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12 Best PDF Readers Mac You Can Use In 2022

What are the best PDF editors?

The best PDF readers online for Mac make it simple to edit, annotate, and convert PDF files in addition to reading them. This is crucial since sharing PDF files online has become commonplace, and there is a tonne of Free Download PDF files available online for a variety of uses just because they can be read by users running various operating systems.

There are free general-purpose PDF readers as well as readers tailored to particular operating systems, including readers for Windows, readers for Android, and, of course, readers tailored to the Mac and Macbook.

A capability for reading and organizing PDF files is present in Apple Books, however, it has some restrictions. For instance, it can’t open DRM-protected files and can only read PDF files, although other programs can edit, annotate, and even electronically sign PDF files. To work with PDF files, there are other programs for document scanning.

This post will discuss the top PDF readers for MAC. conveyable Due to its compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and the fact that it frequently maintains the formatting of the file, Document Format, or PDF, is one of the many frequently used file types. Additionally, PDF files are difficult to alter, protecting the integrity of the file. For these reasons, the majority of confidential documents are exchanged in PDF format.

Working with PDF files effectively is crucial because they are a commonly used file type. You can use a Mac PDF Editor or an online conversion tool to edit PDF files on a Mac.

Although free online PDF editors for Mac have a particular benefit, you can’t always rely on them due to network issues or poor connection. So, we’ve got a few solutions for you if you need to edit PDF on your Mac. Both free and premium PDF editors for Mac are used in this lesson.

Features of PDF Readers:

Pros and Cons of PDF Files:

Smooth navigational operations, the capacity to view large documents, and other extras should all be available from a reliable PDF reader. Therefore, choosing the best PDF reader for your personal or professional usage will be made easier if you are aware of what to expect from each of the PDF reader applications or web services listed here.



List of Top 12 Best PDF Readers:

Here are some specifics about the top free PDF readers for Mac in this article:

Nowadays, almost every OS comes with a built-in PDF reader that makes it simple to open any PDF. However, if you frequently work with PDFs in your professional life or prefer to read eBooks, you might occasionally want to improve your PDF reading experience.

1. PDFescape:

You can work on PDF files that are smaller than either 10MB or 100 pages, whichever is greater, for free with PDFescape, a simple web-based PDF editing, and an annotation program. The increased capacity is a good adjustment from the previous 50-page constraint for PDFescape. For $36 a year, you can subscribe to a premium account if you need to edit larger files. For $72 a year, there is also an “ultimate” option available.

PDFescape, which is accessible through any current web browser, does not have OCR features as PDF Candy provides. However, the annotation features in PDFescape are simple to use. A good selection of common annotation tools is available that makes it simple to add, highlight, and strikethrough text, add notes, and generally annotate the pages of your PDF file. You may also white out text, add new photos and text to a document using the insert tools in the online app, as well as add web links and form fields.

There are several significant restrictions on adding new text with PDFescape. You are only able to add new text to an existing document; there are no OCR capabilities, thus you cannot edit already written content. The app doesn’t use any of the fonts on your computer, therefore it has a very restricted selection of fonts. Therefore, the only fonts available for signing papers are Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana, and a Signature typeface.

2. Kdan PDF Reader:

The Kdan PDF Reader, one of the most effective and well-liked PDF management applications for Apple computers, is instantly available for download from the Mac App Store. It serves as a page editor, file converter, and file management.

With the software, editing PDF files is simple and you can effortlessly add handwritten notes, text boxes, sticky notes, hyperlinks, and annotations. You can also label critical documents by adding tags and color-coding to prevent them from getting jumbled up. Additionally, you can use an import history tool to keep track of all the files you’ve stored.

You can back up and access saved documents on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad thanks to the app’s compatibility with iCloud. You may even effortlessly import documents from devices that run various operating systems thanks to interoperability with Dropbox.

The software should be easy and quick to use overall. It is driven by a custom rendering engine that tries to speed up the processing and loading of huge files. You can test out the free version before making a purchase.

3. PDF Specialist

A professional PDF program for Mac devices is called PDF Specialist. This program does tasks such as reading, annotating, editing, and converting PDF files. This is one of the top PDF readers for Mac because of its properly thought-out user interface and sufficient capabilities for editing and reviewing PDFs.

With this free PDF audience, you can do a lot of things, such as include links and images, view and respond to comments that have been made, fill out static PDF forms, and much more. Additionally, if you have sensitive information in your PDF files, you have the option to password encrypt them. Additionally, PDF Professional offers a Text-to-Speech capability that allows you to select the text or document that will be read aloud.

4. Foxit Reader:

The Google Docs of PDF readers is Foxit Reader. PDFs may be created, shared, and secured all online. You can upload scans, convert Word documents, PowerPoint slideshows, and Excel spreadsheets, and even combine numerous PDFs into one new file to make a PDF.

If you wish to work together on a PDF, you may grant and revoke document access, keep track of who opens your document and see what they do, edit, add comments, and alert readers to new modifications.

Passwords, digital signatures, and encryption are just a few of the security features that Foxit Reader offers to keep your PDFs secure and confidential. Foxit would be a fantastic choice if you frequently create PDFs for work and need a means for others to work together on the same document.

5. UPDF for MacL:

UPDF, which is without a doubt the best application for working with PDFs by just according to the most basic instructions, comes first on the list. This program is the finest PDF viewer for Mac since it is properly created to complete a PDF reader’s task quickly and with a minimum of effort.

With the UPDF, you can do more with your PDF files than just read or view them because it offers you the simplest navigation and the clearest directions for editing, annotating, and organizing the contents of your document as well as making changes to specific pages.

This makes sure that you save time by batch processing multiple PDF files at once and converting them to other common file types like.docx,.xls,.ppt, and so on. The UPDF’s simply designed UI includes an OCR capability as well, which enables you to turn a variety of document types including scanned paper documents, PDF files, and digital camera photos into editable and searchable data.

Users are assured of experiencing enhanced features that will soon be put to use, such as heightened user experience, allowing you to work cooperatively using cross-sector tools, and much more, to ensure that the UPDF remains at the top of the list even for the ensuing years.

6. PDFpenPro:

The macOS-only PDF editor PDFpenPro has been around for a while. There is also a less-priced version with less editing capabilities available. (That version, PDFpen, is accessible on both Macs and iOS devices.)

Thanks to its strong features, not the least of which is a fantastic OCR engine, PDFpenPro stands out for Mac users. You can modify PDF documents completely, including replacing graphics and changing text. Additionally, you may design forms, make tables of contents for your PDF documents, and build PDFs from scratch.

The OCR tools in the application are excellent. The application instantly determines whether the document you’re working with is a scanned picture or already contains selectable text when you open an existing PDF file in PDFpenPro. The software will ask you if you want it to recognize the text on the page if it is the former.

Even with lengthy documents that were over 400 pages, PDFpenPro handled text recognition flawlessly and quickly, enabling searchable and editable text. But unlike changing text on a non-scanned page, editing recognized text is more difficult.

7. Readdle PDF:

The reliable and user-friendly Readdle PDF Expert(opens in a new tab) is a solution for managing business documents. Additionally, it appears to be among the most well-liked PDF readers for Mac users with a four-and-a-half star rating in the Mac App Store. You can use the software’s central dashboard to read, edit, and annotate PDF files.

The ease of use and speed of PDF Expert are two of its best features. You can easily find what you’re looking for across many PDF files with the help of fluid scrolling and a quick search option.

This tool allows you to alter photos, text, and links. It also features automatic font, size, and opacity detection. Additionally, if you have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you may annotate and make notes on documents while on the go. Although PDF Expert has a free download option like the majority of PDF programs, the premium version offers a license for up to three Macs.

8. Skim:

An open-source PDF reader program is called Skim. Although it claims on its website to “help you read and comment scientific texts in PDF,” I found that it also works well for reading eBooks. Include and edit notes, highlight text with a single swipe, read notes and highlights in one location, incorporate shifts for sending a PDF file, and many more such useful tools are available.

Skim works with Spotlight, thus it’s possible to browse text right from Spotlight. One of Skim’s most important and practical features is the full-screen mode and the ability to export notes as text. Another reason we included the free PDF reader on this list is the user-friendly design.

Some people might find the absence of OCR features to be a deal-breaker, but if you only need a document software program for downloading eBooks in PDF format, this is the one we advise. Another drawback is that the software application has not been updated, which is unfortunate given that security issues may exist in 2017.

9. Nitro Reader:

It is well known that Nitro Reader successfully balances usability and sophisticated functionality. You may generate, examine, secure, and share PDF files using a wide range of features available on the platform, which also has a user-friendly and clean interface. Simply drag and drop your documents into the reader to create new PDFs. Then, you can customize the font embedding, orientation, and colors in your PDF draught.

The review window in the PDF reader’s software enables you to modify, comment on, and respond to criticism when reviewing a document. Nitro Reader uses QuickSign to password-protect and signs your documents to secure your PDF files. The PDFs you create in Nitro Reader are compatible with practically every other PDF reader, so sharing documents with others is likewise easy and secure. Nitro Reader might be the ideal choice for you if you’re a power user of PDFs.

10. Acrobat Pro DC:


Given that Adobe is the company that created the portable document format, you would anticipate that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC would be excellent. This comprehensive PDF editing program partially lives up to that anticipation.

A full suite of PDF editing capabilities is available in Acrobat Pro DC, and you can even edit scanned documents with it. The OCR engine in Acrobat DC can turn scanned documents into text that you may edit and search.

But when you open a document in Acrobat, the option to convert the whole thing is not available. The software recognizes and converts the pages as you choose them for editing instead of waiting for you to start utilizing the Pro DC’s edit capabilities. It was easy to change the text on an OCR-ed page, and the output was excellent.

Additionally, it is simple to alter text and photos in non-scanned documents. With no problems, I was able to make changes to anything. The interface of Acrobat Pro DC is what I dislike. It appears to be a demo of what the app might be in part. Your document is surrounded by editing tools, and the UI has a cluttered feel with few customization possibilities.

Acrobat Pro DC appears to belong in neither a Mac nor a PC environment despite being made to work on both. Although you may feel as though you are working outside of your preferred OS, this does not mean that the software is ineffective at what it is meant to achieve.

11. PDF Candy:

Since many free choices lack an OCR feature for text scanning, PDF Candy is our current choice as the best free PDF editor. In this online PDF editor, OCR-generated text cannot be edited; however, you can upload PDF files, extract the content, and produce text documents, RTF files, or Word documents in both.doc and.docx formats.

To create or convert PDF files, 44 tools are available for selection. It’s also simple to split or add pages to documents, apply watermarks, protect PDF files with passcodes, alter the metadata inside a PDF file, extract photographs, and rearrange the pages within a document. The trade-off you make to enjoy a reasonably feature-rich free PDF editor is that actual text editing is fairly limited.

After editing a document with PDF Candy, you can download the revised version or upload a fresh one to continue working on. After you’ve finished making modifications, PDF Candy maintains all of your documents in a queue so you can download them all at once.

12. Preview:

The integrated Apple Preview program for macOS provides a basic but useful collection of tools for annotating any PDF file. Full-fledged PDF editing is not available here. However, you won’t probably need much more than what’s already included on your Mac if you only need a basic set of tools for highlighting or redacting text, making notes, or adding comments to a document.

The markup tools in Preview are hidden when you first open a PDF file. You must look for the little pencil icon that shows next to the Spotlight search bar at the top of your PDF document’s toolbar to see them. The moment you click this, a tiny group of tools appears that you may use to pick a text and insert images, text, or notes into your document.

The signature tool in the software, which you can use to store signatures you generate with your trackpad or scan with the iSight camera on your Mac, is its main feature. By selecting the Signature tool in Preview, you can then quickly add that signature to a document. Once set up, Preview’s signing tool is simple to use and will come in handy whenever a digital document calls for your John Hancock.

As long as your computer is running macOS 10.14 Mojave or a later version, you can access all of Preview’s editing features without opening Preview. Simply open a PDF file in QuickLook, then select the Markup button.


For your Mac computer, many PDF readers are available. You can find a list of the top Mac PDF readers, both free and paid. You can then choose a tool that will enable you to edit PDF files in addition to reading them. Look no further if you’re looking for the best solutions available. The information in this post will help you. Simply put, it’s up to you to decide which PDF reader for Mac best meets your requirements.

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