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Top 10 Best Procreate Alternatives For Windows In 2022

Best Procreate Alternatives

Best Procreate Alternatives

What is Procreate?

The information on procreate alternatives will be detailed on this page. Although I do not agree with the notion that the iPad Pro can replace a laptop computer, the device does have some amazing potential. The most efficient and all-around greatest drawing app for the iPad is undoubtedly Procreate. There are many brushes to choose from, sophisticated layer mixing, wonderful filters, 100 undo/redo strokes, auto-saving while you work, and much more. Why is it necessary to Procreate alternatives then?

Including sketching, drawing, painting, redoing/undoing, advanced level blending, auto-saving, and its distinctive selection of tools, brushes, and filters, Procreate offers a captivating and outstanding creative experience for the iPad Pro.

One of the few iPad-only apps that were rejected by Windows 10 was this one. Maybe people don’t think of Windows 10 as a tablet-friendly operating system. A small number of Windows-based laptops do, however, support touchscreens and are convertible. It is strange and extremely touch-sensitive.

It’s important to understand what Procreate is and your options before we discuss why you should look for the finest Procreate ipad alternatives for Windows.

Procreate is one of those iPadOS-only applications that aren’t available on Windows 10. Maybe it’s because Windows 10 isn’t viewed as a tablet-friendly operating system. However, a handful of convertible laptops with touchscreen capabilities are available in the Windows ecosystem. Anyway, if you want to use a sophisticated tool like Procreate to sketch on your brand-new Windows 10 laptop with an SSD, you have come to the perfect spot. Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 Procreate alternatives for Windows 10 so you may use them to create drawings and other visuals. So with that in mind, let’s search for an application that is appropriate and comparable to Procreate brushes.

What makes Procreate so great?

Procreate drawing is an app for artists that was created to work with Apple’s tablet and stylus tools. It replicates the familiar experience of using pens, pencils, and paint on paper while giving artists all the advantages of working digitally, such as the ability to quickly edit and delete work, produce art more quickly, and share work instantly.

Pros and Cons of Procreate:



List of Top 10 Best Procreate Alternatives:

Graphic designers now have a quick and simple way to exhibit their creativity thanks to these apps. They have a variety of features and tools to improve their skills.

Although Procreate tutorial is a fantastic tool, Android users cannot use it. So that you don’t miss out on the fun and creativity, we’ve put together a list of Procreate alternatives for Android.

1. Corel Painter 2022:

A fantastic Procreate substitute for Windows 10, Corel Painter 2022, has a tonne of visuals that make it simple to finish your assignment. The Corel Painter software is advertised as a professional-grade tool. More than 900 brushes, fine particles, pattern pens, large paintbrushes, and other goodies are included.

A digital painting appears digital, which is the one aspect of making any kind of digital art that irritates creators. Painter has made several admirable attempts to imitate the wetting and drying of watercolor on textured paper or “impasto” mark-making. Even still, just when you thought Painter had reached a plateau in recent years, the addition of stamp-type brush customization signals a substantial increase in what is achievable with diversity in mark-making.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw:

The second item on this list is “Illustrator Draw,” a free-form vector designer that is accessible on mobile devices and allows you to turn your thoughts into an artwork of professional quality. Illustrator Draw does a fantastic job of faithfully recapturing the classic vector drawing experience and improving it with a contemporary interface.

What makes this tool unique is that you can start Adobe Capture from within the environment, make a new custom shape, and then import it to your Illustrator Draw canvas. When it comes to the toolkit, Adobe severely restricts you with just 5 customizable brushes, 10 drawing layers, and a maximum of one photo layer on a canvas. It tends to provide the highest level of productivity when utilizing one and supports the most recent drawing styluses.

Since Adobe offers seamless Illustrator and Photoshop compatibility, it will be simple for you to take your art forms to the desktop to fine-tune or polish them. If you utilize Creative Cloud, your shapes and color schemes are also saved for future use. Users using iOS and Android devices can download this software for free from Adobe.

3. Krita:

Another potent Procreate substitute that works with Windows 10 is Krita. It is an open-source drawing program of professional quality that is totally free. Many of its potent features can be used to produce conceptual art, comics, and intricate graphics. It recently received a big update, and the user interface has been greatly enhanced, offering Procreate tough competition.

If you didn’t know, Krita is one of the best Linux applications for digital painting, and many experts use it. Therefore, Krita is the program you need if you’re looking for the greatest drawing app similar to Procreate for Windows 10 that can compete with the top tools.

You must be familiar with the Krita drawing application if you enjoy digital drawing. This is unquestionably the best Procreate substitute. This tool, which is of a professional caliber, is free. With the aid of this free software, you are able to produce beautiful paintings, cartoons, works of art, and intricate graphics. It is jam-packed with numerous potent tools that will aid in your creative process. To compete fiercely with Procreate, they upgraded the user interface. It also supports raster graphics.

4. Concepts:

This can be your best choice if you need a graphics design tool and are running Windows 10. You have touchscreen controls with this app. It has been tailored to work best with the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Pen. The application provides a sizable canvas to support the expression of your creativity. It contains a big assortment of pencils, brushes, and pens. This software can be used to produce sketches, illustrations, and design plans. Additionally, it works with the Wacom active stylus graphics tablet.

Another vector-based Procreate substitute, Concepts, is a great tool for precision measurement drawing rather than beginners’ freehand sketches. It is recognized to assist professional artists. It has all the necessary tools and is one of the Procreate alternatives that enables touchscreen controls for drawing on an unlimited canvas. The numerous versions of Concepts are the only thing separating it from Procreate.

5. Autodesk Sketchbook:

Autodesk Sketchbook is frequently used by graphic designers and artists alike. It is regarded by many people as the greatest Procreate for Windows alternative. Anyone who creates an account can use Autodesk Sketchbook for free as well. (Take note that the Enterprise Edition has an annual cost of $85) Anyone who creates an account can use Autodesk Sketchbook, unlike Procreate, which costs $9.99 only once. Additionally, unlike other applications that charge extra for “premium features,” the free version of this program has no restrictions on any of the functions.

The program also supports third-party styluses and doesn’t take into account your palm while using one. The program also includes sophisticated capabilities including an unlimited canvas, 140 customizable brushes, a curved ruler for creating flawless sweeps and curves, various tools, layers, and many others. The major issue with Autodesk Sketchbook is that getting used to its controls and functionalities takes some time. However, Autodesk Sketchbook is a fantastic tool to employ if you’re looking for something that’s both cost-free and expert.

6. ArtRage:

A comprehensive selection of realistic creative tools, including expressive oils, delicate watercolors, a sizable selection of pencils, and wax crayons, are included in ArtRage, an all-in-one digital studio. One of the greatest Procreate alternatives at the moment, ArtRage is the ideal fusion of conventional tools and digital tools that anyone, from children to adults, amateurs to professionals, can use.

Its simple palette makes it simple to paint, mix colors, and create textures that look natural. Additionally, noteworthy features include unique brushes with depth effects, a complementary color palette, action recording, canvas customization, glossy, impasto brushes, and much more. Layering and Grouping let you organize your design into layers with various blend modes.

Overall, ArtRage is a respectable digital studio that is compatible with all of your devices, including MacBooks and Android phones and tablets. It is a commercial program with an endless demo, but you can’t save the files, so be aware of that.

7. Tayasui Sketches:

Another realism-focused and adaptable sketching app with a robust toolkit that can be used to create amazing sketches and illustrations while on the go is Sketches by Tayasui. It offers tonnes of highly useful tools, including a customized brush editor, color palettes, move-resize, copy-paste, ruler, area tool, sheets, smudge, and much more. It also works incredibly well with a variety of styluses.

To begin with, you can copy and paste or import an existing work of art in the form of a photo, then edit it with a variety of tools like cloud sync, acrylic brushes, inbuilt patterns, gradient creators, various shapes and patterns, and a color mixer. These tools also include unlimited layers to simplify design and ultra-refined wet watercolors. You may produce any kind of masterpiece you can think of with such a wide variety of tools.

To fully utilize its capabilities, you can activate a test version of it that will allow you to use the full version for just one hour. The free version, however, has limitations on the number of tools and, consequently, your creativity. You can choose the PRO version if you are then comfortable using it. Devices running iOS, macOS, and Android can download this app.

8. Affinity Designer:

Although Affinity Designer is typically not advised for sketching and drawing, if you know how to use it, you can make the most of it. You can make some of the best graphic designs with its vector illustrator.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, the app offers a comprehensive graphic design solution for all of your needs. The fact that all of Affinity Designer’s tools and features were created with end-users in mind is my favorite aspect of it. This implies that they are simple to use, learn, and gain access to.

You may produce icons, branding materials, printing projects, mockups, and more in addition to illustrations. Affinity Designer, which excels in creating both vector and raster-based graphics, is unquestionably among the best Procreate alternatives when all things are taken into account.

9. Clip Studio Paint:

Clip Studio Paint is a good option if you enjoy the Procreate’s natural brush feel for sketching on Windows PCs. First and foremost, the software includes a powerful brush engine that enables you to precisely and beautifully produce artwork. With its extensive array of artistic tools, you can design each stroke because of the significantly better control.

Additionally, the program includes one of the largest brush libraries, allowing you to select your tools based on the type of art you want to make. Additionally, you can customize your tools to ensure that they work in harmony with your unique sketching style if you want even more control. Overall, Clip Studio Paint is a feature-rich substitute for Procreate that you should try out.

10. MediBang Paint:

When looking for Procreate competitors, MediBang Paint is a great painting program with a simple user interface and a variety of digital drawing tools. This program has a large user base and is best suited for creating digital graphics with a natural feel. To access online resources like brushes and fonts, all you need to do is sign up for a free account.

“Group Project,” a stand-alone function it offers, facilitates teamwork and collaboration by allowing you to prioritize respected individuals over various creative problems. There are only a few brushes, materials, and typefaces available when you first start using MediBang Paint, but once you sign up, you can quickly select from the more than 150 brushes and 800+ free online material resources.

The fact that this tool has a single software for all platforms and is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices is a huge benefit.


Procreate may be used on any iPad, regardless of age. You can launch your career in graphics design by using any of these alternate programs. Windows supports all of these applications.

Overall, I think Procreate is a good value at $9.99 and is useful for both basic drawing and doodling and some original graphic work. For someone like me who uses Adobe, it is also fairly intuitive. Although, like with any new software, it takes some time to customize it for your purposes, learn certain shortcuts, and become accustomed to placing your Apple Pencil in the proper location to prevent losing it in your coach’s cushions.

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