided the rest of the system is up to spec, such as a multicore CPU and a good graphics card.

If you can get over the overclocking and adjust to the tight timings, it’s one of the most beautiful gaming systems accessible since it doesn’t require complicated settings to install and run at its best. G.Skill has a long history of producing high-quality gaming gear (particularly memory devices) with painstaking attention to detail in all of their offerings. The clocking frequencies of this module are likewise pretty good, requiring just modest overclocking when greater performance is necessary.

The cooling provided by these modules is sufficient to keep everything cool and stable, with no system freezes, lockups, or BSODs. (Also known as the “Blue Screen of Death”) It is easy to form snap judgments on a product based on its appearance while viewing it for the first time. We look at some of the kit’s greatest other excellent features, and there’s plenty to like.

For starters, our test module’s heat sink is encased in a red anodized metal shroud, giving it a menacing, high-performance appearance that would go perfectly within a gaming case with a similar colour scheme. There are many more colours available, such as blue and black. Customers should be informed that this module lacks RGB lighting components, thus if they wish to liven up their PC case with extra lights from the motherboard region, they should be aware of this.

These modules also work with the Z87 chipset, which represented the pinnacle of bus architecture at a time when DDR3 modules ruled the roost in terms of performance, power, and efficiency. If you can find one at a fair price, you’ll be able to obtain a high-performance gaming deal for both your gaming setup and yourself. This is why our Top Pick is the G. Skill RipjawsX Series 8GB desktop kit.

3. PNY Anarchy 16GB DDR4 Desktop Gaming Memory

The PNY Anarchy is PNY’s latest stray child, a company that has long been known for making some of the greatest RAM for gaming. After many years of rigorous research and development in gaming, engineering, sourcing, and testing, PNY has effectively established gaming memory solutions for supreme hassle-free gaming for millions of contemporary gaming PC desktops. After conducting extensive research on its most recent release, the PNY Anarchy, it may be considered one of the finest DDR4 memory for gaming.

PNY Anarchy has a lot of features that players will find highly useful. To begin with, it has 16 GB of onboard memory, which converts to 2×8 GB available to the user and may be increased with external RAM. Its 16GB gaming modules are guaranteed to give true high-speed performance when it comes to RAM that is best suited for overclocking and high-performance gaming. Its modules are designed to provide world-class speeds, bandwidth, and low latency while also being power efficient, resulting in decreased power consumption.

It has all of the one-of-a-kind hi-fi gaming capabilities that gamers have come to anticipate. Once installed, the PNY Anarchy will surely surpass all of your high expectations. The PNY Anarchy series modules’ merging function is a unique feature that brings the screened components closer together for increased efficiency. When gaming, selected integrated circuits and their outstanding thermal characteristics are engineered to provide optimum thermal reliability, stability, and sharp responsiveness. It’s also highly trustworthy when it comes to other important computer tasks like picture editing, video editing, and even virtual design.

When you’re using many programmes on your PC, which can result in system latency and overheating, you’ll be glad to know that the PNY Anarchy is designed to handle high-stress, overheat, and over-clocked conditions. Its beautifully designed Anarchy heat spreaders are responsible for distributing heat and keeping your PC’s hardware cool, letting you to perform at your best. The Anarchy’s modules and heat spreaders are tailored to your setup’s individual needs, and you may choose a clip depending on your preferred colour.

As a consequence, you get 2400 MHz (PC4-19200) perfectly tailored DDR4 RAM built for perfectionist gaming, in addition to the brilliance that PNY has delivered for the past 30 years. The PNY Anarchy DDR4 is a wonderful example of PNY’s flawless approach, and you can be assured that you will get your money’s worth. When you’re seeking for the highest performance at the best price, the PNY Anarchy DDR4 is a sign of PNY’s careful approach and is sure to deliver.

PNY assures that you have an edge when gaming by combining overclocking and superb performance. These modules provide high performance while having a low latency and low power consumption. Overclocking and system optimization are now possible. The components utilised in the construction of these modules are verified and scrutinised in great detail. These high-quality ICs give gamers the highest quality and stability, allowing them to get the most out of thermal thresholds and responsiveness.

Gaming and content development, for example, are high-demand applications that are sure to provide remarkable outcomes. Heat spreader technology is also included in the modules, which is designed to keep your modules cool and stable even during overclocking, where excess heat might be fatal for your system. These modules are also attractive, so the aesthetics and functionality combine to create a high-quality, high-performance kit that will complete any DDR4 RAM-based configuration.

The colour clips are entirely changeable and may be colour coded to fit your system build theme, resulting in a system that is both attractive and functional. This is a wonderful feature for modders and case customizers because the ability to modify your RAM is fairly unique. When PNY says these modules are covered by a lifetime warranty, they mean it. They provide a no-hassle, no-questions-asked warranty that ensures that all of the components used to make this product have been thoroughly examined and passed the most stringent quality assurance procedures.

You can send your RAM modules back to the manufacturer to be checked out if they fail for no apparent reason. PNY is a company located in the United States, with up to 80% of its employees situated in New Jersey. PNY is able to leverage the expertise of its work team, which includes industry experts, to develop the greatest gaming solutions, including graphics cards, motherboards, and system RAM. If you want to know for sure, you need do some research.

4. Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB High Performance DDR3 PC Ram

It’s not for putting on a show with the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Gaming RAM. The gaming memory module is straightforward (not technically), but it will deliver just what you need. There will be no exaggerated product descriptions that don’t match the product’s capabilities. Ballistix used to send gaming PC RAM in blister packs, which were troublesome for certain customers. You needed to find a pair of scissors to cut around the wrapper.

Their items are now wrapped in a crush-rivet packaging, which isn’t ideal because it can’t be resealed, but it’s better than nothing. The simple yellow colour scheme of the Crucial Ballistix Tactical compliments a broad range of gaming components. The Tactical series is distinguished from other Crucial products by the minimal labelling on the kit, as well as the heatsink design. The latency of the Crucial Ballsitix Tactical game RAM is 8-8-8-24.

It is unfair to try to get decreased latency at such a low cost. Nothing could be better than the latency, which is definitely worth the money. The PC RAM was able to run at 1866MHz with the timings loosened to 8-9-8-26 and the voltage adjusted to 1.5 when it came to frequency overclocking. The final product may vary from one kilt to the next. However, this is the best it could manage. The findings were unexpected; the Tactical series’ pace was not what one would expect, but it was unquestionably faster.

The Elite Series from Crucial is designed for the most demanding consumers. The Ballistix Tactical series, on the other hand, is aimed at casual players and connoisseurs who like to play at a rapid tempo. The gaming PC RAM module is a PC3-12800 kit, as you can see if you look closely. This means that the default speed of the PC RAM is 1600MHz. This is a twin kit with four gigabytes each, for a total of eight gigabytes. With all of its unique features, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical manages to captivate gamers’ attention.

It’s a smooth-running gaming RAM because to its high-end performance and sturdy components, which everybody who has used it strongly recommends. With all of its fantastic features, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical stands out, captivating players’ attention with its striking appearance and excellent functionalities. These high-performance and durable components offer a smooth gaming experience that anybody who uses it strongly recommends.

This is due to the kit’s excellent timing settings, which are 8-8-8-24 for 1600MHz and 1.5V operation. These aren’t the top of the best when it comes to enthusiast DRAM modules, but they’re excellent for DDR3 goods. These are DDR3-equipped, and this particular model features two 8GB DDR DIMMS. Gamers looking for a high-quality module with a Limited Lifetime guarantee will be happy to learn that this product checks all the boxes and then some.

The kit we got to look at was a yellow set with a novel heat-spreader that lifted above the modules and had diamond-shaped holes running through the naked metal section of it, which looked fantastic. Serious gamers and bespoke PC builders will appreciate the clean style and stunning look of these modules. Crucial rates these DDR DIMMs as highly compatible with a number of major motherboard manufacturers, ensuring the highest level of interoperability possible.

The enhanced timings result in some very significant speed increases across the board, and these DDR3 modules are extremely fantastic, and arguably of the finest for the money. The following are the official specifications: DDR3-1600, 1.5V, 1024MBx64, DDR3 PC3-12800, 8-8-8-24, Un-buffered, Non-ECC, DDR3-1600, 1.5V, 1024MBx64, which seems to be a tasty treat for gamers. Even better, the fact that there are two modules means that gamers and power users will have a total of 16GB to play with in their gaming systems.

Crucial takes pride in putting in place rigorous testing methods to guarantee that only the most reliable and consistent functional modules are given to the public. The Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB High Performance DDR3 PC is the right solution for you if you are a gamer on a limited budget who requires the finest performance.

When you have the best of both worlds, you can game when you want and use it for business or content production when you want. It’s also worth noting that these half-height modules aren’t the same size as standard DDR3 modules, so keep in mind that you’ll need to apply the same amount of downward pressure, but you’ll have to reach in a little further to make good contact with the tops of the DDR DIMMs if you’re installing them.

5. Adata XPG 8GB DDR4 Power Efficient Ram for Gaming

Here’s a memory module that will dazzle you with its look; you could even fall in love at first sight. The Adata XPG DDR4 is offered in a hot rod red colour and has a stunning appearance. However, it would be disrespectful to assess it just on the basis of its look, so let us see if its qualities are as impressive as they appear. To begin, the XPG’s Xtreme performance gear, which is meant to perplex extreme level gamers who are enthusiastic about overclocking, has piqued the gaming market’s curiosity.

It has been tested to use 20% less power than DDR3 and equivalent gaming memory modules due to its efficient thermodynamic architecture. It contains a 10-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and an extra-heavy-duty double-copper inner layer to prevent damage from extreme CPU heat caused by overclocking. Its active PCB controls energy consumption, ensures constant signal transmission, and allows for quicker heat dissipation, all of which contribute to a longer service life.

The XPG Z1 is an excellent alternative for gamers looking for an 8GB DDR4 RAM module that can resist intense overclocking. It comes with a gorgeous red and gold colour scheme and can achieve speeds of up to 3333 MHz. Aside from its gorgeous jet fighter-inspired design and carbon fibre coating, which surely adds a super-cool look to your setup, the XPG Z1 has a unique Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) that allows it to deliver excellent performance while keeping your module cool. As a result, you’ll benefit from increased stability, increased dependability, and longer life.

All of ADATA’s produced modules are rigorously inspected to guarantee that they are JEDEC approved. Their A+ testing method ensures the highest level of ultra-high performance possible. The XPG Z1 combines outstanding utility with an incredibly unique design that has received international praise, including Japanese design honours and the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. Install the ADATA XPG, which offers both lower power consumption and resistance to overheating, if you often overclock and your gaming setup has a tendency to overheat.

You might also find its design appealing. Install the ADATA XPG, which offers both lower power consumption and resistance to overheating, if you often overclock and your gaming setup has a tendency to overheat. You may also enjoy the best in terms of visual features of this memory module kit. Because the working voltage of this RAM is 0.3 lower than that of normal voltage RAM, it is quite happy to be powered by 1.2V rather than 1.5V. DDR4 has the potential to exceed DDR3 in a variety of ways.

The first is the voltage drop and higher power efficiency of DDR4 as compared to DDR3. This extra decrease in voltage gives overclockers greater leeway to fully use the tuning options, as well as the improved stability that lower voltages bring due to reduced temperatures.

This is how the device’s extraordinarily rapid clock rates of 2800MHz are achieved. The XPG Z1’s SPD feature, or Speed Presence Detect, allows programmes to directly adjust DDR RAM without going via the BIOS, allowing OS-based overclocking tools to function and do their tasks. The grooves on the DDR RAM module are modelled after jet wings, and it uses a carbon-like substance similar to that used in race cars. While this provides no practical use, it is visually appealing. Each module is based on Thermal Conductive Technology with 10 layer PCBs and 2oz of copper to dramatically reduce electrical resistance and drastically cut power consumption, resulting in significantly better signal quality.

All chips utilised in the production of these DDR RAM modules go through a thorough filtering process, guaranteeing that you never get a faulty module that doesn’t work properly. The PCBs are of the highest quality as well, allowing these modules to last longer.

The look of these DDR RAM modules when they sit in the DDR RAM slots is notably different, since they meet at an apex in the centre, due to the wing-like design that we covered previously in the article. Overall, they are superb DDR4 modules that may help system builders take their PC builds to the next level, resulting in the finest gaming system imaginable.

Overclocking these modules is straightforward, and with lower working voltages, it is without a doubt the greatest approach to explore without destroying your system. When it comes to navigating the performance profiles of your system memory, 1.2V is optimum, and the best of these low voltage modules are still relatively new to the market. As a consequence, we’ll keep looking for the finest of the best when it comes to DDR RAM modules.

6. Patriot Viper Elite 16GB Powerful DDR4 Ram for Gaming

Another 16GB DDR4 RAM module that aspires to be the best in its class when it comes to gaming performance. The Patriot’s Viper was designed primarily to give a gaming module that can deliver a full-fledged performance. It’s been intended to work with all modern Intel 100 series systems, and it’s a step toward a more refined experience with continuous stability even in the most demanding playing environments. It contains a fully enclosed, well-tested heat shield that may help with heat dissipation, allowing for better gameplay even when the most demanding programmes are running.

Patriot’s Viper Elite series is comprised of high-quality materials and has been thoroughly tested and validated to ensure complete system compatibility. The fact that it includes both Patriot’s experience and brilliance makes it one of the top 16GB memory modules. The company’s objective when it was founded in 1985 was to become a high-performance manufacturer. When it comes to memory modules, it has long been a trusted brand among gamers of all levels.

The Viper Elite DDR4, Patriot’s newest addition, is the Viper series’ most cost-effective module to date. They’re capable of delivering speeds ranging from 2133MHz to 3200MHz and come in a range of extensions. Its 16GB module comes in four colours: red, blue, and grey, and it’s available in a quad channel kit. With a power intake as low as 1.2V and a maximum level of 1.35V, it is very efficient and makes good use of electricity, making it ideal for minimising your electricity costs.

The Viper was created to be a low-cost, high-performance memory module that also comes with Patriot’s quality assurance. In the gaming world, Patriot’s Viper is a predator, giving everything you need to ensure your setup is top-notch. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it can compete with any DDR4 speed level.

Patriot is a well-known name in the high-performance sector with a long history. This product line is well-known among gamers and overclockers, and what we have here is a fantastic enthusiast bundle. In the gaming world, Patriot’s Viper is a predator, giving everything you need to ensure your setup is top-notch. It has been thoroughly tested to verify that it can compete with any other DDR4 kit in our roundup, and it provides a quick gaming experience. The DRAM timings are 15-15-15-35, allowing the DDR4 to run at about 2400MHz while maintaining a safe voltage setting of around 1.2V.

This is great for anyone who wants to multitask with other apps running in the background while playing games, and it will help gamers to get more done while enjoying silky smooth performance. You may alter the colour settings of these modules to your PC system because they are black and red. Intel XMP 2.0 is out, and it’s a huge improvement over previous versions. We anticipate it to provide some incredible RAM performance profiles for modders and overclockers. As a result, RAM may be overclocked and pumped up to match the rest of your system’s performance.
The warranty on these systems is outstanding, with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

These devices are categorised as Non-ECC Un-buffered modules and come in two 8GB modules. Many people don’t understand the difference between RAM capacity and RAM frequency speed, or which is the most crucial to keep track of. In terms of CPU clock speed and cache capacity, it resembles CPUs in a number of aspects. The more gigabytes (MB) of RAM you have, the less time your CPU needs to wait for files to cache before accessing them. The amount of clock cycles each request is represented by the MHz rate on RAM; hence, the higher the frequency, the more requests it can handle.

The Dual Channel design runs deep inside the veins of its DDR4. Patriot is a Taiwanese company that specialises in high-end gaming hardware, although its hardware offerings take centre stage. DDR4 is growing as a technology, and this particular model offers excellent value for money in terms of both performance and appearance. We’re nearly halfway through our DRAM module list, and the finest of the best are battling it out for memory dominance.

7. G.Skill Trident Z 16GB High Performance DDR4 Desktop Gaming Memory

The gaming business is flourishing, and new technology is being released on a regular basis, keeping gamers busy. Adata’s latest release is guaranteed to surprise players. The Power Efficient Adata XPG 8GB DDR4 Ram for gaming has been introduced by the company, which is already well-known in the gaming industry. The product is a significant release from the company, and gamers are eagerly anticipating it. The XPG Z1 DRAM module is the first DDR4 overclocking memory in the XPG series, having been released as part of the XPG series.

By fully supporting the newest Intel@ Haswell-E platform, the product assures optimal performance. Because of its excellent features, this is a well-developed platform that is quite popular among gamers. The new Adata XPG 8GB DDR4 is suitable for overclockers, gamers, and PC enthusiasts because to its excellent performance and power economy. The benefits of DDR4 make it an excellent choice not only for gaming but also for overclocking.

In terms of power efficiency and performance, DDR4 trumps DDR3. The drop in voltage from 1.5V to 1.2V results in a direct energy consumption savings of 20%. This lowering contributes in maintaining a low system temperature for dependable operation. With only 1.2V, overclockers may create a high clock frequency of 2800 MHz.

Furthermore, the XPG Z1’s SPD is designed to allow immediate installation without the use of BIOS settings, which simplifies use and improves overall system reliability. The texture of the carbon used in the design is similar to that found in race cars. The whole appearance is completed by the jet wing inspired design. Thermal Conductive Technology is used to accomplish the product’s dependable data transfer and improved cooling.

The 10-layer PCBs and 2 oz of copper combine to reduce electric resistance and power consumption, resulting in better overall game performance. To increase the life of the memory module, the finest quality PCBs are used. The Adata XPG 8GB DDR4 Power Efficient Ram for Gaming is a fantastic and energy-saving product that gives you the greatest gaming experience imaginable. The DDR4 RAM is the finest available and provides everything a gamer could desire.

G.Skill’s Trident Z is the company’s most recent high-performance DDR4 gear. These are high-performance DDR RAM modules designed for gamers and overclockers. This DDR4 RAM is compatible with Intel Core i7 CPUs and Z170 chipsets from the 6th generation. This kit comes with two 8GB modules that are matched and designed to work in a dual channel arrangement. Because they are matched pairs of memory, you can rest assured that they will work together properly.

When we examine at the nuts and bolts of this technique, we can see that when CL16-18-18-38 are at 1.35V, a 3200MHz memory clock speed is attainable. The two-tone luxury colour scheme heatsinks look fantastic while also cooling the memory down to tolerable temperatures, enabling users to overclock and play games at peak performance levels while also preventing games from being interrupted due to system instability and temperature spikes.

When you open a package of G.Skill Trident Z 16GB High Performance DDR4 Desktop Memory, you’ll find 16GB DDR4 modules of high performance memory kit, which is where the fun for PC gamers and overclockers begins. G.products has a long history of providing excellent value to power users and PC enthusiasts, and their current collection does not disappoint.

With faster clock speeds and exceptionally high capacity constraints that top out at 128GB, DDR4 has definitely shown to be a stable platform over the previous few years. To obtain this large memory yield, users must install 8 x 16GB, but it illustrates that the platform can handle some insane memory loads. This is the kind of memory demand that a virtualized server would have, so if you’re a home user or gamer, you can trust DDR4 to provide.

All Trident Z DDR4 memory kits are put through rigorous testing, and G.Skill works closely with motherboard manufacturers to ensure good compatibility. If you have the system and the cash, they will undoubtedly be a fantastic upgrade for anyone wishing to add high-performing DDR4 modules into their high-performance systems.

8. Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Plug & Play DDR3 Gaming Ram

Every PC gamer dreams of having the perfect memory module. The Kingston HyperX Fury RAM was created to bring this dream to life. This is one of the finest budget RAM for PCs due to its low price, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the qualities of a decent RAM for lag-free gaming.The packaging for the RAM PC isn’t amazing, but it is appealing. A cardboard ribbon is attached to the top of the packet and includes basic information about the PC RAM. This provides information on the speed, CL rating, and capacity of the memory module. You’ll notice how beautiful these RAM modules are as you remove them from their box.

There is no requirement to choose a colour that contrasts with your computer’s colour scheme. White, black, red, and blue are the four colours offered for this memory module. You won’t have to worry about figuring out the overclocking settings. Automatic overclocking is available on the Kingston HyperX Fury. This item is available at a variety of frequency speeds, from 1333MHz to 1866MHz. Installing RAM for PC is all it takes to get quicker speeds and better quality.

RAM for PC comes in two-packs to allow for finer adjustments in your game. If you’re an AMD gamer, the Kingston HyperX Fury is designed just for you. The HyperX Fury gaming RAM has been tested on all motherboards for high-end performance, whether you’re a PC or AMD gamer. It’s unfortunate that you occasionally lose all of your games and memories along the way. A lifetime guarantee and technical assistance are included with the memory module.

You may easily contact customer care if you want immediate assistance. The Kingston HyperX Fury is a good deal when it comes to pricing and performance. The kit’s overall performance makes it well worth the money. It has all of the features that a gamer would require. The Kingston HyperX Fury is a good deal when it comes to pricing and performance. The kit’s overall performance makes it well worth the money.
It has all of the features that a gamer would require.

The most noticeable of these is the automatic overclocking up to 1866MHz, which delivers speedy, trouble-free reliability and gaming performance boosts. This DDR RAM is a compact and powerful performance kit that works best with Intel’s 100 series chipset. This package contains a single 8GB DIMM, which is a great addition to any DDR3-compatible PC in need of some more gaming power. It runs on a low voltage of 1.35V, so it’s unlikely to overheat and die on you when you need it most.

The asymmetric and one-of-a-kind heat spreader is meant to look good while also keeping everything cool, resulting in a faster DDR RAM module. It’s built of high-quality aluminium, which keeps everything cool and works well. Because the aluminium heat spreader is black, there is a black PCB behind it, which makes everything look great and uniform. Even while it cannot compete with the current DDR4, the DDR3 architecture still has life in it, and some of the speeds attained are still quite competitive for gaming in full HD and even playing some of the newest VR Ready titles.

If you want to build a DDR3 system, there’s still a lot to like here, but when it comes to price vs. performance, you might be surprised to learn that there are some great deals to be had as suppliers try to clear out the now slightly older DDR3 stock to make room for DDR4, which will save you money on your latest PC build. When we examine them, we consider the available value vs. performance, and the news is positive.

Auto overclocking looks to be the appropriate beginning to intermediate attraction feature that these goods require to lure new consumers to the overclocking and performance PC businesses. The 8GB stick might need a companion in the slot next to it, namely another Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Plug & Play DDR3 Gaming DDR RAM module that would play well is the perfect answer for anyone seeking for the greatest gaming performance module to pair with the pre-existing module for optimal results.


Purchasing RAM based on your demands and budget is the best option right now. The greatest DDR3 gaming RAM is just what you require. Most people should be able to get by with one of our 8GB options. For those on a tight budget, the 4GB version should suffice. For a small number of people, the 16GB version may be sufficient.
Please tell us which one you prefer. We’re interested in finding out what our community enjoys.

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